Saturday, January 15, 2005

Blogger Character

Having been seriously introduced to the blogger world by a blogger/friend, I find myself always going to the same blogs for more of the same. And just like I have compartmentalized my friends for different purposes (i.e. Shopping friend, gossip friend, travel friend, weekend friend, talking friend, etc.), I realise that I go to the different blogs with the same mindset.

At Zaydoun’s, I seek an intellectual tease.
At Mosan’s, I seek to capture a rainbow of hedonism.
At Crappy’s, I seek to understand (his random & sometimes humorous thoughts)
At Jewaira’s, I seek to know more.
At Shurouq’s, I go to check in to see that she’s okay.
At Breakupbabe’s I am amused at how parallel and similar my concerns and thoughts and agonies can be with someone so far; AND i love the way she writes.

Mind you, I do read other blogs, but with nothing to seek.

I leave you to think, what retains your attention to certain blogs?

For me it doesn't matter about the style of the blog or the length of the post. What keeps me coming back to certain blogs is a mixture of the following:

* New information in the blogger's own words on any topic (links can be provided butI tend not to read/ skim copied web pages)

* Opinionated posts that demand debate.

* Bloggers' personal experiences that are well presented, thought out, and entertaining

I will not usually return if the blog is:

* full of spelling mistakes which makes it difficult to read and understand

* if the blogger uses foul language more than necessary

* if the blogger is not pleasant and argues for the sake of argument and does not respect commentators' opinions
mmm if the blog is designed in a unique way...
I remember once accidently dropping in some blog whos owner is from Singapore el6'aher,, o it was fabulous.... the background was amazing and he had hoobastank playing in the background... marra 7elo..

oh Sheba, remember the spanish blog about the moon? was it about the moon? it had the word moon mentioned a lot..

I so accidently checked a porn blog-- yes I mean a porn blog. Each entry was about a different girl exposing her chacha - among other provocative poses... I actually "tried" to count the number of girls who were VERY young (like 15 or something) I lost count half way ofcourse,,, too bad the site was like in spanish or puetrogese and the owner of the blog was an old fart (6b3an gleel 5atmah)

anyway,, what I meant was,, I pay attention to the site and how its decorated and maybe some java and html chingding every now 'n then would be nice...

phew.. i think thats about it

oh yes,, and I LOVE your blog Sheba,, ah the pink is just soooooo girlie barbie (not that you're a barbie) but it just reminds me of Cacharel and Anna Sui and that bag you own with a lot of ruffles and buttons.. thats SOOO like your blog..

Your blog is like a perfectly applied peachy pink benifit blusher on a perfectly applied Mac foundation which gives you a perfectly natural looking complexion (and highlighters 6b3an)

tra I just had indian food for dinner.. fa if you noticed something abnormal is whatever I just typed, i3threnee..

plus I have a visit men ela5waat el9al7aat
I visit Q's coz he sounds like a good friend of mine.
Pink's, for her sweetness and pinkness.
Zaydoun, keeps me updated and amused.
Mahmoud's, whenever I miss Bahrain.
Jewaira, for her compassionate posts.
Wallada, for the poetry
Rabab, in search for my lost spiritual side.
NYChick, because.. I think I can relate.
Gigi's, for the cartoons :)
Grandma Funk, for her wit

meno ba3ad?
Yours, for its sassiness

(and I'm ok, I didn't know I sounded that pathetic)
Jewaira, your blogger visitations sound very diciplined. Must go see your latest now :)
The perfect opposite of Jewaira's comments are W's. W: Love ya girl. Yeah i love that bag, khabsa nafs 7ayati :p
Shurouq: ops, i didn't mean to indicate anything in that sense, w'Allah!
Intellectual? That's stretching it a bit, no?
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