Monday, March 28, 2005


This questions is part of a long bloggerina discussion with Msbaker:

Why did you start your blog?
What keeps you going?
If you are only a reader, what brings you back to a certain blog?

Would love to hear from all visitors of this blog.

Thank you,


I come to read because I enjoy listening to your views about stuff.

But the best part is watching you post the same thing 5 times! :P
- Because you urged me to become cool and hip and thus starting my own blog will be more of a platform for me.. in the world of "hipness" - remember when I was in paris? ;p

-Nothing keeps me going.. when I get bored I delete my blog..I'm moody I technically what keeps me going is ellegafa :p

-Well I come to yours because I know you personally..and the rest because lgafah, or because I like their discussions..and some I don't like but visit because frankly I have nothing better to do...

so..i think thats about it.. itha ja f baaali shay thaani, ill let u know
Because I am a voyeur and enjoy casual sex with other people's minds.
Ops, first Anony was me

3baid, 7ayak Allah :)) & btw, that was a blogger problem :s

W.!! I urged you to become cool & hip?? It was you who got me to buy not 1 but 2 Dolce clogs for (& i still cannot believe it £720).

I know who you are & i know what you did last summer ;)
1) to have an outlet for my rage plus a way to spend my time productively (contradiction?)

2) I have lots to talk about, yet not much to say, but people seem to be interested, hence, I keep on going.

3) the content, the blogger, the layout
I'm a reader. I'm not a blogger. I'm self-cocoon'ed I guess.

What brings me back here is the edge you have in your blogs. As well as to see how you're doing ;)
but sara7a they are nice.. i still use them!! :p
Blogging cools me down. And at certain days its an escape from boring chores.
1) I started blogging because I want to be famous (walla!)

2) Having the urge to put a little something of my personality out there on the net (it's cool!)

3) Because It's fun! It's like following celebrity lives but minus the celebrity status (sorry sheba! but if it means anything you'll always be a celebrity to me;) )

You're the sweetest & the cutest!

Sheba's blushing!
:* You
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