Saturday, April 09, 2005

Blogging is about Malaqa

'since when do you post quotes?'
'i don't but i liked them and maku shegel. Malaqa?'
'Eh shway. But thats what blogging is about!'

See what a good friend she is ;)

يا حبيلس والله :p

Heeey.. Good luck to NWMH and EdjGuy :D

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Make me a match
Find me a find..
Catch me a catch"
Just checked on them, I think they had fun on their date.

Shurouq, i'm working on it ;)
Eeh wallah, sij, blogging can be very maleeq as I am coming to realize. Not always a creative and elegant exploratory experience! ehhehehe ;)
Welcome back Sheba (said with warmth)
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