Monday, April 18, 2005



Chocolates, rahash, chai Haleeb with honey.

Down with Atkins!

Never tried "Chai"..can't figure out why :\

I'm in the mood for chocolate truffles from Rohr..


ta3ali.. wsh Allah 7addek 3ala atkins??
I think that Atkins is an Urban Legend. No matter how hard I try I just can't stick to it, how can anyone ?

1. You don't need it (masha'Allah)

2. You have to be creative. I've come up with something that tastes & feels like Chocolate mousse, i eat melted halloumi for snacks, and for lunch i try to change my menu away from the traditional lunch food. So for example, i eat Indian shawarma without the bread.
What did I tell you about the Atkins? Ish giltlich?? Il7een it9adgeen? Listen to MsB, and stay away from crazy diets that will drive you insane and screw up your system.

BAL BAL BAL, Rahash AND chocolates? You were carb starved! Love chai 7aleeb with honey...
Not an excuse
Bu Jaij, ROFL! Love it.

I had chai 7aleeb with honey this morning :)))

With a slice of the softest, most moist yellow cake (hail & saffron flavoured)
I need a good recipe for cinnamon cake, like the one in Aroma Cafe, Jeddah.

Its sugary & crumbly. Served warm with a scoop of ice cream :S

yalla an excuse to come to jeddah.. wanna show you two new restaurants ;p
I will tell u you out of experience that its wonderful 2 be with a guy with great qualities who happens to be younger.. Age is not the issue at all when two are on the same wavelength and complement each other.
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