Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Holiday Sentiments Syndrome 2004

25th December - 1st January

I hate this time of year because i miss all the wrong people. I have urges to call and say 'hey how are, I missed you' inspite of everything.

Am i the only one who goes through HSS (Holiday Sentiments Syndrome)?

Watch re-runs of old shows like SATC or Ab Fab....life is like a re-run you keep watching and you know how it ends...bittersweet always...unlike a video or DVD you cannot fast forward to the good parts or skip the painful ones.....

Happy New year and God bless you and your family...inshallh 2005 will be a better year than 2004

I will not even celebrate New years not even mentally...the scale of the tragedy in Southeast Asia...makes any suffering we face here in Kuwait so negligible.
LOL... No You are not the only one sweet Sheba, e7m e7m LOL!! Anyways, If you ever felt that you want to pick up the phone and call!! don't hesitate .. BAS remember etha hal person yestahal/testahal or not!! 'Cause after I hang up!! I keep askin' my self, did he/she accept the call? what is his/her impression towards my call..:S
Ok end of my gargah... Oo HapPy New Year dear Sheba, take care of your self...

no its not just u... i go through the same thing as well
Bo jaij- life is made of all of us, people. Very humane of you to not celebrate for the disasters in Asia.

Goldeneya & Rampurple-- Thank you for making me feel normal :>
G0LDeNeYah hehe i just noticed the (F) thank u & have a great year yourself & thank u for the advise ;p
Merci kelek zaw2 :$, you're welcome.. :$

Totally relate. That's what I was doing this time last year :P Sometimes it's best to keep the past in the past and move on. Stay away from the phone! I am.
its 2nd of Jan OH FIVE! WE SURVIVED!
offf,, that time in year,, when u just get 100 Msg from lots of friends,relatives..

but them .. u call them wronge ppl .. i donno what i call them.. NOTHIN COME FROM THEM

i was like .. ***** MY X-Best Friend .. 7aTTa New Year u couldn't open NEW PAGE ?

and happy belated new year: )
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