Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Greatest Woman in the World

I wrote and rewrote this post many times, I even debated whether I would be able to write a just entry to the Greatest Woman in the World. Of course nothing would do her justice for she is larger than my humble vocabulary, larger than than the English vocabulary. But I will try, because it is from this proud woman that I have become.

My first memory of her is in her house in Nuzha, she would lay down in the afternoon listening to the radio and telling me stories of Suroor, Swairah, Zumbuborabab (Kuwaiti fairy tales). I would only listen to these stories from Grandma, because she told them best, it was as if she was there-- and she never tired to tell them for the whole summer that I would spend with her. God rest her beautiful soul.

My last living memory of her is last Tuesday, the night before I went to my meeting in London. Her face was pale, but looking better than the previous day. She was in hospital only to be fed because she refused to eat. She asked me to take her out of the hospital, but she settled for a walk around her floor. We sat by the delivery room observing, somewhat amused, the husbands and families of the women in labour. She loved life, she loved all the good things in life, and was not accepting that she can no longer be the woman who does it all. The woman who would supervise her house as she did, the woman who would do her own grocery shopping, who would visit at least one of her children and one of her sisters everyday. The woman who was looked up to for courage and strength, the woman who loved her chalet trips, who loved her Wednesday outings with her younger grandchildren to restaurants and malls.

I came back from the airport, not believing what I had heard. I knew she had given up, she was not interested in life with a pipe in her nose and feeding through her veins, but we thought she may stay for a few years longer, that she is strong enough to recover from her illness. But then I remembered my grandfather, her husband. He gave up once they told him he must have a nurse to accompany him and a driver to drive him to his local coffee shop. Yes, they would be together now after leaving us with a lot-- a lot to live up to.

God bless her soul

Try to remember her when she was in good health, not the painful last days...
Allah yer7amha. May God give you strength to endure your grief. And the best thing is that she was loved by so many and blessed with such a family.
May she be awarded the seventh heaven....
May her the heirs of her legacy reflect on their to be...
May she and our deceassed loved ones rest in peace...


-- London commoner
very heart aching...allah yer7mha inshallah..o eysakenha fasee7 janatah..from the way u talked about her..she will always have a good memory in ur hearts no matter how much time passes by..
Allah yer7amha.

I'm sorry for your loss, habibti. She sounds like an amazing woman.

Be well.

It was very sadening to learn about your loss. Alla yr7amha inshalla, w 3a'6am alla ujourkom.
i don't know if this will make you feel better, but it would be nice to think she got rid from her pain and illnesses and went to place where she will suffer no more..

God rest her soul, and 3atham allah agerkum.
Sending you my sincerest sympathies and condolences
3atham allah ajrich sheba wa allah ysabbirkom inshallah
sorry to hear that sheba
hope u be good
God rest her soul
Thank you all for your kind and sincere sentiments.
May you find comfort and strength in your memories, and Inshalla this is the last you hear of loss
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