Monday, March 07, 2005

Parliament Session: Monday, March 7, 2005

Yes, we all gathered there outside the Parliament house or the National Assembly.

The numbers grew as the time got closer to 9:00 am

Everyone was in the right spirit. A 70 year old man in a wheel chair, a 70 plus year old woman in her Abaya, very energetic, school children, young Kuwaiti women, young Kuwaiti men, ex-ministers, sons and daughters of the MPs who tried to make a difference, sons and daughters of the royal family, professors, house wives, retired professionals of both sexes, and of course BLOGGERS ;)

Missing were men and women of tribal Kuwait.

Inside the house of Parliament was another story (we attended a the session until we got kicked out by Mr. president- for clapping, but hey rules are rules). Now here was the shock: AlKharafi (MP & pres of parliament) said that if the audience is to clap again, that the session would be postponed for 15 minutes for the hall to be cleared (he wanted us out).

Then al-Sa3doun (MP and ex-pres) mumbled on on something i could not hear nore comprehend for 5 minutes then he got an extension for another 5 by voting. Every MP was quiet as he spoke.

Al-Sager (WOMENS' RIGHTS SUPPORTER & runs in the same area as the president) got up to speak, and all of a sudden the 3 dozen sheep herders (Members of Parliament) started to chat with each other as if they were at Friday market.

Then a clap in the audience & out we were!

I wanted to spit on Mutair's head as i saw him sit bored under us. He represents my area- what a fat shame.

Wish i had a banner!
Wish you were there!
It was a good eye opener for many.

Most dont know how things are done in magles el umma. And who really runs the show is Jasem al Kherafi...if he was a supporter of women rights you would see much more control over the religious guys and more focused on the women issue.

It was fun seeing all the girls and guys there, and thank you again Sheba for telling me who is who when I was there.
Thank you Bu J
Go Sheba Go. You should have atleast spit baneck on his head through out the session.
hopefully you are next.. good luck
Im really happy that you have actually witnessed a Jalsa..

By that, I think that you'll be even more aggresive supporting women's suffrage.
I WAS THERE I WAS THERE I WAS THERE.. AND Just to ease your mind I didn't clap at all :/ During the thing.. which was lame.. I mean getting kicked out for clapping whereas they are behaving like animals? :r the 3 guys who were talking.. :r
mosan, e wala chan zain!

مبتدئ ...
Yes, i feel more strongly now after seeing those beasts. How anyone voted for them is BEYOND me.

You go girl!
Sheba... you could've at least introduced me to Bo Jaij!

Bas za3alt...
I am still incensed! Imagine, kicking us out for being civil w hal zeftah il chalb Mr. Woof Woof Al-Barrak can scream his spit all the way over to Mr. Al-Khurafi and that's Acceptable?!?!

I am angry.. and Really Really MAD! If these are the kind of people that represent Kuwait, then I am really really disappointed.

ifffffff.... wayed ashya' 7arratneeeee elyoum w layl7eeen min ba66ah chabdee...
this is unbelievable! one would imagine tht since all these people and especially ladies are present that there would be a sense courtesy even if a fake one..

can you imagine how would it be in normal days when less people are attending or even in closed sessions?
welcome to the amazonian mysteries! :/
yalla el fal lkom tdeshon w tsan3onhom (pink ribbons and baby blue satins lol)
Sheba, Musallam al-Barak was NOT asking for us to be allowed to clap! He wanted us to be kicked out from the first time the audience clapped! Mithil ma sar fe istijwaab... madri mino.

Didn't catch that part :P

Gigi, actually
it was chaotic- almost a zoo the way they didn't listen to anyone else. Now I know why they don't want us there ;)
Mosan,,, ygoloon by next year by9eer ta9weet le ro2asaa mana6eg elbaladeyya madri wsho LOL

ma atabe3 hal ashyaa2.. especially after seeing aljohar 7ag mga63ah elmalaz's campaign.. ma 3ndi AY TA3LEEEQ

the good thing is well be seeing women representing wezarat elkharjeyya by this year.. (wanasa...!!)

(PS: no smart comments please.. kenni 7assa inna "ba3th innas" bygoloon shay bayekh LOOL)
Yes Gigi, You're right, the barking Musalam al-Barak was doing was against us. Please forgive my hearing and naivety.
wasii, Saudi women as diplomats abroad?
Sheba, now I'm confused. Different people heard different things when al-Barrak had his tantrum. I'm pretty sure he was not happy with having us clapping for the MP's who were pro-women's political rights.. and he did mention something about a grilling.
Now the question is: What was his point?! Did he want us to be kicked out from the first time the women clapped, or was he just pointing out a discrepancy between Al-Kharafi's leniance/strictness with us compared to his strictness/leniance in another situation?

Gigi, uncertainly
Ok, I was right. Here's a relevant extract from The Arab Times:

...They had hardly settled in their heats for the delayed session when they were warned for ‘abusing their guest status’ by applauding MP Abdul Al-Haroun for explaining to the speaker that the blue ribbon on his breast pocket was in support of women rights.

Their applause and Al-Khorafi’s reaction did not go down well with MPs Faisal Al-Muslim and Musallam Al-Barrak who said such behaviors were unacceptable in the house and requested the speaker to enforce the house’s bylaws. Musallam told the speaker he evicted the audience for clapping during the grilling of Minister of Finance Mahmoud Abdel Khaleq Nouri. The Speaker was later forced to evict the women after they applauded MP Mohammed Al-Saqer for questioning the wisdom behind their disenfranchisement.
Gigi, investigatively
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