Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Did You know?

That plastic migrates into fatty (& non fatty) foods, especially when it has been in contact with the food for a long time.

That a tan will make you look slimmer.

That 'Arab' is not an ethnicity, it is simply a language.

Dubai is kicking our a$$ (sans parliament) because they have a vision and not enough locals to mess it up?

I'm still single!!

And....... last but not least important, the best boy shorts are from Top Shop.

a TAN would make me slimmer??? HOW? :D
'Dubai' TRUE!
yeah I know you are single, ME TOO!

where can I find cute summer dresses?


Like wearing dark colors makes u look slimmer. And tans hide cellulite too!

I saw a cute summer dress at CCDK at alraya (opposite Haagen Daaz), & when i went to get it, it was sold out!

Try Laundry, Whistles, & BCBG also, or Zara, Mango, Kookai.

The only mall i've been to in the past month has been AlRaya.

When you find one, let me know :)
Sheba, My plan was to go shopping today but allergy is KILLING ME thanks to Mr.Dust!

so, inshallah I'll let you know once I find some, although I doubt it that I'll left you any! :p
Isn't "arabic" a language? (Just me being a smart-ass, might not work though and I might be totally wrong but whatev.)

I'm single too.. I keep telling myself it's not really that bad, and it's not.. But maybe it will be like 30 years down the road? Heck, 1 year down the road! Hmmm, oh well, atleast we've got shopping to save us and all mankind from killing each other (again madri shako) :)

I didn't really like Topshop's boyshorts.. for some really cute summer dresses I saw some cute ones in Jade @ Marina
(but they are green :S maybe there are other colors though).. And you're right Zara won't EVER LET YOU DOWN .. :)
I am still single too.
NWMH, Green is ON! shfeekom 3alaih? I love green! Zara has really nice stuff but the thing is they get a million items and you see everybody everywhere wearing the same thing, If I had to get something from Zara, It should be plain and simple.. I don't know maybe I have some issues ...

Purg, ARE YOU?
Sarah, yes still am :)
NWMH :* long time no see!

Btw, i got my Michael Kors dress from netaporter, it was too big :(

TRY the boy shorts, the cottony ones with lace on the rim. They redisgned them so that you do not get a wedgy.

Sarah, Yes, i love green, but more for evening. For a summery dress, i'm looking for light colors.

Purg LOL wayed sayer dammik khafeef!
sheba, is that good or bad?
What kind of an entry is this sheba!!?! Cellulite? Tan? Weight loss? I remember when this blog discussed real issues! Issues that bring people together, issues that unite people in a spirit of dialogue, issues like... do breasts really warrant all the attention they attract!

I miss the good'ol days when men and women in your blog discussed women breasts size, toes, and a$$es.

But apparently gone are the days of cross gender discussions about breasts and female bodies!

Hmm, I guess im just too sad that the blog ended.
Bu Bader,

You have 6 topics from the above post to discuss, and nothing seemed to catch your attention except for the girly stuff, AND you're complaining abut YOUR selectivity.

Oh & btw, this is a girly blog, just incase you haven't noticed the color ;)
breasts are girly? they might grow on girls, but discussing them is not girly
agree on the Dubai Part
What in hell are Boy Shorts?

They are panties that look like tiny shorts.
The perfect seamless alternative to a thong
Dear Sheba,

Vegas has a vision...and not many locals to mess it up. Would you want to raise your family there.

I always thought that heat and tanning makes you chubby for some reason...Love summer

The very special day 05.05.05 is gonna come and go and I'm still single with nobody to do something special with at that date :/ guess I'm gonna have to wait 'till 06.06.06, maybe then I'll celebrate with the devil as my beau, get it? 666?
Misguided, where did that come from? Who said anything about raising a family? Moving? And why do u compare Vegas with Dubai?

Alexis, noooooooo, u dont get chubby, unless you get burnt!

You have a day to find that some1! (very depressing, i know!)
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Dear Sheba,

Did I say anything about moving!

Ok...LOL. Let me try to be clearer.

"Dubai is kicking our a$$ (sans parliament) because they have a vision and not enough locals to mess it up?"

Thats the qoute I was commenting on. My understanding from this qoute is that Dubai is kicking our assess (in what I am still not clear)..I am assuming commerce and tourism. Which I agree with you they are quite ahead. But your second point about not having enough locals to mess it up....to me sounds like you feel that its the parlaimant that is holding back commerce and tourism in Kuwait.

To be quite frank, I don't think its all there fault. I feel that there are alot of people who were not investing in the country and only started to do so after the second Iraq war. That may explain the boom in construction.

My second point was that I felt that "the kicking our ass" part...makes it seem like a contest of sorts. That dubai is a better place to live ( I maybe mistaken...but again that was my impression)..and I really don't think its a place I would want to live in. Maybe visit...but not live in.

I hope its clearer now...if not...well then I guess I need to get in a remedial english class.



P.S. Sorry if my comment upset you in any way.
Dear Misguided,

I used to dislike Dubai for its lack of culture, and i was always skeptical about their business plan.

I went back again in February 2005 and it seems that they are stressing on Arab/Islamic culture-- i guess they realized the lack of character Dubai was facing. I was at an exhibition and on the end of each day there would be a local Emarati band playing folklore.

The 'it' place is called 'Madeenat Jumeira' in both English & Arabic and its modeled on old mud houses and narrow pathways & courtyards, and is right on the Gulf. The hotels in it show Islamic and Arabesque design and architecture. Authentic Morrocan and Lebanese restaurants are plentiful, with Arab waiters and waitresses.

Absolutely Gorgeous!

Its a safe country.

Everyone is respected.

The ruling family are very business minded and ma3indihum suwalif 'favoritism' and 'moodiness'. I had dinner at Mohammed Bin Rashed's beach for the opening of Dubai Internet City, and there wasn't even a metal detector on the gates. When i told dad, he quoted me something from Omar ibn al-Khatab, meaning 'a just ruler sleeps safely (i.e. does not fear closing his eyes).'

o Salamtek.
*beach house
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