Tuesday, April 19, 2005


She walked in to the funeral with her aunt, and at once I recognized her. She was Sarah, the wife of my ex. We acted civil, I stood up as she came to greet me, and then resumed reading my Quran.

Twenty minutes later, assuming Sarah had left after paying her respect, I changed my place so that I can read in peace and there she was, sitting in front of me. I tried to be as composed as possible, thoughts of the events of that summer very persistently interrupting my concentration. ‘Have they mended their relationship? No it had gone far beyond what is fixable. I hope their children are okay. How sorry is she? He loves her. She loves him. He sought after me only because of my strong resemblance to Sarah’s innocence, before he found her in her boyfriend’s bedroom. He told her about me to spite her. I cried when I knew that the story of his friend was his’. Yes, he lied to me about being married with children, but the misery was theirs’. He told her that he has fallen in love with me, and that he wanted to marry me. She had to know that I had no knowledge of his marital status, nor did I or would I ever consider his proposal. No, he was not a stranger, but our families have lost touch over the years, and it did not occur to me that he had gotten married. She called me, in pain, a long time after I had found that he was married and gladly I had left him even before that. She was trying to blame me for his emotional betrayal. Sure she knew he had been around since she has become his wife, perhaps that is what drove her to being in that bedroom in that apartment. But she still tried to blame me, because she could not let go of him. She had let go of her parents to be with him. He had made her life miserable as newly wed teenagers, and that misery became the only thing she knew and she was holding on. He tried to hurt her, but couldn’t. He loved her, or else he would have done away with her. She knew that and who wouldn’t hold on to the only love they knew. Is she remorseful? How is her relationship with her parents now? How can she look her father in the eye? Has she learned from this? I have.’

The thoughts almost caused static in my mind, like a bad mobile connection. I finished reading and quickly disappeared to the kitchen.

too sad

no woman should let go of her parents for a "guy" eventually, he's going to leave her for another woman..
In a situation where the girl goes against the wishes of her family to marry someone she loves, she doesn't realize that she will lose an important source of familial support. Oftentimes it is the rush of youth and the optimistic view that love will conquer all which encourages a girl to let og of her family.

If the family is smart, they will always support their son/daughter.
If the husband is smart, he will not encourage his beloved to marry him against the wishes of her parents. This kind of relationship eventually causes alot of strain and pressure on the couple.

No wonder she sought refuge in a boyfriend when things started to get bad at home. She started to look for support from outside; anyone that could give her attention.
just when I thought this blog was getting interesting, we go back to these stories. no comment.
How can an intelligent woman like you be in such a messy love triangle!!!!
Purg and Shosho - This is a *story* and a rather good one at that. It is a *VIGNETTE* and in its great defense, I will emphatically say I felt it to be remarkably pertinent, mature and poignant. These are situations which many women smart or not can unknowingly get involved in. And even men quite frankly.

Sheba, this was an intriguing glimpse of something desperately complicated, of three people caught in the strange web of a human triangle. Keep it up Sheba, you have a great talent for picking up on subtlety in the midst of great complexity.
Ma Baker, regardless of the story, Sheba knows what I mean.
Sarah, Jewaira,
Yes, a girl must never go against her parents wishes, because there are hardly any men worth it. But sometimes even parents are rediculous in their expecatations of the worthiness of their daughter's suitors. Btw, same goes to men, i ain't male bashing here. The person has to be mature enough to realize how right or wrong her/his parents are and if the whole family and clan are against the marriage, more often than not, they have a point.


Your first assumption is that because this story is written in first person, then it is a true story and about me.

Your second assumption is that i am intelligent.

Thank you for the second (i don't know if its true though), and I will not comment on the first ;)

But I will ask you this, what does intelligence have to do with this love triangle?

Msbaker :)) Thank you for jumping to my defence, and for lovely, and encouraging words.
Your comment is confusing, is it a true story or is it a reflection of mixed thoughts , reality and fantasy?

Ma Baker, I see you are now positioning yourself directly in front of myself and Shosho, does this means that you have more support in your battle aganist the Penguins N' Purple principle?
mean -s
I thought you didn't like these posts, so why wonder ;)
Yes I do not, but still trying to make some sense of it (pointy ears)
Sheba: Please excuse and forgive me for bringing this up here on your blog, but I have to respond to the comment Purg left here-

Purg - *Why in the world* would you think I was in any kind of a battle with you and Shosho, whom I respect very much for her intelligent ideas? And you too? You are highly creative, intelligent and entertaining. I enjoy your blog and always have from the beginning, you helped me so much when I needed it to start blogging. You know this. So please, don't do that or think that I would ever consider doing such things, ok? It ain't my style.

(I just aint gonna feed you samboosa ;) :P , and if you ever call me stupid again even when I am confusing, then I will call you a dumbass, ok? So thats that! :) )
Curiosity killed the cat ;)

ilbeit beitich, bess in all fairness, i dont think purg was serious (above) unless its some insider stuff (that i dont want to know about). End of comment, i will not proceed in intervening.
Sheba - thanks for your patience, I guess I am feeling a bit touchy today anyway....I guess I was overreacting, no insider stuff involved, just good natured jabs :)Enough said :)
Ma Baker, go out have something to drink and relax. When you do, come back. I will not respond to this comment.

Sheba, meow :P
interesting, we both commented at the same time!
Sheba - you talked many times about your ex , you mentioned adultrey in your last post, and you started your "story" with an ex whose wife is cheating on him and you do not want me to make the connection???

I would never commend your intelligence unless I sensed it.

As for your question " what does intelligence have to do with this love triangle?" - because love triangles do not work, you can never have a happy outcome, someone will be misreable, and smart people know that, and make their quick exits.

msbakerq8 - defend your vignette as much as you like (although I don't see the purpose of defending it - it doesn't need to be defended) but remember, it's poignancy might possibly be attributed to its close resemblence to "real life".

Thanks for respecting my intelligence, although you have insulted it recently when you claimed in your blog that one of my comments was influenced by purgy.
Shosho - no offense was ever intended in any way, I was humorously trying to joke with you in reference to my game with purg on your blog; if you read the comment I think you will see that was my intention :)
In any case, I apologise to Sheba for this on her blog. Let it end here :)
OK, this needs some digestion for the time being.
Umbai shesalfa?

I think theres way to many hormones for 1 day.

I hope by now the above commentators have chilled.

No shosho, to answer you in ALL honesty: My exes were very respectful and respectable gentlemen - I have been very lucky in knowing them, & we're still friends.

My passion about the subject 'adultry' is deep, i have seen many people, children, families, hurt and it is happening way too often for me to keep quiet.

The previous post is in frustration to the post 'chit chat' i was having with fellow commentators and bloggers on jewaira's blog.

This post IS a true story. I wanted to share it to show some of the damage that adultry can bring. Many people are oblivious to it. Many people do not respect marriage nor their vows, nor themselves and hence the extra-marital relationships that we see or hear of.

This story is just of many.
*Just one of many.
I am still thinking, maybe I need to sleep on it.
Wow the Kuwaiti straight community interests/intimidates me everytime, when a girl tells me all these stories...I'm kind of used to homosexual Kuwait, which is more horrific
Dear Alexis,
Welcome to Plushness.
Yes, I agree Kuwaiti homosexual scandals are horrific, or maybe we're just not used to (yet) hearing about Aboud, Hamoud, & Jassoom in a love triangle.

The ones that hurt most i think are the bi-sexual ones where one the men are married.

Perhaps that should be my next post, but then shosho would think i was the wife ;)

No seriously, i will address that, thank you Alex.
post something on penguins ar7am :P
Sheba - I based my assumption on your previous posts, and you know what you have posted, and you know that with this new topic it is not likely that I would make a similar connection because I know - along with many bloggers - that you are not married. So, I am waiting for your new post.
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