Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Pardone - RTW

Away from politics, but not far away from economics, I've been searching for an evening dress for the past 1 month. Why do designers do this to us? Why is there a gap of 2 months between the end of Sale to the beginning of a new evening wear collection?

Help please, i'm dieing for any of the Jean Paul Gaultier dresses (check them out on vogue.co.uk or on elle.com) and i cannot find them anywhere. Leonard will also do, but the 2 I saw in Dxb i did not like, and Kuwait do not have them yet.

Now, on a slightly different note, but still on the subject of retail, why doesn't GULFBANK join the GCC Net so that we do not get embarrassed when in Saks!? And why do they choose to pay my loan installment on different days each month?

Oh boy, i sound like a Japanese girl, Beckam worshipping, and on an LV pilgrimage -- with no intention to see Big Ben nor the Eiffel Tower.
Gulf bank has been dead since the Tsunami

7aram 3ala el esem wallah
* What is "Saks" ?

* I would have answered the Gulf Bank question if you would have asked me 8 years ago. Or if you would have asked you know who few years ago too :-P

* It's Beckham. You missed the 'h'.
Bo J,

e w'Allah


*Saks Fifth Avenue
* :)
* Pardone ;)
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