Saturday, December 11, 2004

Moderate Kuwaities Must Assert Themselves

georhythm... says:
u're giving him too much attention

sheba says:
if i remain silent it would mean that he's allowed to pass judgement. its a lot bigger than it is, its about the tired 'hollier than thou' trump card that all the islamists are throwing in our faces. We (moderate Kuwaities) are becoming extinct because we're weak

georhythm... says:
bas u're right

sheba says:
we do not stand up for what we believe

georhythm... says:
u shouldn't keep quiet

sheba says:
u know what, i will copy paste this conversation into a post

I'm kinda new here
Yesterday I was really annoyed by anonymous
wayed infa3alt !
at night i went to jam3eya to get some ice cream to cool down !!

chinna blogs is not good for my health :/
Sheba.. When I read what anonymous said the first thing that came to mind was "I hope I don't end up with someone like that" second thing came to mind was "I hate double standards" ..
I just read what happened in a previous post with the anon. posts, and allow me to say that your stance was admirable, and the same goes for the fellow bloggers :D
I can't believe I missed all that ~.~ Well, just the same Sheba, I think you and everyone else handled him quite nicely (especially Bo)Good Work :P

I've noticed that it's the "Kuwaity Way" to never speak up about their problems. They don't do anything about it. They just sit and complain about it together and seethe quietly, together.

For example, the whole thing with London. They go there during the summer and get mistreated by the Brits. Go back to Kuwait, complain about it together. When summer comes along again, they go back to London again and get treated even worse, go back to Kuwait and complain again. It never ends. The thing is though, if people actually thought about it. They'd change destinations for their annual summer vacation. They'd go somewhere else. The Brits would realized they'd have lost alot of moolah (money) and start treating the Arabs better the next time they're around, much much better. In conclusion (shaku? haha) boycotting is effective ;)
Chocolates !!
what double standards u mean? ive said that there's always one set of standards that are APPlicable on all, no matter how old are u, what situation u r in, gender is countless, what matters only is the behavior one does: and its either WRONG OR RIGHT.
AGAIN: men and women are alike and there is nothing that men can do and women cant in term of ethics, social acceptance and whatever other criteria
You would consider.
I wish if you COPY and Paste the words ive said and imply any kind of double standards situation, Please Copy these words now and heree I want To See it; (u wont find any such a thing).

I like salfit Moderates of Kuwait Unite and the ridiculous assumptions that I am religious (they r based on exaggeration and illusions typical symptoms of insecure personality) ; I am not, unless if someone shaves his beard daily and sometimes twice in the same day, go cinema, watch TV and enjoy Ka`6em is defined as Religious MAN!

Moderate Kuwaitizz Go dating & have Lovers o krabe6 BF/GF then what would فاصخين Kuwaitis DO MORE?! just tell me, and please dont lie on urself by having lover and dating u r faraway from being moderate kuwaiti!

sheba ur comment abt me saying ur kafrah soooooooooo pathetic and shows nothing but low selfconfident nothing else especially that any mature1 reads my post wont come to this irrational conclusion!
hi everyone,,

Mabrok ilfoz!

may i suggest, bright blue nail polish from MAC for the occasion :p
W., mino faz?
Well hell W, getting anything from MAC is awesome so let's not make it occasional as opposed to daily.

Anonymous - Why don't you post under a username?

Sheba - If he/she/it bugs you so much why don't you disable comments from anonymous people?!?!?!?!?!?!
W., Alla ybarik feech.. I missed the game :(

GEOrhythm, Kuwait won over Saudi 2/1

Anonymous, 7abibi.. Ba3ad chabdi.. you don't go around calling people فاصخين just because you don't approve of their lifestyle.

Chocolates, stick to the "moderate" ;) Kuwaitis who won't think any less of you for having a heart, a mind, and a life of your own.

D&G, I have never shopped from MAC.. EVER! Am I missing much?

Are you all following the Ukranian opposition leader's case? scary!)
Hmmmm... As it seems to me I'VE MISSED A LOT around here Oo kel hatha men my quiz :/ ... BUT GIRLS I'm REALLY IMPRESSED ;) KEEP IT UP Chicas << laish shouting :|!! Any way Sheba sweety, can't you block the anonymous posts around here?! AND Hey Anon you can't confront others belif especially when it goes under the "Ethics" term cause e7na mo 3aysheen eb zeman mon grand papa Oo mama, stop pretending to be that fathom guy with his "AHA" issues... accept the fact of changing and try to "COPE"... Calm down the girl wanted to let us "HER FRIENDS" to comment, NOT THE ANONYMOUS AMIGO, at least we've got the guts to be her backup and comment with nicknames ;) but really my intuition tells me that I KNOW YOU + WHO YOU are... :D Oo 2day 7asety sha'3alah RaRamente (Weirdly!!)... Shall I REVEAL WHO is behind the curtains?!*Philippino dialect* .. hmmm Not yet;) waiting for more suspense..?! <<-- mo movie allah yhadeech..!! any way enough me blabbering let me go get some sleep.. Oo la t3awreen gulbech sweet sheba.. :*** 3nad 3al 3ethal << shakoo!! khal agoom anam :S nighty night oO mabrook 3ala fooz el-monta5ab e7m e7m elly fazaw bel '3ala6 oO ygoolon enhom kanaw msay6ereen 3al wath3 :D akhaf bas?!
Oo one more thing, Happy New YEAR Everyone in advance...:)
Adios todos, buenas noches, Y se AUSENTA DE AQUI SI USTED SABE Español, COMO SI HUH...!!

No no, I meant the blue nail polish!

check it out,, I think i came out this summer
cant figure out why i must use a usernamee? it takes 1 min to have one, conspiracy theory around here makes no sense at all. by hey the good news is that i am not posting anymore. why Bother MYSELF with ppl lie unconsciously? i am not saying anyone here os lier but he or she lies without knowing that: for those who r interestred in the medical terms ... just tell ...
Moderate from what exactly ?
Blocking anonymous posts won't do much... If he/she really wants to they could sign up with a user ID and we still wouldn't know anything about them
bora bora
Blogs are NOT healthy but can be fun & very 'educational' at times.

Long time no see! And DITTO!

Thank you for the tap on the back, its very much appreciated :)

Well, your right, but atleast in London they don't cheat us on the invoices and they hate ALL foreigners. Plus its a city and city people are typically not nice same goes to any big city you go to. Moreover, its difficult to be disrespected if you are respectful to others.

Ur the best wala, sana3ech ikhajil :**** Thanks for the congrats gurl, and for the blue MAC polish (girls: its still available at MAC). Btw, isn't the Italian team clad in blue as well (ARMANI) (big smile remembering ashkalhum) ;)

Thanks bella (still in Italian mode)

Love reading your posts because i have to really concentrate. Yes i can block & even delete, but i kinda see that as sensorship. Thank you for your support :*

Are you asking for the definition of 'moderate'?

Very true.
Sheba. Your topic says Moderate Kuwaities, what is a moderate kuwaiti in your point of view ?
Hey Anon guy,,,, ARE YOU A Psychiatrist? 'Cause you were saying as I recall or wait let me Quote: " for those who r interestred in the medical terms ... just tell ..." Dear one thing, stricktly to the point you said: Why BOTHER MY SELF?! RIGHT... Just READ this Carefully, Don't Practice your Job out of your office, and remember listening to KATHEM is a matter of "TASTE"
Not anyone would possibly agree with that..;)

Hasta La vista to you dear Anon

you're welcome ya 2lby "Sheba"... ma sawaina shay :)

I would've joined in the blue nail polish conversation if i had something relevant to say (!) only coz it has some purposeful meaning here *appreciating the purpose*..

So I can only comment on what happened the past few days here.
You did something that might considered very courageful, that is to share intimate details of your life with your readers.. This is very brave and personbally I was touched.
Now when someone like annonymos comes and use these statements to start the typical old debate over ethics and morals- well, this is not nice. Whether we like what you say or not it shouldnt go down to personal accusations. Everyone knows that these debates never end and usually no one fully accepts the other opinion..

It was sad to hear how you went to Marina C after reading the first negative comments on ur previous post, I can imagine how disturbing that was...
A/way don't bother yourself much with the fuss other make over your life, rather think how it's possible to arrange the best new year celebration you ever had ;)
Shurouq - Not really. If you've never tried Lancome, then that's something else.

W - OMG I feel so dumb. Towny astow3ib ina Blue ya3ny for the team color. Isti3aaab! Coincidentally, I did get a gorgeous blue nail polish (or lacquer or whatever you wanna call it) this summer from Lancome. It came with the rest of the Calypso collection.

Sheba - True, Brits do hate everyone equally but the point is, if we wanted to, we could do something about it as opposed to just seething quietly about it.

"Moreover, its difficult to be disrespected if you are respectful to others."

You'd think that right? But oh man you'd be surprised. Aku naas 9ij 9ij matisti7y.
Again, that was me posting as anonymous by accident iffff

That's one reason I opt for non-anonymous comments. But if you think disabling anon comments is a form of censorship lol then it's up to you of course, your blog, your rules :)
D&G.. its not censorship at all, but a way to sort "the wheat from the chaff". It just places an obstacle for those who are quick to judge and are willing to say anything under the name "Anonymous"

If someone is willing to sign up for a blogger account and get a blogger ID, then usually that person puts some thought into what they post, even if it's totally against what you or I believe.
Thank you very much. But i went to Marina cuz i had planned to with my friends & didnt want to back up last minute, although none of us were in the mood :/
Must think of a good definition. Basically (brain storming here) i think my definition of a moderate Kuwaiti would be 'tolerant, and constitutional to the bone'.

do check this one out,, its bright metallic,, amazing walla

speaking of amazing nail polish,, check out the sparkly chanel one!
W - Will do, much thanks :) If you're into nail polish then I totally recommend you get some stuff from Sally Hansen. Dries really quickly, doesn't chip as easily, and comes in gorgeous colors.

Zaydoun - Exactly my point. If people know that they can be as rude as they want while posting as anon and get away with it, then they will do it. Disabling anon comments would save Sheba some time, effort (albeit minimal) and grief. As I said before though, it's all up to her :)
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