Sunday, December 26, 2004


How do people click? Sometimes, you meet a stranger and instantly you click, even if you cannot speak the same language-- and sometimes, you cannot click with a brother or a sister or a parent.

Whats a click about? How does it happen?

Similar eating habits leads to "clicking"....How many times you've seen a couple with contrasting eating rituals and they were really happy?? and vice versa

The more food addictions people share...the bigger the love and appreciation....

Most of the bloggers here ( married or none ) are either obese or Ghandi-thin...thus clicking cant be heard...just loud burps ..from the obese of course.

Notice how obese attracts the obese...thin attracts the thin....but in real life they always go against their "inner" preferences and marry or get attached to someone with a different philosophy in food consumption.....recipe for failure always
Bo Jaij,
You have a pretty interesting theory there, but I don't think there's a rule to "clicking"..

Word of advice: If it ain't clickin', don't push it.
:))) Your comment is very heart warming.
I love food.
no no -- no pushing
you click when you feel that there is understanding..both mind & heart..
you click when you try to say a word and the other person says it instead of u...
you click when both of u feel that u clicked..!!
Each Person has Power around him self either negative or positive .
If you clicked with a person thats means your a - and he is a +

If both are the same signs .. you wont click . thats why some times you know a person but you cant stand talking or sitting with him ma3a ina ma sawa shay
I think you know when 2 ppl click from the silence. If its comfortable then its a click. But i do believe that its easier to click with some people more than others. Perhaps it has to do with character types like blood types, some are good for all and others can only take from their own blood type.
Harmony and brain wave-length = click!

More technically, and no reference to the boy band, In-Sync.
It’s the magnetic field around us.
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