Saturday, April 30, 2005

Have They Heard of Calling for an Appointment?

Why do salesmen do this? Why do they just walk in to your office thinking you will meet with them just because they’re there?!

Have they heard of calling for an appointment?

Does that strategy work with other people/clients?

Its Saturday, my stocks are down, i’m still drowsy from yesterday’s sun AND a computer salesman wants to meet me, and I overheard him tell the receptionist (while I was trying hard to ignore him while acting like I’m not me) that if she’s busy, I can meet her superior! HA!

not to defend salesmen but since I work for a company that has alot of sales who probably do the same thing sometimes.

The reason why they don't call for an appointment is beyond me. The salesmen I know here always take an appointment.

However, the step-over-person-for-his-or-her-superior kind of thing is natural. They do that because the sales manager ask them to do that. They also do that if you tell them "no thanks we're not interested", they will also ask for your superior just to sell.

That's the dirty nature of their job.

No excuse for not taking an appointment. That's simply not being a professional.
(frozen) cream-ing as a day starter instead of chay 7aleeb
it's a chronic disease called grandeur u find it a lot in kuwait .. everyone thinks they're so important you'll drop everything to be in their presence .. i noticed it most with the nobodies..
I dont mind the sales people as much, learned to deal with them. Either just ignore them or tell them to come tomorrow. The ones that annoy me the most is the directory ones.

They call, pressure you to advertise in their so called "super directory" that everyone in Kuwait will have and use. And truth is they are total crap with no real information, and if you opt for the "free lisitng" they mention your information wrong or not list you at all.

Thats why I made KuWiki so people can put real information up without any blackmail or misinformation, and since it is wiki anyone can update and keep it current.
I'd bet you money that even if they heard of calling for an appointment, they'd be late or just not show up.

However you flip it, negativity and un-etiquite prevails.
ah this post hits the spot! I only deal with appointments. Someone wants to see me, I need 24hrs notification at least. Someone wants something, I need early notice. I want to go somewhere to meet someone, I call ahead of time, make an appointment and am there early.

It pisses me off when things happen out of sync!
Kicking them out is half the fun!
Well, sometimes I feel really sorry for them (yaksroon khatri), knowing that they have to go from place to place all day long, to earn their bread through their sales commotion.

So when ever I have a couple of minutes that I can spare, I don't mind seeing them even without appointments. Otherwise it is out out out all the way.
Purg, i fear for the sanity of your wife.

I'm glad i am not alone in this. But yeah, i'm very punctual when it comes to meetings (very non-punctual other wise, but hey no 1 said i'm perfect!), so it pisses me off, no INSULTS me when others (especially salesmen) think I have nothing better to do!

And yes, kicking them out is WENASA!
hahaha nibaq you know first hand how it is with me, but hey its a system and it works.

As for my wife, that needs to be discussed with her at a later stage, hopefully she will be someone who is organised, or hmm, not hopefully, she HAS to be someone who is organised :)
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