Friday, April 22, 2005

Kuwait’s Updated What’s Hot & Whats Not:


Black hair
Meso Therapy
Women’s rights meetings
Younger Guys/ older women
Jewelry Shopping
Sweet guys


Global, Ahlia, GIC
Younger women/ older guys
Clothes Shopping
Playboys (so 80's)

Black hair : good stick to it i just had it dark :)
Young men/old wemon
Old men/young women
Beautifuly shaped Butts
A cute guy with little belly
Tanned skin
Dark eyes with pink cheeks
Play boy belly ring
Body tattoos
Strass Body tattoos
Lace on womens skin
Satin on men
Colored boxers on women
Lose tranperant T-shits on women with lose low rise(hipster) kakis
Scotech skirts (men)
Shopping with men
la pain in palms
Wave action on sea shores
this list will never end.

men in thoung
Men in fish nets
men in colored hair
Men in hipsters(low rise)
men in tight clothers and bodies and jeans
Mewithvery clean and stable atitudes(shy)
Yellow teeth
Men with big eyes
Vanilla cake
Foul medames
male cat
men with accessories
Thick mostash
Men with long oily hair
People with hight self esteem
Girls with i know i am beautiful attitude
Men with i am perfect attitude
Mothers with teenagers accessories
Mothers with big butts
Fathers without mostash

...ok sorry this seems it not end too.\
i quit


good lists, very interesting.

Btw, Hot here refers to 'trendy' or 'in (fashion' and not 'sexy', but i like your lists- thank you ;)
I miss you ;(

younger guys/older women

how young? how old?

guys 21 and under women 35 and above

desperate housewives style
shiiiit, i'm out of the race :-(
Yeah but I dont see the prob with checkin out the youngins NOW so I get the pick of the litter when i turn 30 ... right??? hehehhe
sexy is the hip now :)
this is not younger man/older women, but rather frustrated women/toy boy
Younger = more than 3 yrs younger the woman.

Interesting how this detail seems to get all the attention ;)
you bet it will get all the attention :-)
since i've been there, done that, i think 3 yrs is nothing to talk about. 5 is the magic number
younger guys / older women
but not for now.. im only 22 i wouldnt date a teenager.. but im planning to do that when im
So Hisham, what's the glamour of being in a younger guy/ older women situation?

Sarah, aha!

i think it has to do with the ego, younger guy would feel that he must be somthg for an older woman to be interested in him.
As for me, i don't like to date someone who'll ask me for a babrby on her birthday.

That was barbie in the previous comment.
As for marriage being hot, I can't see how this can be. Marriage is a doomed institution.
VERY interesting!

As to your marriage comment, i disagree.

Many happy marriages around me & i think i know the secret!
wasii miss you mucho!
short hair .
Night life.
woman control the men.
The Reverse Woman on Top Posotion.
romantic HOT HOT HOT.
body-to-body massage.
marina sea-side

sensitive obsess men.
dirty talk.
ugly men :/
marina mall.
tight Jeans On a SKINNY GUY.

2 thumbs up for younger guys/ older women
Jewelery Shopping??
Damn.. I hardly shop for clothes!
"The Reverse Woman on Top Posotion"

you could be jailed for such a comment, but I would love to be in the same cell with you :-)
Hot: (litterally)

Jeddah at the moment (shit sandstorms)
crepe stuffed with galaxy shavings
my head (I'm getting a fever)
my goddamn temper (because of the fucking sandstorm)

as for whats "in"

Nokia 6680
Gaultier S/S 2005
Donna Karan S/S 2005 accessories
LIVESTRONG wrist bands
Patriotic T-shirts
True Religion Bobby Vintage (non stretch) straight leg
Mac OS X (Tiger)
ipod Shuffle
Miss Chocolate icecream truffles
green tea stuffed wafers

I can't think of uncool things..sorry...
I rememberd

UNCOOL >>> blogging :p
Sheba you are v hip indeed ;)

Nooni I agree with Sheba your list is v interesting. I think you're gonna give the men a complex.. Why Men with big eyes??? Mesakeen what can they do about that?

You forgot Tarek Jaffali & Haifa Wahbi!!!!


Merci awee ya habibchi!
Totally out, uncool, unhip, oversubscribed?

LIVESTRONG Wristbands, and the many variations that have cropped up in their wake!!!

Just give your money to charity or do some volunteer work. No need to announce it with a tacky rubber band!
W... that wasn't addressed to you. Sorry if it looked that way

Welcome Back :)
Dear Sheba,

I will tell u you out of experience that its wonderful 2 be with a guy with great qualities who happens to be younger.. Age is not the issue at all when two are on the same wavelength and complement each other.

Whether its Hot or Not .. I am content ..
SIN, welcome to Plushness and I am really glad you are content :))
Sheba, i agree..
Younger Guys in their 30s
Older Women in their 40s
is SO HOT!!!
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