Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blogger Mischief!

Ok, i've been in a very naughty mood (no not that kinda naughty, you kinky minds!) and i've been wanting to get into trouble. SO here's the plan (oh & this is a first time list only, we'll play this game with other names later and depending on the results of this one).

Rules are simple, you must match One blogger to One Bloggerina and here they are:

Bu Jaij
Mad M
The Don
Edjamacated Guy

W (Wasma)
Not Without My Heels

Note: Phase 2, we'll choose the cutest virtual couple and send them off on a virtual date. They must come back and tell us how that went.

Awaiting your responses, EAGERLY ;)

My suggestions:

Hi sheba I'm a silent reader...and I have to say this is a fun game...mowahahaha!

I have two similar couples as Jewaira:
Sheba and Bo Jaij
Zaydoun and Shurouq

The Don and MsBaker
Crappy Nappy and Georythm
GiGi and Misguided
Shosho and MadM
Purgatory and Flamingoliya
Mosan and Not Without My Heels
Edjamacated Guy and Wasama

sorry the last two was a wild card since I don't know them :)
Jewaira, Purg and Shosho ?? no way no how!! I can't see it..
Now this is tricky :) but to be fair and (naughty) here are my suggestions

P72 & Ma baker
Mosan & Geo
Z& Shurouq
Bu-J & Sheba
MDM & Gigi
Don & Shosho
EDG & flamingolyia

I think that is it, not sure why this group is selected and others were missing.
Oh, P72 has a crush on MsBaker. isn't that cute ?;)

Personally I want to be matched up with the cutest..

I match Sheba with Zaydoun..
and Gigi with Ejaculation guy..
and W with Mosan..
and Georhythm with CN..
and Shosho with P72..
and MsBakerQ8 with BuJaij..
and Shurouq with The Don..
Ejaculation guy.
Too funny darling
You can't go wrong with Mosan :)
BuJaij is Sheba's
CN is fun
and Don...the answer to a girl's dreams.
I'll stop there so as not to confuse you.
Good thing I don't have a blog! @_@
sheba 9ayra 56aba lol

here's my matches:
sheba & bo jaij
gigi & mad m
thedon & georythm
misguided & W
mosan & flamingoliya
shosho & P72
mrs baker & edj guy
and NWMH with crappy nappy

but there's something wrong in the list above.. i wonder if someone can put their finger on it.
First off,

I think Mad M should be disqualified, for obvious reasons :D


Do the Guys HAVE to be Absolutely NEED to be matched up with Girls? What about threesomes? Allowed?

Oh well, this is my preliminary list till I get my answers to above questions.

1) P72 & Lil' Ms. Baker
2) Queen Sheba and (of course) the guy with the balls Mr. Bu Jaij.
3) Mosan & Wasma, cuz they are Oh So Naughty and Oh So Sexy. Plus, their nicknames/names both have an M and S in them which stands for S & M. Ahaaaa ;)
4) The Don & NOT_WMH because I think high heels look good on a bike.
5) Zaydoun & Shurouq, because they are both political in a laid back kinda way.
6) Misguided & GiGI, they can speak philisohpical issues while skirting any real personal meanigful conversations.

w bes, te3abt. Akamil ilbajee ba3dayn :D
well someone is going out with 2 gals...he's a player for sure...LOL
NWMH, I do not have a crush on her, but that is a form of purgatorian experience, which I think she should have in her life ;)

Otherwise the obvious choice is Shosho as many have indicated, although I would not mind multiple matching ;)


Ma baker, excited ;)?
I like your answers; they are so convincing and well explained.

And I approve of your preliminary questions like threesomes etc..
V. important to consider
Hehehe Purgy does NOT have crush on me! He just finds me impossible and annoying and wants to break my neck so I wont harass him!! Anyway I have decided to play nice in his blog from now on, because fashalt roo7i recently!!! LOOL!!

And BTW, NONE of those anyone has put up as possibilites for me are who I would choose for myself! And I wont say who! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

Sheba, sij bada3taaaaaaaaay this is one of the funniest posts ever
You need Mosan to liberate you :)
Jewaira - if you saw how "liberated" I was with my comments recently, you would choose one of the religious right bearded bloggers for me! HAHAHHAHA (Its all purgy's fault!) Ya wayli waylaaah......

Ok, Here are my choices MYSELF NOT INCLUDED no way would I go there!

The Don - Flamingoliya (Don is a sweet guy, flaming even sweeter!)

Zaydoun-Sheba (power couple)

Bujaij-Shosho ( she would provide some lovely yin for his yang - or should I say "yangs" ? ;) hehehe )

Purgy-Shurouq (Only this woman can tame the Purg-master)

NWMH - Mosan (why this feels right, I don't know)

The others I am not sure of, I dont know them too well :)
wrong, that is not a valid choice Ma Baker, it would not work at all. It you all the way, like it or not, so accept the decision of the Purgatorian Court, or...else!!

and You know what else....IS, right ;)??
What interests me is the following:

1) how come I was choosen in this list? especially since I am not a frequent commenter on this blog?

2) why am I top of the male list? was that by random, or intentional?

3) how come most of you choose shosho as my virtual date?

These questions need answers.
I just realized something, my name has been included in this list to jack-up comments as I am known to be a the master of comments, the quickest commenter on the blog-o-sphere, the super-duper-banana-zola commenter, aaaaaaaaaaaand (most important) Purgatory is a trademark for comments.

And, for those who have not voted for me as minister in the blog-o-sphere government, go do so.
First of all, you forgot to add Nanonano to the girls list, to which I can only say.. "GOD HELP YOU!"

I am really bad at matching games, but I am honored (and flattered) to be paired with 2 of the sharpest, sassiest bloggers we have!

Thank you everybody!!
No purg, I do not.. what is "else", please??

*MsBaker asks with wide eyed total innocence*
Else is what happens to you :P
Sheno hatha.. Only ONE guy per girl??

I want Bu Jaij for appetizer, Zaydoun for main dish, and Mad M for dessert.

Or.. or.. can I go French and have a five-course meal?

Ok, I'll play along..
(Sheba, what are you getting us into, girl?)

Sheba & Bu Jaij
Geo & Mosan
MsBaker & Misguided
Flamingoliya & The Don
Shosho & Crappy Nappy
NWMH & Mad M
Wasma & Zaydoun
And I'll take Edjamacated Guy coz I don't know him at all.. And that's what dates are for, no?
(Ahem.. assuming Ed would take me!)
Sorry.. I guess I'd left one couple out!

If anyone can "tame" Purgatory, It's definitely Gigi
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Why are people obsessed with tamming me! shmswee feeekom :) ??
I'm getting ideas... tee-hee:$
la7tha il combination mo rakeb
because there is no nanoo

purg with Ms baker
crappy nappy with mosan
zaydoun with anno
o l bage i dont know
Nooni, your list is messed up, it is not complete and you coupled CN and mosan!!! you cannot couple two guys together, you need new glasses :P
Shurouq- I meant that with great admiration and regard for your being what I consider to be a formidable woman :)

Something tells me inna I'll end up with someone named Faisal..

My suggestions would be

Sheba and Misguided

Zaydoun and Shurouq

The don and Flamingoliya

Purg and Shosho

NWMH and Edj Guy (madri laish, bas a7s ull click for some reason)

Geo and Mosan

Ms Baker and Crappy

Mad m and Gigi (since both of you like drawings and graphics and stuff)
Ma baker, so you are saying you cannot handle my white chocolate :P?
Hmmm It's hard when I am trying to piece each person together especially since some of them I haven't actually known..

First of all, might I point out that not everyone on the list can be matched because there are some that are quite different than the rest. So here goes:

-Purg with Flamingoliya (Just out of curiousity :P)
-Crappy_Nappy with hmm I don't know him that well so I guess I can suggest Wasma maybe I'm not sure.
-Mosan with umm GEOrhythm
-Zaydoun with Shurouq for the politicalness
-Misguided with umm maybe Not Without My Heels although i don't know her that well.
- Bu Jaij with umm Sheba
- MadM with Gigi actually because they will make marvelous drawings :P
- The Don with well I can't judge on Donny Boy but I believe shosho would be a nice..
- Edjamacated Guy woudl be with umm MsBakerQ8

I hope I did that right.. those are just assumptions :P
NOONI - you are just putting me and purg together because I have naughty pun challenges with him
( an urge I am controlling now in order to be a good girl), ehehhehe... he hates me cuz I bug him, he just wants to subject me to his purgatorian-ness and I wont stand for it ( or am getting better at it than him ;) )
Ma baker, urge ha :)? what other urges do you have my virtual date :P
Jackie, me and bashroosya!!! no way, then again, why not, I am curious 2 :)

I do not believe in pairs, and I do not recommend monogmoy, it's bad for the health, and women never had it while men enjoyed all forms of bigamies and harems, hence this is my verdict:

shosho: Crappy_Nappy + Mosan + Zaydoun + Misguided + Bu Jaij + MadM + adjamacated Guy

my neice: Don

Purgy: Gigi + Wasma + Shurouq + NWMH + Flamingoliya + Georythm + Sheba

P4: MrsBaker

Shosho, and you call yourself akinky!!! you sure have some kinky thoughts.

Evil woman, you take all the men, I take all the women, except Ma baker which goes to our kid, what a family!!! :P
Purgy - I got my manrem, you got your harem, P4 got his minirem, shtabee ba3ad?

Remember we have to maintain our family values all the time.
hmm, yeah true, sharing is caring, the wealth should be spread among us equally, well Ma baker is more than enough for P4. Pity, I wanted her for myself :P
PURG! I said I was gonna be a good girl! No urge talk! ;) hehhehe

SHosho - When P4 grows up, he is all mine...give him a kiss from Aunty msBaker ;) heheheh
ok then until he grows up I can take care of you (same as the Opel commerical and the kid on Dutch Tv) :P How do you like being compared to an Opel Ma baker ? ;) it is a smooth comfertable ride I can tell you that :)
ShoSho, yes yes yes.. I want to go out with SoSo your neice.. first date will have lots of candy.. I'm excited now..
why not purg? mayseer?? no such a rule
Just finished watching the football game...I heard there was some kind of orgy hapening here....did I miss anything??
Purg :

MsBaker can take care of herself thank you.
Opel... too Euro-trash for me...
;) :P :P

OH boy this is more fun than i anticipated!

Loved the spirit everyone is in.. LOVE IS IN THE AIR ;) (with the exception of Zaydoun, too diplomatic, & not naughty enough).

Purg, ur on top of the list because i knew u'd have most fun with this :)

Hats off for the non-conventional girls ;)

I still haven't decided who to match with whome, i keep changing my mind. And Msbaker, i know who u'd want to be your Bloggertine ;)

SO this is how we'll proceed, end of tomorrow night: we'll see the couples most voted for and we'll send them of to their virtual date (destinations to be announced soon). Couple must be willing and enthusiastic to participate.
Oh no you DONT ya Sheba! hehehehehehehe ;)
(stop scaring me ya intay, bessich!)



You were on the list but were short listed for that exact reason ;)
this is really interesting..i hope my date doesn't hold me up to Ejaculation Guy..
Bad Not_Without_My_Heels Bad!

I must say...I am speechless.

Feelin' like a peice of meat

Ok, I changed my mind.

I think NWMH should be paired up with Ejaculation Guy. Cuz he eats bugs and likes to go to Selfridges. I think they'd make a fine couple.

Shopping & Aphrodisiacs.
Pink with a Wink ;)
What's e-d-j-a-m-a-c-a-t-e-d, anyway?

Is that even a word?
أستغفر الله لى و لكم
its a metaphor
education = edjamacation
PSS... it's like "Thingamajig"
PS: wow PSS..you analyzed using my last post mashallah :p
I couldn’t stop laughing at edj guy’s nick hahahaha
Sheba naughty you, just when I got engaged… you’re making me have second thoughts :P
Purg, e7sabi ma3ak 3aseer :P
and MsBaker? you’re the sweetest! :*

Sheba, if anything works out you’re gonna be invited to my wedding hahaha
I better sit in the passenger seat, next to Jelly B!

Flamingoliya, shall i buy the dress?

Mad M, do i need to go to confession after this?

Edjamacated guy, C'MON, there must be more to your nick!
I'm feeling the love!

Edjamacated is a metaphor for education? Makes perfect sense (not)

But I have to say, selfridges? YAIY! Bugs? EUW!
Yallah Sheba.. whom am I gonna have the pleasure of taking out.. I need to know so I can get everything prepared in advance, since no two ladies are the same, no two ladies would have the same date preparation..

Or shall I go with ShoSho's baby neice.. that would be fun date.. play grounds, toy stores, and candy.. hehehehe

Hehehe Don Look who's chafing now.
Be patient you might get more than one ;)
Ma baker, ok if you can take care of yourself, then it should be no problem being matched with me :P
Sheba, yes but that is an answer to one question.

It seems I will end up matched with Shosho, so nothing new :)
Sheba, no wait. lets see what happens here.
Oh Sheba you still didn’t tallied the results? I can’t wait ;)
Not_Without_My_Heels alla yig6a3 ibleesich..look at the mess you made..
i just got asked by elaStic_plaStic (ironic?) if the food on my blog was the source of being called 'ejaculation guy'

theres plenty to me, for now, i am an edjamcated guy because im a graduate of a school in kuwait and im out to get an education
Big Z,

"Thingamajig"? hehe no comment..

As For,
E-Guy as NWMH has now christened you, I still don't get the education edjamacation confusion thing. Shelsalfah?

W ba3dayn, of course I am smart, I am a girl after all ;)

PSS, the Queen of All that is Pink :)
Oh my goodness!!!!!!
I skip checking blogs for two days and this is what I miss?!

Sheba intay TO7FA! hahahahahahhaa
I can't wait to see the outcome of this :D

And I must say, PSS that was quite astute ;)

Gigi, gleefully
Mabrook 71 comments..

Thats a record :)
72 comments now, she should expect that when she mentions my name in a post, half of the comments here are from me, hence, I should get half the credit for half the comments on this full post.
hehe Gigi,
i knew this would amuse you. I still think your know your blogger's game was the smartest, & the BEST!

Thank you, Allah ibarik feek :)

LOL i tell you! Perhaps we should do something about your lack of appreciation amongst bloggers in the sequels.
Sheba, that would be nice :)
Muy interesante! Hey, these people have to go through with it and post all about it on their blogs! I only wish I knew arabic :( I know Spanish if that helps?
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