Sunday, March 06, 2005


This is the text message i wrote my (girl) friends:

Friends, it is a woman's right to vote and run. Let us make a difference. Let us end the insults and the shameless disrespect extended to the brilliant women of our beloved country. Let us take part in making this country a better place. Be heard, represent yourself because no one else will.

Message i want to write to other (girl) friends:

Hey girl friend, in the name of Dolce & Gabbana, in the name of Dior, YSL, Chloe, and Hermes i ask you to please rise out of your luscious beds apply your mascara & the blue Missoni top and come to the National Assembly (on Gulf Road, not far from Salhiya) on Monday 6th of March at 8:00 a.m. If you don't come there is a big chance that we will all be wearing burgaa's in a few years!

Message to my male friends:

Dear friend, You've respected me and you've supported me at all times. I ask you to give a few hours of your time tomorrow and stand next to me to show that you are different, that although we may not be a majority, we want to be heard. I know its early and you'd probably be at work, but this is a historic day. We decide our destiny.

He has been summoned
Thank you bo jaij for never disappointing me & for your constant support!
Sheba... how about a message to all the women who still believe that God doesn't want them to vote, and that they have no rights

I just got word that I'm supposed to drive down south tomorrow morning, but you know what? Screw it, I will come at 8.00 am and stay as long as I can, honk my horn a few times and leave.

I'll be wearing blue and my car happens to be blue as well!
Hey Zaydoun,

Great Spirit! I hope its contagious :)

As to a message to the women who think God does not want them to vote & they have no rights, well for one, i don't know any (the majority of my aquaintances are apathetic, sadly); and second, I wouldn't know how to approach them (i wish i did); and third, I'm hoping that maybe we can catch their attention tomorrow and create some awareness.

More has to be done. The battle has just begun and we must not give up.
Today's al Qabas:

Khalid Al-Sultan threatened " we will fload Gulf Road with demonstraters against women rights"
Al Mutair says Women dont deserve the right to vote!

give that a thought!
Dear Sheba,
The Date on Monday is the 7th not 6th of March, Great post.
sheba sheba sheba....

this calls for a phone call!
John Doe, as usual there were just full of 'air'

Anony, thank you for the correction & glad you liked the post.

Wasii, couldn't answer the phone, will call u after work :*
Oh & btw, although i didn't forward the Dolce & Gabbana message, it has been circulated since yesterday!
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