Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Kuwait: Conflicts of Interest & Sleeping with the Enemy

Conflicts of interest are leading the future of Kuwait.

Jassim al-Kharafi, MP of Shuweikh and Shamiya and the current president of the Parliament was in the government's opposition lines up until he became president of the Parliament, then the tables turned. He and Sabah Al-Ahmad, the Prime Minister of Kuwait were almost love birds for quiet a time, until the Prime Minister's younger son with his companies started taking some of the potential business that the al-Kharafi conglomerate (rated 54 on Forbes' 100 richest).

Now who should come first, the MPs' bank accounts and their companies' earning potential or the country's future?

Of course, being elected in the first place for his family's money, the latter (Kuwait) is the victim in this difficult choice for Mr. President- or most of the MPs sitting there.

From a very close and reliable source, i heard that al-Kharafi is teaching Mr. Prime Minister a lesson for not putting a lid on his younger son's aggresive business strategies which often use his father's clout to gain a contract or two (example Marina Mall).

In all fairness, the stance that al-Kharafi has taken is backed by the merchant families of Kuwait and their strategy is to join hands with the stronger faction of Parliament (religious and tribal MPs), in opposition to the government's and the Emir's wishes, and inspite of their own credo.

Moreover, the majority of the MPs in opposition to the women's right to run and vote is rooted in the fact that they will not be able to CONTROL their voters votes, and might risk their seats in Parliament. Victims here: Kuwait, integrity, democracy.

I ask our Emir, no I plea, to please dissolve the Parliament until we have MEN who care about the country and its people.

Fact: Kuwait is rated second to Nigeria in corruption, so i don't think these money sucking MPs have done much to protect our country's wealth.

Fact: Kuwait is doing bad in it's human rights records, so the same suckers have not lifted a finger on this, until a bearded terrorists died in jail. (Poetic justice?)

Al-Kherafi is pissed cause of you know who sitting in front of him always smiling.

It's an extremly personal business matter between the two men and Al-Kherafi is using his position as an elected official to get his revenge, wallah 3aib.

Ya Akhi if you feel threatned by 7amad saba7 ala7mad taking over business here, then


Why do WE all have to suffer ya Al-Kherafi?!!
Thank you bu Jaij, i cannot say better than what you said here:


but what do you do with the rest of the corrupt MPs?
lock them up in a gas chamber somewhere near isreal and blame it on them..
but what do you do with the rest of the corrupt MPs?I had an idea on this a while ago.
Replace them all with monkeys. Here's why:

The monkeys would scream, shout and jump up and down just as much.

We'd at least have a 50/50 chance of them voting the right way.

They'd be just as entertaining, if not more so.

They can be bought for peanuts (literally) instead of the current 100K going rate for an MP.

They smell better!

When the arguments get heated, the shit really flies.

I Like!
"ask our Emir, no I plea, to please dissolve the Parliament until we have MEN who care about the country and its people."

Kuwait's parliament has done nothing but worsen the economic and social condition of kuwait.

however, the existence of parliament does resemble some sort of a 'democracy' to our western allies. dissolving it would cause a stir in the west.
i wish our western allies would realise that our parliament (democracy effort) is actually more of a tragic entropy that perpetuates the power of the 'forces of darkness' rather than actually animating national progress.
but do you guys actually think that Al khrafi's position against women's rights is really a revengeful enactment against hamad S al ahmed? couldn't it be that he's kissing islamic toush in order to secure his political power?
My God what a depressing scenario!

Why isn't Nasser Al-Khrafi fighting the business fight?
dissolving the parliment isn't going to magicaly solve your problem , the government want you to belive its slove , it wouldn't

if you dissolve parliment Now , you get the people who oppose women rights to rally around one
thing , and when people get one thing to rally about they become stronger .
LUMINOUS: 1. Some democracy is better than no democracy.

2. Re. Al-Kharafi's opposition- Yes for both reasons.

FORZAQ8: You're obsolutely right.

The solution is a long term one. Education.
Hi, Sheba :)
hi sheba, this is the first time i visit ur blog.

i loved ur post alot, and i agree with it. u have a good head on, and ur political argument is well put/said.

i agree with bo_jaij, well said indeed.

I sense mischief behind that smile!


Welcome to the blog and thank you :)
lol la walla, Sheba
I just missed you.. sort of :)
Whaat..Listen to yourselves..
Disolve the parliament?
You want to kill what took years to make just because you think others are abusing it?
Jeez...thats what elections are for, where the man supported most by the people wins. You can't elect people and then talk shit about them when they win. A lot of people I know vote for the man that can most help them achieve their personal goals, the one they can benefit most from, but once you vote for that man, you are a believer in him.

Al Kharafi taking the elections and chairmanship because he wants to get back at Sabah Al Ahmed? What happened to common sense.. Jassim Al Kharafi has long been active in the Government sector, he's been the finance minister for God's sake! Also bear in mind that chairmanship of the parliament is by vote of the other members.
I think it's a very well implemented system of checks and balances of power. Al Kharafi is no longer actively 'protesting' this or that because he is the Chair. The Chair should facilitate and be speaker, you can't have a speaker or facilitator with their own agenda, or else you'd have a conflict of interest. Now as for stealing business, Al Kharafi National and Contracting are legitimate companies, with work in several countries including this one. Bloody Norah I don't think losing a contract to build a mall is going to put a dent in their revenue.
Yo Queen Sheba!

Post Please.
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