Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Cyber Relationships Are Making a Comeback

Yes, they've already become Retro & hip! And it seems as if it was only yesterday that you had a internet girl/boyfriend!

So what is the ettiquette?

Do they work?

Are they emotionally satisfying?

Give us your thoughts.

(You can do this anonymously too, but we're nosy) ;)

we= me


ettiquette - up to the people involved to decide.

work - no

emotionally satisfying - no

my thoughts - does this post explain why you are posting more often, i.e. you are having a cyber-relationship which explains why you are online most of the time?
Relationship online ,faceor phone, etc always are able to work with honesty, communications and of course work.

Just beacuse 2 people interacting with each other via a computer, doesn't make it any less of a relationship.

I dont consider anyone I interact with online less or greater a person than someone I interact with face to face, they are still people. Just look at us bloggers we may not know the commentors, or other blogger yet we interact with them daily and build a relationship with them. It is all about how you see it.
Define Cyber relationships
(à la Clinton) :)


Shurouq - a la clinton would be a very, very, very, naughty way to view the topic ;)
well i think it depend in the honesty of the person .. but any wasy who said that face-face relation ship aer honest now adays ..

does it work . i didnt try it but i heard some stories and it seems yes it is working

emotionaly well yes why not !!!

well for me when i start speaking with some and i start to like this person then i respect this relation more than the normal one .. becouse it was only the meeting of words and the reflected mentalities it is not the matter that she or he look nice , so the judgment was only in mentality which i really trust and like ..

nice post :)
Hmmm, interesting post.. How did u even come up with this ? very intersting indeed ...........
Wonder who your inspiration is.

Well anyways, I think sometimes they work .. but more importantly it's so much fun, you can do whatever and say whatever without worrying about what the other person thinks.. because you can decide whether you want to be anonymous or not.. impossible to do this in real life.

Yummy :)
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Dear W.,

Your comment sparked my attention. What do men do behind close doors??. Please enlighten me.

I really think your spreading Urban Legends. But hey...what do I know...maybe I am a stinky-hairy shmuck in your books.

And of all the things you could think of had to be waxing and grooming...WHY!!!!!

I ain't talking to you online...even if you paid me!

Yours Truly,

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Dear W.,

LOL!!! chicken...why did u delete your comments.

So now you don't think Men are stinky-hairy shmucks. Good!

Yours truly,

I had the same question as shosho :)

ana 6ala3t least malgoofa of you lot!
call me chicken bs 3ala el agal im not taking this WAAAAY to far mithl ba3th innas!!!
how can the online thing really work- when people are hiding behind a screen? showing only what they choose to. this is how you develop false ideals of who someone really is. the bubble will burst sooner or later.
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