Monday, December 13, 2004

Mental Catharsis

Must learn to be more patient.

Travelling tomorrow again and cannot decide whether i want to spend my spare time thinking or in Pangea.

I consider myself lucky, inspite of all my complaining.

A dear friend asked me yesterday if we're intitled to feel envy when (an ex) gets married.

Best & easiest self tanning spray is at LANCASTER. Then spray a bit of Clarins' after sun shimmer.

Must learn to be more patient.

I've tried Guerlain's shimmery cream, NARS and Lancome and ALL of them stain your clothes,, NEVER wear them with ANYTHING other than dark earth colors.. I need to find a new shimmery cream that won't ruin my outfits.. oh wait a minute.. you just suggested clarin's... there is hope!!!! I shall venture into the outter world to buy myself some lancaster and NARS shimmery eye liner in beige - and #2 perfume by commes de garcon

The things I do for cosmetics!
Pangea?? The one in London?
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