Sunday, April 10, 2005

Edjamacated Guy's Feedback on the Date ;)

Meeting was difficult because of conflicting time zones, where I would wake up when NWMH went to sleep, but we made it.

It was good meeting her albeit somewhat awkward, I felt like someone was watching :p Our date was a bit of a cliché but it's all good, I brought chocolate of course and we had the same order of food. She barely had any makeup on but boy o boy, she doesn't need any makeup. We needed to name her for the conversation's sake, so it was either Tania, Maria, Jessica, or Noor. We went with Noor. She tried blackmailing me for a couple of minutes and threatened to smack me with her heels if I touched them but I don't mind

It was weird, a lot like cybersex but without the sex, where our conversation involved "what are you wearing" and "what are you drinking."

She's very interesting, and by all means I have no regrets about doing this. Time flew by fast, we had plenty to discuss and undivided attention was something I gave and felt like I was receiving. We talked about people, work, and life in general. I really enjoyed the walk on the beach, the weather was flawless, it was a full moon, and the water was calm.

I really liked her attitude. In a plethora of qualities, I really liked how she's not willing to 'settle' for anything and wants things 'just right.' She's not picky, she just knows exactly what she wants. She's very spontaneous, and told me how she felt and what she thought just as she thought it

I really enjoyed the time we spent together, and for the record, sure I would do it again..Thanks Sheba


So Unbelievably Sweet!
Its you guys that are sweet! Ya7laylkum :)
So glad you both had a great time!
7adhuk 7adhum 7adhum SWEET!

Thank you Edjamacated Guy for your great spirit.
That was so well-written and sincere E-guy. Was there anything you didn't like? ;)
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no sheba, thank you.

hmm..tough question J. NWMH sort of has some assumptions about guys, nothing too serious. but yea, i'd even say my writing was an understatement of something much bigger.. her personality, mashalla.
Ok E-Guy if you agreed to call her Noor, then what was your chosen name?
Also, would you consider yourself just as spontaneous as Noor (AKA Heels)?
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