Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dancing with Women

I was dancing at a wedding with an acquaintance of mine who is very good friends with the bride. When we got to the point on the dance floor closest to where the bride was sitting, she faced her and stood there for what seemed to be an eternity smiling and dancing.

I'm not homophobic (and neither the girl nor the bride were bisexual nor lesbians), and it was not the first time that i see this, but it was a bit weird. I felt very self conscious and did not know what to do. So i stood there smiling and dancing in front of the bride (camera zoomed on my face and silicon attachable breasts – KD 10 from AlTaher) until i got my cue from the girl that she is done with her performance.

I'm sure this fits in with wedding etiquette because the girl was refined to the point that makes me want to hit her sometimes. But i can't say i can really grasp the idea.

That is creepy.. Are you sure you weren't dancing for the groom? ;-)
Isn't it! Thank you for the validation, i needed it!
I think it's normal. I have seen it many times - it is regarded as a salute to the bride of some sort, unless there was something about the jestures that was way too creepy...

I always regard exaggerated displays of affection as a coverup. Maybe she is hiding something - hate, jeoulousy, sorrow for losing a friend in marriage - anything but true affection.
And what's with the signal from the bride that your performance is over? Sounds very medieval!
ma fhamt... is it the dancing part of the queuing part?!

I hate dancing at weddings.. unless its an absolute MUST .. gheir kitha ma7eb.. t7oom kabdi shway honestly
It may appear to be a bit too much but this type of dancing is acceptable to most women at weddings. The more comraderie shared between them the more sensual/provocative the dancing.

Actually, it is done as encouragement for the bride and as a show of appreciation- perhaps a show of how loved she is.

And sitting up there on the "koshah", the bride appreciates and expects it.
Dear Sheba,

Your account of the event has raised my eyebrows. I am surprised. But as any male...such displays are really interesting to hear about.

I have always found it a bit wierd that women would were the most revealing clothes at their weddings and "Shake it like a salt shaker". I think in the past ladies would were just dara3at. But nowadays we are talking stripper attire. (This is all don't hold me to it).

I think the whole notion of wearing revealing clothes and dancing amongst each other is a bit borderline. But hey...what do I know.

My last point is..why did you feel the need to augment your breasts..if you are in the presence of other women. (just a question..I am learning too ..don't get mad at me.)

Yours Sincerely,

Misguided 7ameth 7eloo El-blogawy
lol oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Zaydoun, very nice seeing you :)).

And although i did explain your point of inquiry last night, i will repeat for the sake of other readers (just in case any are interested): the cue to move away from the 'kosha' was from the girl i was dancing with, and not from the bride.

shosho, no, it was all normal, but i was a bit self conscious. Sheba IS shy i guess ;/

W, ya 7elwich :* But believe it or not, thats how many mothers/sisters pick out candidates for their ''virgin'' sons/brothers.

Jewaira Jewaira,
As always, you speak like an expert & i totally understand, bess i felt weird at it. Maybe its more fun as a 3aroosa (MUST try that) :p

I don't know why but i have a feeling that i have met you recently.

Now to your questions, umm why do ladies flaunt it at weddings? I think its A) to show off B) to show whats on offer to the mothers/sisters of prospective husbands (refer to my reply to W above) C) most of us can't wear our backless, red dresses, with a plunging neckline anywhere else. D) As to why i would 'augment' my breasts with a self adhesive silicon bra, thats because its invisible (i hate seeing straps, or any resemblance of undergarments--i feel its very umm slutty/vulgar)
you must have looked stunning in your outfit ;)
and i agree visible straps/ slips are awful to look at . Same as panty lines and dark underwear under light pants.

Yes I sounded like an expert in my comment but you know I personally feel the same strangeness/ weirdness as you do. I feel the whole wedding party is an act/show but everyone else that I see seems to be enjoying themselves and very comfortable with all the display.

As for Misguided's comment on stripper attire, well, I certainly have seen a few outfits that have raised my eyebrows as well.(Ya7laylik Misguided)

LOL at el tahir. allah ekhaleeh wikhalli his products lina.

what would be an alternative to a boring wedding? reception?
i think receptions are more boring! hmmm
our weddings need a real change, but how? i don't know. but i definitely would hate the idea of walking alone along the hall. but if i made my hubby enter the wedding with me, only few women would dance. so how about saving the money spent on the wedding and enjoying a luxurious “around the world” honey moon trip?

i agree with Jewaira about the dancing thing.
Yeah, I always find the weddings to be quite "naked" these days with what the women wear (when and IF I go, I try to dress elegantly, not flashily/fleshily). I know what you mean. I especially am SHOCKED by young girls practically doing a strip tease and sexy dance for the mother of a prospective groom. What the hell is that all about? YUCK.

SHEBA! Please go back to my blog and read my response to your comment ASAP before I have a heart attack! ;) heheh

hehe bess i hate the guy who sits at the cashier, as courteous and polite as he is, its VERY embarrasing!

Insha'Allah :p
That's a really interesting insider view of weddings. I only feel sorry for the groom. He's been living roughly 25 years and he's never ever seen so many women dolled up and dancing in his life, all celebrating his wedding. Icing to an already horrible cake, he's going to be with the women next to him for the rest of his life and try not to think about all these women that were dancing infront of him, and then he will realize, that these are all women he will most likely never ever be able to be with.
It's like a bachelor party but instead of having fun, you get teased only.

It reminds me of that mythical? story about a man that divorced his wife and married a girl that was dancing in his wedding..
edjamacated guy, your comments worry me!
hi, I'm new here, couldn't help but read everything on this site cuz everything is so interesting. I could relate to alotta stuff as that i'm kuwaiti, too!

I wanted to comment the Dancing with Women thing...I gotta tell u, I find it funny cuz I remembered my graduation party, it was girls only--teachers were there, too, most of them westerners. A girl who wuz good friends with this teacher got up to a slow arabic song and danced right in front of her, but she not only smiled and looked at her while she danced but really put on the moves! LoL the western teacher just didna know how to take it, she blushed cuz it seemed as if the girl wuz trying to seduce her! Of course being kuwaiti i understood that the girl was only showing off.

It's the usual scene in every party I go to, be it a wedding or just a birthday, girls want to look their best. Seeing sumbody wearing something sexy to these Girls Only parties can either be only saying sth about her personality, or that she's trying too hard to impress everybody. (teenage girls-only parties tend to turn into something of a competition). And the fact that most of these girls, like Sheba said, can't dress up like that any where else, also adds to girls wanting to look their best.

But curious Misguided mentioned "stripper attire". Woah! I've never seen girls dress in that sense before, but surely if she did everybody would feel and let her know that it's NOT NORMAL.

And Sheba mentioned that many girls try to show off to mothers so they can marry their sons, which is true...but i find that insulting, trying to attract prospective mothers by their looks and dancing? i dunno, i can't respect that :-S

btw I love the site!
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