Saturday, April 09, 2005


Charles & Chamilla are getting married and I'm pissed off.

I don't want to see them live happily ever after while Princess Diana is in the grave.

My aunt has a Sri Lankan maid called Kamila, she wants to change her name!

Charles chinna kuwaiti
they end up marrying sweet young innocent girls while their hearts remain attached to their ex's


They think its their given right to attain (pleasure) at any expense. I think its an Arab thing, not just Kuwaiti, and of course this is a generality and there are MANY good men out there (but they're taken) ;)
Charles kathar zeyaraatah 3ala 3aseeer...

men zeenha al7een?? thayyag 9adri!!
Widy ashageg veezty, o ma abi a6ub london again.

Did you see the fans outside? They were 7 & either they're employed by Chamilo or they are 'kept women' in hope.
Personally, I never liked Diana myself, she was "haifa" but with a big heart, and I don't think she is spinning in her grave right now because she wasnt in love with Charles when he died.

Neither do I like Camilla, but at least her story gives hope to average looking girls like me, besides I think it's better to have her and Charles married, they would look like hypocrites if they didnt.
He lost his virginity with camilla over a nice cup of tea and biscuits

give the guy a break, he kept his promise and married her. Camilla is not a morrocan or an egyptian belly dancer.
shaklha arda men morrocans and belly dances..

te-thayyeg el9ader
Girls! Girls! I think she looked lovely yesterday for her age and the wear and tear. Except for the hat that was going to fly away.
I am glad they got married because he really loved only her. Of course now that he has her legally, will it last?

My eyes actually teared up when they exchanged the vows. It was poignant and genuine.

The best thing I liked ya7lailhom was William and Harry. like two puppy dogs.
Jewaira! 3ala 7sab an 18 yr old virgin?
He will get what he justly deserves, now or later.
Yeah... he got Camilla!
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