Friday, April 08, 2005

Not_Without_My_Heels' Profile

Ok here is Not_Without_My_Heels (NWMH) replies to a short interview. I tried to leave the answers as they were sent to me, so that readers can get a feel of the person behind them:

Q. What you like & dislike?

A. Spontaneity. I like the feel of melted chocolate. I like rainbows on a gloomy day. I love the feel of butterflies in my tummy. I enjoy spring weather. I am amazed by the limitless blue sky be it devoid or clad with clouds. I like sweet-smelling scents. I love the Kuwaiti sea in June. I love moments in life that are unrepeatable. I like to learn new things, read new books and experience a little bit of magic that life provides.

I dislike hypocrites. Hate rainy days, to me it's like the world is crying. I dislike sadness. I'm not too keen on contradictions, they confuse me. Not having control frightens me.

Q. What do you do for fun?

A. Surround myself with good friends and good food!

Q. Your music & film preferences?

A. Music: I love music that move me and makes me move involuntarily.
Film: Movies to me are a form of escapism, therefore happy endings are essential.

Q. What are you most passionate about?

A. Everything that makes the world an easier place to live in. Basic human rights.

Q. What is your pet peeve?

A. When someone gossips about EVERYTHING/ALL THE TIME. It drives me nuts. I just "shut off".
That and when people make sounds when they eat, REAL loud sounds, I don't know why.

Q. What do you look for in a guy?

A. Someone genuine and honest. A person who isn't full of himself and isn't threatened by a strong woman. A man who isn't afraid to be a man. A sense of humor is definitely a must and so is intellect. Someone who is willing to admit when he's mistaken. A kind soul who will respect me and appreciate me. Oh and he has to have friends, I don't want him around me ALL the time. He also has to take care of himself, hey it's only fair if he expects the same from me! Afterall we do have to look good together ;)
A definite NO is stubbornness. ish7adni wa7ed rassa yabes!

Oh My God... I'm in love already!!
Zaydoun, yes i know its very easy to fall in love with NWMH
What about the censored parts? we want juice!
This is just the profile, they will let us know about their date tomorrow.
hahaha, wow... I'm blushing :$

Am I that good?
Oh well, I guess you can add modesty (not) to my profile :$

Well, Excuse me while I go check LoverBoy's profile ;)

Sheba, You're too kind :)
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