Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Guys: If you like a girl, don't try to act cool & don't beat around the bush. A. We like direct men who know what they want and arent shy to say it, and B. we might NOT understand your hints & then its too late ;)

Girls: be nice & be yourselves & if that aint enough then its NEXT!

All: have you ever tried to pray (du3a2) min galb min galb? Never fails to work, and just knowing that your request is being worked on up there is very calming & reassuring.

Trust me sheba
you a rare breed to say dont beat around the bush (no pun intended) … woman or girls do not like a direct guy.
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Guys who beat around the bush are either too spoiled or can't make up their mind (which consequently means that they are too spoiled,, duhh)

I hate spoiled boys - Goddamn sour sports, widdik mn ydefhom o yrme pepsi 3alaihom and mess up their dolce and gabbana shirts 3ashain ynjle6oon "yaaaaaay"

Heres a question, whatever happened to men? jeans r getting tighter and tighter that once I saw a pair on some poof that I WANTED to own...
hehe wasii, perhaps tight jeans are a compensation for disappearing libido
No darling, they want to push their penises inwards - why waste money choping it off when you can do it manualy?
Queen Sheba,

It's true though, that's why you should always be careful what you wish for... You just might get it.

PSS :)
Now Now ladies male bashing!!!!

Jeans are new to women, men always wore tight jeans what is wrong with that? As if women are not spoiled, or play games (teasers) have you ever seen them at the malls.. (MY GOD)…..have ever seen what the F… they wear, they dress up for they daytime like they are going for a wedding. not mention the makeup..that a whole Disgusting matter.
No No not male bashing, just complaining. As much as i can hate guys sometimes, i think you have far better qualities than we do (example: guys make better friends, its more fun to party with guys).
Ya Mosan,,,

WHEN I MEANT jeans,, I meant a really nice pair of jeans that wereso friggin tight aslan istaghrabt when I saw the dude sitting down!

As far as girls being teasers and spoiled - yes I have to admit we do have a certain breed of girls whom never fail to ruin our chances of meeting decent ppl you know why? because they reached those "decent" ppl before us and f*ed em up mentally that WE "decent" girls have to go thru crap cleaning "their" crap and left up residue of crapness until theyre all nice n tidy and civil again then WHOA - he goes and marries the girl after us in line (I decided to name this the "bridge" factor) Decent girls occasionally become bridges (and I mean very stable nurturing (detoxing? one might say) bridges that link men (come to think of it, friggin spoiled for not recognising OUR FUTILE EFFORTS) to their , whats that word Sheba.. Trophy Wives (or Knafa wives*, according to Sheba and I)

I should write something about the whole Triphie Wife trend.

Knafa Wife: yes by Knafa we meant the sinfully yummy (and fattening) dessert that we all (maybe not all) love especially in Ramadhan.
but the question is "WHO IS A KNAFA WIFE" one might wonder. Allow me to demonstrate:
A knafa wife is a Trophy wife (however the formula is irriversible) She is a wife manufactured to cater to her spoiled husband's needs (Stepford wife) however, Sheba and I came up with the term AGES before the Step. Wives movie. Those species live for the comfort of their spouses. You can easily detect a Knafa Wife

Characteristics of a Knafa Wife:
- Doesn't go out of the house OR hang out with friends (unless they are Knafa wives too/ lazim tabadol araa2 - el7amdella wl shkr ay araa2 bs) because she rather fix Knafa at home for her husband (who most probably won't eat it because he doesnt want to gain wait - ya 7athy) instead of (doing like normal girls - who happen to be US) buying Knafa from experts like SeaSweet (lebanon) Bait elKnafa (saudi)
-Usually has a bun (decorated or without decoration - bz3mha lo decorated itll be cooler?) her hair has to ALWAYS BE perfect (anwa3 illi sha3rha perfect 7atta lo gamat men inoom zay il msalsalaat el ma9reyyah)
-Classic makeup - theres nothing worse than classic (only worn by Barbie) type of makeup - a7s they swear by Nina Ricci makeup willa Sisley
-Outfits rage between Midi Skirts or pencil cut trousers, silk shirts and vests (yes, motha il vests 3omra ma tegdam 3ndhom) and a brouche.
-she always has a weird smile plastered to her face - like it was sprayed by some adhesive. And a glassy look in her eye, like it were sprayed with an adhesive ba3ad,,,her skin tone is fake, due to the daily use of foundation - which gave her face a fake (according to us because we cant afford perfect makeup applied to us by artists EVERY GODDAMN DAY by the likes of bassam fattoo7 o madri meen) photograph finish.
-her husband has to be a multimillionare - or else why bother with the knafa - right? (I'm trying my best to get into their psyche here)

Sheba,, input? :p (reminds me of a phone call we once had dedicated to bashing Knafa wives) en d5alaw iljanna fa hum bsebbat'na ;P

CAUTION TO MEN: a Knafa wife is VERY DEADLY because she runs her life according to a plan passed down to her from generations and generations of Knafa Ancestory (or maybe 7nainy ancestory but they changed it for adaptation purposes) anyway, so if you detect a Knafa wife, KILL HER ON THE SPOT!
You know what wasii, this topic deserves a blog on its own!
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