Friday, December 10, 2004

Pre New Year Resolutions!

1. Find good hotel for new years holiday.

2. Get to the gym.

3. Try to make hair 1 shade instead of 2.

4. Buy sexy but elegant shoes.

5. Buy new pair of 'skinny' jeans (suggestions welcomed).

6. Inform boss IN WRITING that i'm taking a few days off. Get him to sign.

I want to know the answers to #4 & 5..too lazy to actually get out there and hunt. Which means I definitely need #2. All the best ;)
#5 i think chloe has a couple .. but i'll go with diesels anytime
yes I need to go to the gym bsr3ah!

Dark brown is in.. it'll suit you "wayed"

Jeans: Classical>>> The new YSL (ya5thon il3agel)yna77ef o y6awwel
*Chip and peper :Serority girl in rockery, traveler in corkscrew (but the cut is ULTRA low,,unless you have something to cover down there, I suggest you wear a belt
*Earnest Sewn : didnt try them bs mda7ohom ley..from the designers of paper, denim and cloth (my fav brand)
*Seven for all mankind: depends on the body, suits my younger sis,, not all cuts suit my body,, you have to try them
*Earl Jean: comfy fit, if you want something that looks destressed,, go for this
Write your boss and tell him him taking new years off. Stay at the Hilton and go to the gym while you're there. See, you got rid of three right there.
Must travel for new years & they don't have a hilton where i'm going :(
Bitzer, I know quiet a few multifunctional beings, but what did the anonymous person from the post below mean?
Toomi, Saw yummie Gucci's (although i dont like Gucci). Sale starts this week btw, so wait!

Wasii, will go to YSL bukra, sale at VM starts soon, so get your list ready!
Geo, merci. Are Chloe still insisting that low waist is out?
I'd say do #6 first... imagine if you bought all that stuff, fixed your hair and then he says you can't go!
Found hotel so far.

Did not get to gym, but crossed the street from Top Shop to Fanar a few times, hope that counts!

& i'm very attached to my trashy(ish) highlighted ends!

But Zaydoun, U'r absolutely right must get vacation OKAYED 1st.
No resolutions 4 me any more, I never stuck to them and and just seting myself up 4 disappointments.
Happy New year and enjoy ur vacation and good luck 4 getting the jeans.
Mmmm I am not a Gucci fan either but will look into it. Thanks for the tip about the Sale ;)
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