Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dawam :(

Its another Saturday and here I am after a very short weekend (Note: i work a 6 day week) :((

Boss is out of town, so i will try to motivate myself enough to at least finish off my day's correspondence & take a long lunch break :)


Any pointers on how to get your job done efficiently?

Know how you feel...

I go to 43 Folders for inspiration at times.
spread your work around work time with breaks in between

thats what i do
I have many but not interested in sharing for free, what are you willing to give me in return?
Ignore my phone calls :p
40 minutes!
Always have chocolate around. That's the one thing that keeps me going.
(that and the fact that I need me paycheck)

6 days?
start your working day with rest of the world (monday)
and end it with our muslim weekend Wed.

its kinda working to me
Hello from teh land of chocolates!

A quick suggestion: take longer than usual coffee breaks - say 9:00am to 3:00pm, and sneak into it a 15-minute work break :-D
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I am with Shurouq (and you) on the chocolate. Pralines from Leonidas, or gianduija chocolate is best for self-medication and an endorphin induced high.

Depending on how routine your job is and what it is you do, use music to get you through the boring times. When I have repetitive things to do again and again, talking to myself or the wall about politics or philosophy helps.

No, I am not nuts. I think I make generally good company and am a reasonably good conversationalist. Otherwise I would go mad. Talking to oneself or kind Mr. Wall-ace is a far better and wiser option ;)
Can't eat chocs on weekdays, but i drink hot chocolate :)
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