Sunday, December 05, 2004


I'm bogged down with loadsawork today & i'm actually doing it, not because i'm inspired to, but I need to do something! But first i want to write a tribute to my my friends, my angels, and a small thank you to God.

Thank you God for giving me the most beautiful, loveing, caring, supportive friends ever. Thank you also for the gifts you have given me-- all my Ex's who i've learnt from, all of them were gentlemen, but thank you mostly for you know who, it is through him that i learnt what unconditional love is. I must have done something very good in this life time for this reward! Thank you my angels for seeing me through my good and bad times, i feel you are there for me when i'm in danger. I've felt you since i was a child.

Thank you friends for allowing me to bounce back whenever i need to, and i know its been quiet often that i needed that. I love you for your understanding, your patience, your support, your forgiveness, your acceptance, and your respect.

And finally, my family who can never be more supportive and more loving, i hope i can be there for you as you have been for me.

Love you all.

(& for you pessimists, no i'm not dieing nor am i PMSing, just expressing my appreciation)

I only have one Ex
Hmmmm... After reading this post, and the previous posts, all I can say is I've never doubted even for a tiny sec that you are mean or even bad... So omit your bad times :Pp... 'Cause no matter what you've been through your inner beauty reflects your personality, loving, caring, honest as it seems to me, and not to mention that its obvious that you are a KINDHEARTED person, good luck at work, with your beloved ones and allah ykhaleech for your family oo ykhalee your family for you...

I accidently came across this blog,,check it out
Goldenyah! You're the beautiful souled one here, for reading this boring post :>
Life has bad and good things for us and we have to manage and accept it all . at the end we thank god to the life that he gave us and the life style that we live in which is better than most countries .

7imdellah 3ala kil 7aaaaaaaaaaaaal
CRAPPY! it was 12:48 am when you posted this comment, well into your 10:00 pm ritual ;)
Im living a healthy week .. what can i say .
Is it me?

Ok I met this woman, Beautiful, inteligent and seriously what I would call a great catch. However she has a few issues that have left me asking myself , Is it me? Am I too pushy? Do I rush? or is it her way of saying its not fireworks for her. I give her a compliment I dont get a responce. She is currently abroad and we text message eachother, but its always about something not pertaining to (us). I tell her Im thinking of her she changes the subject. Our phone conversations were long and interesting now they are short and non personal. Am I reading too much into this or what. I would love to just get over this feeling of being a 12 year old boy writeing a letter to his first crush. Do you like me? (yes) (no) I told her I missed her last night. Her responce was Chill out.......
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