Wednesday, April 06, 2005

With Difficulty..

Many cute potential couples here, but i think i am most curious about Edjamacated Guy and Not_Without_My_Heels. So, i nominate them to be the cutest potential couple on the virtual date.

Here is the date:

Venue: Hilton Mangaf, Kuwait (its a beach resort)
Weather: 26 C
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: Dinner outdoors

EG & NWMH must be very descriptive on their first date. Details we need to imagine this are: what are you wearing (clothes/perfume/cologne)? What was your first impression when you saw each other? What did you talk about? What was your verdict of each other?

Rules: You can consult with each other before posting us about your virtual date, or you can do it independently.

Good Luck!

(Sheba, very excited)

Sheba I'm just curious if you ever matched 2 people in real life? hahahahaha

NWMH and Edjamacated have fun on your date ;)
lol yea all the time!
Tee-Hee ! I'm blushing :$

This is going to be so much fun, and you couldn't have picked a more romantic setting..

When do we have to get the details in.. ?
And Eguy (wayed ashraf Eguy), How do you want to do this thing.. ? ;)

You decide, the least I can do after all the trouble I caused you!

Sheba, allah ibyabneelich bayt biljanna, especially after I read his blog, you know he shops at selfridges ;)
this is gonna be interesting :p
Hallo hallo!!

Mabrook lel 3rsaan.. ops I mean lel mdayteen.. lel asaf I have no idea what the setting looks like, so I'll assume that its in of the resorts on Santorini Island..

Cant wait to read about the date

Enjoy you two ;p
This should be quite exciting ;)

Now guys be on your best behaviour; the whole Kuwaiti (and bit of Saudi) blogosphere is watching you
*MsBaker is ululating in the traditional way*

E-guy and NWMH, we are waiting, maybe we should have a bottle of fake bubbly grape or apple "champagne" sent over to your guys table to get the ice broken? Yallah, shidow 7aylkum! Lets see some proper blogger romancing!
have fun you kids!

im looking forward to the post-date reports.
Hey HEELY .. NEED some advice for your date(S) .. MSG me .. eheheh ..
EGuy .. halla halla febNayatna .. der balik 3laiha .
sheba . allah yefta7ha 3alij denya o akhra ;)

umbaih i feel like a real kha6aba now!
LOL. This is such an amusing game. Sheba. You rock.

Great choice of place. Such a romantic setting.

Have fun you two <:o)
Thanks Noony!

ana sara7a teshawagt! I want to go on a date there ASAP
Sheba: follow up question...did any of your match making work?

personally my match making never worked...I had a close call almost ended in marriage..but family issues came into the know how it is ;)

yalla NWMH and Edjamacted we wanna know how the date went ;)
Jelly, it worked twice this year :)

1 couple is already married & the other engaged!
Masha'Allah! tef tef la ilah ila Allah :)
5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
mashallah...allah yewafeghom inshallah weyes3edhom...

mashallah 3aleech Sheba you are a pro ;)
ROFL fa6asteeni the7ek

Jelly Belly,
LOL la awal marah tathbe6 :p
Waynhum??? Ish-9aar 3ala il-mutadayeteen?? Beskum, Yalla guys, we wanna hear about th ROMANCE. Was the ice broken? Huh?
Sheba! You got two couples together?? MASHALLAH 3alaych!! May your lovely good turn be done unto you soon ya Rab!!
Thank you sweet baker! But believe you me, its a lot of trial & error.

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