Monday, April 11, 2005

And Here is What NWMH Thought of Edjamacated Guy

First impression I got of Eguy was that he's really sweet and really well dressed!
He looked kinda tall, he was wearing beige cargo pants and a white shirt, the first button opened to reveal a white tshirt underneath, most yummy.

He was really nice and attentive.. he got me chocolates.. which scored major brownie points, however it was dark, and I dislike dark chocolates.. we disagreed on that, apparently he loves dark chocolate and well, I don't. But nevertheless, the idea of chocolates was very romantic..:) The lil devil was trying to woo me.. ;)

We talked about a lot of stuff, it was very easy talking to him.. He made it very comfortable and I felt like I could talk about anything and everything with him. Which was very sweet. I can't really judge from one date but he sounded and seemed genuine.

After dinner we had a walk on the beach, my heels in hand and not thrown somewhere just in case someone decides to nick 'em ! Afterall, "not without my heels" :) We had a little fun, innocent and clean. After that we decided to go our seperate ways back home.. :)

It was a very nice, sweet, romantic date.. It made me feel like I wanted to be true, in real life.. That would've been really cute:) Maybe when Eguy comes back from Canada, AND if he's interested.. :)

By the way, this was all done on msn.. yes, we had our "date" on msn.. and my impression of him (written above) is all true.. he really is sweet and nice. And Sheba, don't post this if he doesn't feel the same way about me ! Then I'd just sound like a loser! :)

Thanks for the awesome date.. Whether we'd (Eguy and I) do a repeat is yet to be decided, but we haven't ruled anything out yet :)

how sweeeeeeeeeeet and yummy.... I meant the choclates of course :P
thats me NWMH is talking about..


*waits for the sequal*
Wallah this is wonderful :)

Mabrook ya mutadayiteen, il-faal 7ag il-bajee ya rab who are gonna drive Sheba nuts now, pounding down the virtual door to her blog... ;)
NWMH Thank you for your great spirit and for taking part in this game.

eEguy, she sure is hehe

W, khaleehum 3ala ra7at-hum

Isn't it the cutest!?
Sounds like you both enjoyed your cyber-date. Looks like you toyed with your food though- didn't mention what you ate except for getting the chocolates ;)

I don't blame you especially on a first date he is probably going to notice everything!
Wishing you many more successful dates Ms.Heel :)
!! A virtual Date ?!
you guys might as well went further
ba3ad kila virtual .... chan talabtaaw choc bread pudding mn choc bar
o chicken nuggest mn McD

Goood Moooooornin

I feel like a bride.. he he, ok not quite.. (I think I just freaked Eguy out) :)
But thanks everyone for reading and following up and mostly thank you Sheba for planning this thing! Maybe we should do it for you someday ;)

J, he surprised me at times really! Or maybe he was just trying extra hard .. ? I don't know, but I'm a sucker for the sweet gestures :)

W, Sequel ? haha, we'll keep you updated ;)

C_N, well I asked for a virtual goodnight kiss.. but he declined!
So he's either a real gentleman or just gay.. and we cleared that up, he isn't the latter :)
kiss on the first date? big no-no. and for pete's sake NWMH don't joke about stuff like that, bloggers are gullible. you saw how far the ejac- joke went!
how sweeeet :)

loling again at ejac- joke!
Sorry E-guy, that ejac joke was just too rich... I have to laugh at it all over again, sorry...LOOOL
Eguy, Ok, I'll stop joking about these stuff.. I really don't want bloggers to believe that I actually did ask for a good night kiss!

I was joking bloggers.. as always :)
Ma 3alaich minha, Heels darling, joke as much as you want!!!
Chinha E-guy 9ar 7acher, ha? :P
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