Monday, December 13, 2004

She's Just Not That Into You

OMG OMG HUGE realization!

We're just as bad as men. I just booked a train 2 countries away from my original destination so i can avoid a certain someone who i might hurt if i stay because it seems that he may become too attached and he's not who or what i want. Bitch? Not! It may seem so from a narrow point of view, but the fact is why hurt a nice guy?

Which makes me think even further. Is there something he did wrong? No, its just his personality type, so he cant say or do anything that will make me see him as potential mate.

SO, this brings me to ANOTHER realisation, if he's not into you, its not because of the way you dressed when he saw you last, or what you said, or what you did or didn't do.. so don't try harder, it is guaranteed to backfire. And as my gorgeous/hunky/playboy cousin of mine once advised me 'not all girls/guys have to like you'.

ok i hope this was as useful of a realization to you as it was to me.

Bon Jour :)

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I saw that book "He's Just Not That Into You" and I wanted to buy it for this one girl and hit her on the head with it.

And this was less than 24 hours ago!!
My sister got me this book a few weeks ago. I read it, almost every word in it rang a bell, but did I learn anything? NO
Why? Because denial ain't just a river in Egypt.
So forget the book, just go ahead and hit her on the head till she wakes up..

Why not just face the guy and tell him how you feel instead of running away? I know that's what I would've wanted if I were in his shoes.
I'd love to smack her on the head!!
Sheba enough with those relationships or potantial ones just have fun my no strigs attached
Mosan! I quit relationships since whatsitcalled & look at all the trouble i'm in!
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