Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Auntie Sheba!!

Yes, I have been one since the age of 9!

Can you imagine the responsibility of being an aunt at such an age? This means that I am their youngest aunt, who they (my nephews & nieces- God bless them!) can tell everything too!

• When my eldest nephew was 3, his parents thought I was old enough to baby sit. I put him in a suitcase, for fun. He still remembers it 

• When my eldest niece was 5, I had a sheesha in front of her (it was cool back then). She asked me ‘3ammity shino hatha?’ (Auntie what’s this?), I told her ‘its cocktail’ LOL, and made her promise not to tell. Of course she told!

• When another nephew reached puberty, he fell in love. He came to tell me about how he wooed his love into speaking to him (he sang her Elton John’s ‘What am I gonna do to make you love me’). Yes cute, but WHAT DO I SAY OR DO IN SUCH SITUATIONS?

• When my younger niece was 3, I took her to Fudruckers (yes that was in at the time too), and this is what happened:

Baby staring at the table of young marines next to us (handsome blokes)

• Baby: Khalti Sheba sheftai 3eyoona (Aunti Sheba, did you see his eyes?)
• Me (Shocked at her observation, yes he had gorgeous blue eyes with thick long lashes, I ignored her in disbelief).
• Baby: Repeating her words thinking I haven’t heard her, only this time louder ‘AUNTI SHEBA DID YOU SEE HIS EYES?’
• Me: Yes I did (almost fainting from embarrassment, and shock).
• Baby (a few minutes later): Laish ma i7acheeni? (Why doesn’t he speak to me)
• Me (PANICKING OMG OMG, wondering if this is normal, and what do I do? I ignored her).
• Baby (Repeating herself, and yes even louder!!): Auntie Sheba WHY DOESN’T HE SPEAK TO ME?
• Me (politely to the marine, who by now has noticed her cuteness): She’s complaining why aren’t you speaking to her!
• Marine turns around and feeds baby (who hates food, and especially hates ketchup) ALL her food with ketchup.

Shes 9 years older, and I think that set a precedent. We went to the movies, and she was not shy telling me who she thought was cute.


It is normal, don't panic :)
Not normal at all.
How nice for her to have a confidante like you ;) At least she's confiding in you not giggling about it with a bunch of 12 year olds.

Waaay Sheba minhu hatha eli yayech (above me) Shakla wayed hacher khali balech ;)
ba3edeen weyach kella u want to tell tell tell :P bsech fethay7.
ma asaddig!

sheba!!! 7adath tareekhi fi bloggich
I don’t like my nephews and niece to call my uncle. It's not hip  to hell with good manners.

My cousin has an 11 yrs old daughter who told her that she planned to go the mall in the weekend with her friends to watch a movie and do some shopping. My cousin told her daughter that she can't be with her, since she has other commitments. The 11 yrs old girl told her mom: who said I want you to be with me in the first place??
My niece, Nunu, is 8. The girl has crushes, the i'm-locking-myself-in-my-room thing, the loud music, the i-love-my-hair attitude.. Oh.. and mood swings.

I wouldn't be surprised if she got hot flashes.

And I'm with Hisham.. to hell with good manners. My nephews and nieces call me Shurouq.
it normal! little girls are always attracted to men! dont panic :)
Normal is such an overrated adjective. Would you want your niece to be just 'normal'?

Seems to me this girl has character. My two nieces have character now too. I only wish it doesnt get buried or put out.

Shurouq did you forget the running away from home plan?

Am i the only sane person in here? everyone says its normal! its not! And sarah, oh my, you think its normal for children to be attracted to adults? sick!!!!!!

(i miss my second grade english teacher, she was soo, um, 'caring')
If it's an indian movie, then it's probably normal!
Thank you for the reassurance. But i used to hate boys and beat them up at that age!

pope benedict xvi,
Nice Pic & welcome to Plushness ;)

Yeah, but i don't think i can handle the responsibility!

I am not a fatana, but sometimes you have to tell their parents!

I doubt ;)

Cute story. But I don't tell them to call me auntie or aunt Sheba, they choose to do so after a certain age. I love it when my 24 year old nephew calls me '3ammity', especially in public (IT SHOCKS PEOPLE) hehe, and its very cute. Plus, i have NO issues with age and i am very proud to be their auntie :))

CUTE! lol shakilha it7eb!

yes i was always in love with an adult cousin (or 2) when i was a kid. I am utterly embarrased when i see them now, because the whole family knew hehe.

Noony!! LOL i wanted to run away from home everytime my mother tried to dicipline me! I even had a plan!

bu bader,
hehe, i am sure she was a hottie.

you think its not? I am panicking enough as it is!

Btw, do we have a child psychologist in Kuwait?

I have no age issues either. Actually I like the my few grey hairs mushrooming here and there.

But with kids, I like to keep an informal interaction among us. And when we are together at the mall, and they call me with my name, girls first will know I'm not their dad, and second they will know my name, just in case :-))
hahaha! You're one of those!

Oh well, my sister's kids call me 'YUMMAAAAAAAAAA' when there's a cute guy around. Why, i do not know! So 'khalti' is wayed ar7am!

And trust me, if our relationship gets any less formal, i don't know what they'd tell me!

I like to be the cool aunt that they're proud to go out with and eager to tell their stories to, and what they call me is up to them :)
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I'm not a dirty old man chasing teenage girls in the malls. Remember? I'm for older women/younger men thing :-)))
Hi sheba, newcomer here, I love the whole strain of blogs I follow, it all began with Zaydoun and now I'm in love with blogging and exploring so many fantastic blogs out there!

about this post, I was laughing out loud! I have an 11 yr old cousin who looks like a munchkin, but she definitely doesnt think like one! We had two little birdies in a cage at my house, and my cuz was tryin to get them to kiss, aww innocent right? WRONG, her next question to my mom was: Do you think they've had sex yet?? NOW THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT NORMAL! why are they growing up so fast!!:o

Welcome to my blog, its good to see you hear :)

I couldn't help laughing out loud at your comment. My God do they grow up faster now, or are they less shy about sexuality because we have allowed them to be more open with us?
Sheba.. this generation is totally different than mine or yours. each generation becomes more open about sexuality. why? it's everywhere! in the media, internet, T.V commercials, video clips, globalization.

The other day I was at my cousin's 13th birthay party so me and my other cousin -who was my age- were looking at the girls invited. The friends of the party girl were dressed up nicely (allah yer7am ayam il kashkash). They were wearing make-up, fixed eyebrows and were acting like real ladies.. oh! one of them was wearing a "push-up" bra! YES!! I dont even have one! I fixed my eyebrows when i was 18, I actually started wearing make-up 2 years ago and I clearly remember when I was her age, i used to play with "Barbie" dolls!

see how interests differ from a generation to another!!
for more details, read my last post :)
* here


Will do asap!
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