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Can you be attracted to/ have fantasies about a cousin (not first, that's too gross)?

nooooooo waaaaay
خو ال
ما وراهم الاّ عوار الراس
OMG nano, u know how i read it? KHAWAL! gelt shfeeha il bnaya! :p

khalai 3awar il ras, can you see them in that light?

hehe ok wayed a7san
lol no way not even a 100th cousin - gotta get new genes - its too gross thinking about being with my cousins - i cant understand how people can get married to their cousins its weird
Min Omah No Way well Unless she is no that close. But once you meet on the Basis that you are relatives then it will be GROSSS to Rethink
hehe ur so faaanny! <-- pilipina accent!

madri shlon our parents/grandparents did it!
Yes, if she's Maryam Fares.. :PP
OK I have a thing for curly hair, so sue me.. ;)

But seriously, no can do.. :)
hehe yeah 3alaiha jesem ma sar
Our Parents used to do it you know why ?

Because there wasnt any connection between a girl and a guy.

Back then no mobiles
Back then Guys see there cousin Mara bl Senna like one time in Eid.
Back then Guys are not exposed to any decent ladies except the ones who are related to them. all what they are exposed to is il Ma7lawaa ily bl fereej Or 7aay il 6araaab bl basraa

o ma taboon man3 il ekhtela6 look at the results :
Girls are getting sultier every day ( from shabab seya3)
Guys switching to gays (affected by girls friendship)
Girls turning into lesbos ( NO MEN AROUND KILA GAYS)

FINALLY Cousins feel discussted when they get involved into a relationship with her cousin

Tabon il ekhtela6 ba3ad ? yal chic nuggs
Its perfectly natural to be attracted to your cousin
and so is the attraction to everything Taboo!

ok, i dont think its because of ilekhtela6, i think its because of too much respect. Thanian, if u only saw 2 girls in your life & they were your cousins, i'm sure u'd have the hots for both of them. So yes, ekhtela6 means big choice & 3ashan itmayez bain bint o bint, u develop immunity towards ur cousins.

Then when u wanna get married, your parents tell u 'la mu min muwakheethna'.

Mama Fusla,
hehehehe no comment from me ;)
well my wife is somehow a 3rd cousin of mine...the first time i saw her was when i went to their house with my mom 7ag zawaj ya3nee.....o i married her..o o i feel cool enna shes a cousin..or from the family.....nothing gross about it!
I've been lurking around for a bit but just had to make the comment that, as a foreigner, these replies are insightful to me. I thought it was 'adi' to marry cousins here and am relieved that many of you find it gross. =)
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Kila Ma6goog
Imagine your cousin the one who you 1st time saw yom il khe6ba you used to see her atleast 3 times a week and you spend time with her and your friends are hers too .

would you still feel cool about marrying her ?

gabel il wa7id ma yefaker " I HAVE THE HOTS FOR THAT WOMEN "
he thinks is she the women who I will count on to raise my children.

Layali il 7ilmiya personality

exactly ekhtela6 means a lot of choises and new rules are made. gabel mako choices so its cool marrying my cousin. now i have choises so i wouldnt feel cool about marry my cousin.

MaMa Fusla LOOOL nice one
Ma feeha shay Sheba ;)
"he thinks is she the women who I will count on to raise my children"


أنت تدري أني أحبك و أموت عليك بس أذا هذا تفكيرك زاد حبّي حقك
crappy, Si Sayed?

Kila ma6goog, its different, like crappy said, when u dont know them.

Stinni, glad u decided to express urself.

NWMH, where r u girl? Need to talk to you.

Nano, ma3endech thog, ishyen7ab fi crappy?

Cousins are the worst.. you can't depend on them..

بنات الناس فوق روسهم بس لين جت على اهلهم وكلوك تبن قال ايش قال بنت عمي بتغطي على عيوبي

بس بيني وبينك.. القرايب من جهة الام احسن واركز واحن

اذا ضاقت ومافيح الا قرايبك،، خلك مع عيال الخوال احسنلك.. وعيال العم مع اللي تلعن جدفهم و توريهم ان الله حق
قصدي مافيه موب مافيح

والقصد من الاقارب البعاد مثل عيال عم الاهل وعيالهم او عيال عيالهم
a questions to the gals

If your cousin looked like Brad Pitt or Mathew Mcadrishino ( Nanos dream boy ) will still see them as EEWWW? o ten7ashoon minhum ayyam el 3eed?


You would fuck anything that twitches...half dead fish 4al yaal included....shut up already
... then came Bo jaij's comment and got me reconsidering.

What an eye opener! lol
Yes! and not just second, but first too. too bad he doesn't know that.
walla he's even more handsome that Brad. an6ir yom el 3eed na6rah.
If you were raised with them, usually it doesn’t make a difference if they are knock outs or not.. I mean.. if I feel that this person is like a sister, then what ever she looks like, a sister is a sister to me..

But if she is not raised where you see her on a regular bases, things are different.. I mean look at Godfather part 3, Catholics also fall in love with cousins, it’s wrong in their culture, but it happens.. there is attraction because they haven’t seen each other for a long time..

From a personal view, I can’t see my self attracted to cousins, and yes, there are few of them who are gorgeous looking, but I practically was raised with them.. how can I?? it’s impossible..

mmmmm....sounds delightful ;)

With all those gorgeous boys out there why would one stick to a cousin? It is healthier to go further afield.

However, a Mathew McMadrishino sounds enticing ;)
bil3ax I don't mind marrying cousins... as a concept.. but MY cousins happen to be assholes.. however, they're not assholes to women they're not related to...

o b3dain mn zeen brad pitt..

la t9adgon,, all the Faisals in my family are ULTRA HOT....

يقطعه من اسم يا ناس could be a Kuwait-ized Mcdonalds "mystery meat" sandwich... maybe la7am il-naaga or thub even...and special sauce to boot.

...I am glad I rarely eat meat.

MsB, in a gross-out kinda mood
And I think it is far wiser to refresh one's own gene pool and thus drive the evolution of the species, by marrying outside of your own family. We are too tribal of a culture anyway. Look where its gotten us !

(No offense to DNA sharing spouses)
Jewaira, you should see him ;)
I had a crush on my second cousin in Bahrain...I love his looks but I can't stand his heavy Ma7regee accent..LOL
Bo Jaij:
والله لو ال
فيهم من ماثيو مكونيهي و لاّ براد بيت شان يالله من فضلك ما ينردّون بس المشكله أن ال
أشلح و أملح و الله يزيد النعمه
ummm let me see..

For me its as follows:

If i am close to the cousin then its not possible to invisage anything sexual.

If i am not close and we are merely aquaintances, then 3ADIIIIIIII. Provided he is ultra hot ;)
However, i must add, i still cannot see relatives in the same light that i see non-relatives. I think we are guarded with the 'propper social behaviour act' of 1964.
Guys.. there is a reason why marrying one's cousin is illegal in most US states

Anyway, I firmly believe in..

روح بعيد وتعال سالم
I agree with crappy nappy about the i5tila6 thing we r so messed up ib this country! jelna really sux! If you don't see the cuzin as a brother than ok and at least you will know who they really are knowing them from when you were a kid, its better than marrying a stranger that you've known for a month. I guess it depends on the situation. Good one sheba =)
Why is everyone so surprised about cousins marrying?

Allah has said it is ok to do so... so why are we disputing it?

Point is, there has never been any case documented (as far as I know) of deformities resulting in offspring of 2 cousins...

Siblings, yes. Parent and child, yes, Uncle and Niece, yes. but not cousins.
Muslim Artist

Yes if intermarriage continues for several generations deformaties will surface. There are two VERY famous families here in Jeddah who are known to marry from one another and the majority of two of their latest generations are (deaf) Allah y3eenhom wallah :(

That's what the prophet meant when he said "al3erq dasaaas" and not how ppl interpret it nowadays which I think is total bs
Here, here Wasma.

You are absolutely right, cousin-cousin marriages are a sure fire way to bring dormant familial transmitted disease into the arena of tragedy.
Here are just a few that we have to extreme levels among Gulf Arabs because of intermarriage:
Sickle cell anemia
Learning disabilites (dyslexia etc)
...and many others, I won't bore you.
No NO GOD NO!!! NO cousins!!!
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