Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Conditions -- Women's Rights

Yesterday in Alwatan MP W. Tabtabai states that he will expect women to gain their right to vote and to run for Parliament only if:

1. They wear the Hijab
2. Are not alone with a man!
3. Their political work does not destract them from their main responsibility-- caring for their families.

These points (and here's the shock) were stipulated in a book about Muslim women in politics by a woman called Dr. Iqbal Abdulaziz al-Mutawa.

Of course i am insulted, no disgusted, in many respects for the following reasons:
1. For the fact that women are seen as sex objects and hence must cover up to be in Parliament. (But why don't they have to wear the Hijab as Medical Doctors, or as professors, or as deputy Minsiters, or as teachers, or in any other position which women have filled and are excelling in?)

2. If women do not have to wear the Hijab except when in the House of Parliament, what does that tell us about the House? Either that it is packed with nyphomaniacs that take breaks to masturbate, or that it has a brothel on the side and the women MPs should not get mixed up with the prostitutes during breaks! WHAT AN INSULT TO OUR DEMOCRACY. WHAT AN INSULT TO OUR CONSTITUTION. WHAT AN INSULT TO OUR COUNTRY. WHAT AN INSULT TO OUR LATE ABDULLAH AL-SALEM AND OUR FOREFATHERS WHO GAVE US ALL THE RESPECT THAT WE ENJOY TODAY AS KUWAITIES!

3. If the 'Islamists' (I hate using this word to describe these hypocrites because Islam is being tarnished in the process) feel they must stipulate all the conditions of what is sinful and what is not before a woman is to be allowed into Parliament, then shouldn't it be done equally for men? Shouldn't we have a law which states that an MP must NOT show his '3awra', that he should not swim with topless Mexicans chicas in Cancun, that he should not be caught in a car having kinky sex, that he must not fornicate with young boys, that he should not neglect his responsibilities as father of the house (that he must provide for his family and that he must please his wife in bed)?

Sounds rediculous?

IT IS, but if its going to happen it must be done with equality for the sexes.


I'm reading your post sitting at Dad's study, looking up at Addalla Al Salem's picture on the wall..

Allah yerhuma!
Don't be offended. They'll make as many excuses as they can come up with to keep women out. What's the next excuse? Only non-ovulating women can participate? LOL. It's only a matter of time until they realize that they NEED women to participate for the sake of a better Kuwait. ;)
Even though I'm not Kuwaiti and probably shouldn't be participating in this, but since I'm born in Kuwait, I do feel that I'm responsible to add my voice to what I believe is right for Kuwait.

Sheba, I agree with you on this. And whoever will support this MP on his suggestion or whatever from the other MPs, is as silly and as much of a hypocrite as him.

I'm not against Hijab, but it was never an obligatory item. Yes, our prophet strongly and repeatedly have asked Muslim women to wear Hijab but my point stands, it was never obligatory.

Are not alone with a man? I have no comment about that to Mr. Horny MP.

Their political work does not distract them from their main responsibilities. I second Sheba again on her comment here. In Islamic view, the prophet encouraged us to be very skillful and professional about what we do and we give full rights to whichever has a right. Therefore, he should give the parliment its time, focus, effort, and all it needs for him to fulfill his duties, during the time assigned to it. When he's back home, and he better be back home, he should also be as skillful and with no hesitation, fulfill his duties there too.

Raising a family is not a woman's job alone. That's why they call them "Parents". It wasn't only "Mothers".

Again, I hope sense and logic would rule out this MP's suggestions.
ana ma 3ndi ay ta3leeq.. just wanted to type somefing
Sheba... you forgot "that he should not be caught importing sex toys in his suitcase", and "that he should not be caught drunk in a Turkish brothel" and "that he should not throw acid in his ex-wife's face"
هذا تسريب رد هيئة الافتاء بوزارة الاوقاف على سُؤال د. الطبطبائي، أي أنه ليس موقف مشروط للطبطبائي لقبول ماسُمي بحقوق المرأة السياسية. لايجوز التقول على الرجل، ولي حتى جرايد مايعرف ينقل منها ماله داعي يتكلم من الاساس
عشان تكتمل صُورة المُناضِلة سمعي بوعلي واستمري بمشاهده صورته، ياشروق

Yes excuses and no i don't think they will have that realization.

Thank you, your opinion is important & i always like to hear read your resourceful comments :)

Yes Ferre SS collection i3aqed, but i'm done shopping until next month :p

You must tell us about the Turkish brothel story! I haven't heard it before!

My command of the Arabic language is poor and it is very possible that i misunderstood the front page article. Thank you for clarifying it.

HOWEVER, I do firmly believe that MP Dr. Waleed 6ab6abai (Tabtabai) IS obssesed with '3awrat' women (i.e. the parts of women which should be covered).
also an addition to zaydoun's comment:
1) should not have an american wife that wears a bikini in bneider

the sandalssssssssssss.... ultra sexy!!!!!!
Oh Sheba, please retell the stories of the naughty toys in the suitcase and the Turkish brothels for those of us whose head has been in the sand!
This issue is one we should not belittle by slandering others. I am sorry Zaydoun. But your information is incorrect regarding throwing acid on his wifes face. Plus lets not slander someone for his views....however hypocritical we feel they are.

The issue I feel is a moral and ethical one...not so much legal. It boils down to how we view women and what status we give the better half of our society. I feel that its immoral and unethical to limits a persons rights based on his gender. But that is my view. I cannot change laws alone.

This issue involves our collective society's thoughts and ethics. I believe that our sisters, co-workers are able to make an informed decision...just as men.

My daughter should be respected and allowed the rights granted to any other individual. Unfortunetly we are an inherently prejudiced society. That is why our laws are the way they are. They reflect who we are.

If they are not a true reflection of our moral values...then change will come. Vote your for your values and not your political affiliation.
Misguided, with all due respect to you, I very much disagree. It is indeed a true story, and I know so from a relative of the wife, who has close ties to the woman's family!
Fine...I am not going to press the issue of who threw acid on whose face. I will take what Zaydoun said and yourself at face value.

But that is not my point. The point is that you have a strong case in pressing for the rights of women to vote. I feel that we do not need to shame each other in our discourse. I am sure somebody can find dirt on me or any other politician. What we end up doing is swearing at each other instead of discussing the issues merits.

When Abraham Lincoln pressed for the rights of slaves in the south. He did so because he felt that all humans are equal individuals and as such should enjoy equal rights. His insistence that your color should not determine your faith...was not viewed as politcally correct at the time. He knew full well that was jeopardizing the nations unity. His decision led to a bloody civil war with the south. And yet despite all the men that died and all the costs paid...and his life. He did what was morally correct.

Some of our politicians invoke religion and god in this discourse. Our religion has freed endless slaves and promoted emancipation of slaves. Yet somebody can find something in our religion to say promote slavery. In the same individual should have equal rights under the law...regardless of gender.....even though you could come up with something in our religion to say women aren't equal.

In all our collective concious lies the truth...clear as day. My Sister is an individual capable of becoming an equal memeber of this society. By lowering her status in our laws...we belittle her contribution and promote a culture of looking down on women
the real point is how can these idiots represent us without a hint of ethical values. yes he did throw acid on his wife's face, leaving her eternally scarred, & it is VERY relevant to us because he is representing us and making vital decisions concerning our country's future.

I say we should go around keifan with pictures of his wife's face so that voters open their eyes and realize who the hell they're voting for!

i'm sure a lot of dirt can be found on people, but it is the level of dirt and the extent it reflects on the person's supposed religiousness that we are discussing.
Misguided, your points are very valid and logical, and I am glad to see someone with such lucid and rational thinking as you about this sensitive issue, thank God. However, you can never separate the personal "dirt" from politics. This is something that will never change. A persons previous actions and how they dealt with their responsibilities in life has bearing on how they will handle even greater responsibility when you elect them to public office, to serve the people. Now, minor tete a tete's can be overlooked obviously. But when people commit criminal actions, or extremely hypocritical actions (For example, remember Jim Baker the holy roller whose sex scandal brought down his "church" in the USA?), well this is obviously HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE. Its LYING, and people don't like being lied to by public officials, however unavoidable. Why was JFK's and Clinton's messiness looked over? Because no one got hurt, these stories are the way of the world, and no one was being hypocritical here, pretending to be something they were not ( Well, in Clinton's case this was iffy).
In any case, I appeciate your views.
Misguided and Anon..

The acid story is indeed true and the residents of Qadsiya will confirm it. The Turkish brothel story concerns another bearded MP who was allegedly caught there during time off on an official visit to Turkey. That MP used to be one of the loudest in parliament, yet he has been strangely quiet since that incident.

Whether the stories are true or not is besides the point... the bigger point here is that Tabtabai is putting extreme conditions for women to run for elections, while overlooking his male colleagues' serious offences... Enough said!
I really enjoyed reading your intelligent perspectives and your thoughts.

My feeling however, is fear not from the stance that the opposing members of Parliament have against the Women's rights issue, but from from the passiveness and/or apathy that we have regarding this issue.

I admit that i am guilty of the former, and i am not too happy about it. Which brings me to ask 'why?' I think i have been dissillusioned with politics since August 2, 1990. I also do believe that Kuwait is tribal and our votes are given to who the candidate is rather than to what he is representing (90% of the time). On the other hand, i also firmly believe that practice makes perfect and our democracy is a new one and will take time to take the shape of a more 'real' one.
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