Monday, March 21, 2005


We (women) spend LOTS-A-MONEY on shopping, and why do we do that?

1. Its comforting. Why i do not really know?
2. We like to 'posses' things we like.
3. We like to look good for men.
4. Last but not least, we like to 'flaunt it' infront of other women- it is competitive, why i do not know.
5. For me, it gives me a sense of achievement- especially when i buy jewelry which i hardly wear.

Can someone explain this to me? Is there a shrink in the house?

The fact that something trivial and shallow gives someone a sense of achievement is in itself an indication of the lack of a proper achievement that is worth boasting about.

Many people regard the accumulation of wealth in all its formats ( as an achievement, and usually they are the ones who suffer from an empty hollow life.

The childish aspect of "flaunting" one's possesions in other people's faces, may imply the person's longing for childhood where pressures and responsibilities were not major concerns, and everything seemed to revolve around the "I".

Beautifying and flauting the "I" is a desperate cry for attention which adults misinterpret as an acheivement.

(Takes her Psychoanalytic hat off)

Hope that helped!

That about makes every man, women in Kuwait shallow...I'm shocked really

I've never met a girl - Kuwaiti or non Kuwaiti - more intelligent and more independent than Sheba. And I've met quite a few.

I blame the environment more than the person, just go look around in the blogs and see how many non Kuwaitis, even Americans and Europeans expats are turning "more Kuwaiti" , talking about cars and watches and finding the rich person more attractive than the not so rich.

Sheba its about time you spoil yourself a little, you earned all the money you are spending the old fashioned way ( Working hard for it ) not like others who inherited it or wait for daddy to hand them their allowance, you run a successful company ( I regret not buying stocks from it :\ ) So you fully deserve the flaunting act.....

I just discovered your blog and am sorry I did not discover it sooner! :)
I have said it before and I will say it again. If I, as a woman, worked hard for my own money and had plenty of it, then I would spend it on whomever or whichever of my pecadillos I choose. I share your love of jewelry, and my next bling-bling future goal is to buy myself a shiny new diamond right-hand ring. I am not interested in the boring game of pretending I am a "rich chick" , or in showing off in front of people for the sake of my ego. I look at these things as little rewards and presents to myself for work well done. Otherwise, it gets pretty empty when your arm is covered in Harry Winston or Cartier, for no reason, no story behind the bracelet, you know what I mean?
I justify getting "things" for myself (when I do) by making sure that the work I do (professionally or personally) contributes or adds something back to society or another persons life in some positive manner. And forget about looking good for men or even women, I want to look good for myself. Plus, I am a pack-rat by nature!
Don't overanalyze it. Just remember its about checks and balances, counting your blessings :) You are worth it!
Sheba... just have fun and don't overanalyze stuff like this. You earned your money and you can spend it any damn way you want, as Bo Jaij put it

I like good quality things and I buy them for myself, not for anyone else. I like to look good, damn it, is that so wrong?! I'm also a sucker for cheap retro sneakers (can i call them vintage?)

I was just chatting with some colleagues about how whenever a new car model comes out, you suddenly see the country flooded with them. What did these people drive before?? Remember when the butt-ugly Porsche Cayenne came out? Within 10 days Kuwait was crawling with them! Same thing with new watches and new mobile phones!

As for you women dressing for each other, I think that its all rooted in the fact women are more likely to notice that great bag or those cool shoes than men.. so you are quietly fishing for compliments to validate your purchase.... Or it could be out of sheer spite and competitiveness! ;-P
I agree with zaydoun.. If you're born to father with deep pockets, good for you, who says you can't spend the money you have. If you've worked your ass off for the money you made, what's the point of hiding it all under your pillow?

I guess the key thing here is moderation..A reminder of good standing in society isn't a bad thing. You want a watch, why not go for better quality/style. Style and quality come at a price.

Now, what ticks me off is how constantly changing Kuwaiti's are, how arrogant they can be, and how shallow they can be.
Ex: I left Kuwait and came back on my break a year later, only to find hundreds of people in the same mall wearing Pumas, Von Dutch t-shirts, and Livestrong Armstrong bands.
Those armstrong bands sell for 1 dollar each and the money is donated for a charity fund. Yesterday a guy told me that they were being sold at Villa Moda for 15 KD a piece. That is what I call money poorly spent with an arrogance/spoiltness score of 10/10.
I won't be caught dead with a Von Dutch anything, even though I think they're kinda cool, if overexposed. It took just one person to turn me off them!

As for the yellow wristbands, I know they're for a good cause but lets face it... it's just another "habba" here among the "chicken nuggets" crowd!

فيهم خير يلبسون اسوار يساند قضية كويتية
Shosho! Believe you me i've had a passion for jewelry since i was atleast 10. I not only wanted to accumulate it, i also wanted to learn about it and to become a gemologist.

Bo Jaij :)))))))))) Thank you sir for your kind and encouraging words. My favorites are still my Bvlgari earings ;)

mrsbaker, consult me before you buy that rock. Btw, why right hand?

Zaydoun, you have good taste & you wear what suits you (which is not very common in our fashion victimtized society of i must wear Marni even if i look like a balloon). AND I love cheap retro snickers, the ones that you can't wear too often because the rubber WILL start cracking.

edjamacated guy, Hiding money is no fun, and in my book CHEAP. What you do not spend is not yours. As to puma's, i like what they did to Kuwait (brought us down a notch closer to earth) although they have been over done. I hate Von Dutch. And i am afraid that i do not know what these armstrong bands are, but it is really silly that the purpose of them (charity) has been transported to a 15KD profit in the pockets of Vila Moda.

Ahh ok, i just read Zaydoun's 2nd comment, I've seen the yellow bands-- reminded me of high school.
"2. We like to 'posses' things we like."

Things include material and non-material objects... Yuuuuuuum-E!

Is Owning People Ok? Especially if it was conSensual?

Sheba... once I had to take some French IT consultants out to lunch at Le Notre. The table next to us had a lady from a very rich well-known family decked out in pink Dior logos from head to toe: Headband, jacket, pants, bag, shoes.

At the end of our meal, even the nerdy French IT geek couldn't help remark on her getup and mumbled something in French to the effect of مو شايفة خير

I was embarrassed!
punkkitty (cannot type your name as you have because blogger thinks i am trying to do something with HTML):

hehe, no this someone may dump you if he/she felt you are possesive.

And I can't help my self from saying this, 'some people' are just simply 'sick' or 'emotionally scarred' and may dump you for the simple reason that you were not 'clingy' or 'possesive' enough!! But, you do not want to be with those.

fashlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I got goose bumps reading this-- 3ad they already think we're haylag, now they have it confirmed!
My cousin likes shopping because she loves it when people ask, "Wow, where did you buy that from?!" to which she always replies, "Not tellin' :P"

I've been doing the same to her and it's been driving her nuts for weeks. I really can't see the pleasure in doing so. :/
Sheba, the right hand ring is the latest marketing strategy by the big diamond companies geared towards successful women (a smart one in my case cause now I want one bad, and I plan to flaunt it when I get it! What a sucker I am). Check out this site, it will give you an idea. Something tells me that you are a fantastic candidate for the campaign and should get one immediately ;)
And thanks :), I most definitely will ask for your advice before I buy!
I hate jewelry...

I love shopping o I'm almost broke.. I still didn't get my sister a birthday gift and my other sister's birthday is near by....

mal 3amal ya tora?!?!
W... get a loan from Samba

3aad samba is my bank LOOOL

moob lhathee eldaraja 3aad :p
3baid, sounds familiar!

mrsbaker, i'm not rich enough (yet) to buy fanateg. When i'm done with buying my classics, i will start the fanateg :))

As to right hand rings.. I'm kinda traditional and/or romantic when it comes to things like these. I want the rock on my right hand to be 'given' to me :))

But this reminds me of a very 'SHEBA' story.. I turned what was supposed to be my engagement ring into a pendant (of course this is after it became evident that i would not be wearing it on neither hand). The jewler loves me for it, and even though my purchases of him are minute in comparision, I get the red carpet treatment with a huge discount from the entire staff. WANASA! Ahh the advantages of economic independence!

Siktai please don't talk about being broke.. i have KD 27.930 in my account!

Oh 3indi salfa.. i will save it for my next blog.

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