Saturday, March 19, 2005


Physical Status: Fatter
Mental Status: Sleepy, I hate Saturdays, PMSing but not grumpy
Work Status: Must finish annual report, but for above reasons i will not
Boy Status: Do ugly guys make better Boy Friends?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
What constitutes ugly to one may be beautiful/attractive to another.
I like describing what society defines as ugly: rugged and tough looking.
Your question is based on two relative assumptions: "ugly guy" and "good boyfriend" - which means that any answer you will get is bound to be relative, hence inconclusive.
Sheba, Hah! Nice observation, it does seem that way..
Not sure about ugly guys, but younger guys definitely make better boyfriends. (Not that I've ever, ever, ever been with one)
no they dont. cuz they do not relize that they are ugly.
Do ugly girls make better domastic house wife.
I am sleepy+grumppy+shitty mood all the works
Girls: I must date an ugly guy to test this theory.

Mosan: at a time where we're struggling for the fight for women's rights, the comment on domesticated housewives is a bit on the cheesy side. But i will forgive you for your disclaimer (sleepy+grumpy+shitty mood).. Meanwhile, in efforts to answer your question (kinda), i heard & you can confirm this if you wish, that ugly girls are better in bed!
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