Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Day 3

She woke up late and rushed to get ready and ran to get the train to Reading. She barely made it on time for the introductory speeches of the conference. She got back to London at 7 pm. Too tired to think of what she can do for the rest of her evening. She ordered room service and switched on the ‘telly’. Slowly, she began sinking into depression. All the laughs she had with her friend the day before at how fast she got over Hamad have turned into sadness. Many thoughts crossed her mind, in efforts to find an explanation of Hamad’s sudden loss of interest.

Was he expecting a bimbo and was disappointed that Lama was too refined for his kind of fun? Wasn’t their long deep conversations was what kept them going for so long? Wasn’t he so head over heals over her in their first date that he practically could not stop expressing how crazy he was over her?

She called him. He answered his telephone from the second ring.

Lama: Hi
Hamad: Hi
Lama: Why didn’t you call me?
Hamad: I thought you never wanted to hear from me.
Lama: That was yesterday.
Hamad: Did you miss me?
Lama: That’s not important. I want to talk to you.
Hamad: I’m with a friend, we just got to the hotel, we’ve had a long day, how about I pass by tomorrow?
Lama: I thought your friends left today?
Hamad: One of them stayed on with me, I asked him to, thinking you were not going to see me.
Lama: Aha.
Hamad: How about we all go out tomorrow?
Lama: What?
Hamad: you, me, my friend, & his GF.
Lama: You mean double date? I didn’t do that when I was a pre teen, and will not do that now.. and last time I checked I was still Kuwaiti. Have you any confusion on that?
Hamad: So? His GF is not Kuwaiti, and he’s a good friend of mine.
Lama: You’re insulting me. Do you think I’m a bimbo? Why would I wanna be out on a date, in the company of guy I don’t know? Don’t you think I worry about my reputation?
Hamad: he is really cool, I think you’re over reacting
Lama: You continue to insult me. Listen, adri inta betkhaf 3elai, bess shdarani itha refeejik bekhaf 3elai wila la?
Hamad: Okay I’m sorry, you’re right.
Lama: and I can’t see you tomorrow, I’ll be in Surrey till 9:00 pm.
Hamad: So I’ll see you after nine?
Lama: You’re too tired to see me now because you spent the day in a movie and shopping, don’t you think it’s a bit unrealistic of you to think that I will not be tired tomorrow after a 12 hour day?
Hamad: I can’t come now habeebti, I’m too tired. But I want to see you tomorrow.
Lama: No, I’ll be too tired, sorry.

She shut the phone feeling more depressed.
That day, Faisal did not call her, and there was nothing to watch on all 40 channels.

أقدر أقول حمد مو تعبان....بس عنده ارتباط مع وحده ثانيه؟؟؟
و لماغلطانه المفروض تحقره يومين و بعدين تدق...بس أنا عارفه لمّا الوحده تقعد بروحه و تقعد فكره توديها وفكره تجيبها...تخليها غصب عنها اتصرف تصرفات راح تندم عليها من باكر
I'd say Bye Bye, Hamad
and I wouldn't think twice
1)lama needs to relax.
2) lama needs to learn how to have fun on her own in a great city like london!
3) its clear he is not interested in her 'he's not that into you' applies.
4) liash the double standard that she's imposing on herself when it comes to partying. maskeena.

sheba darling i am loving your writing!!! interesting insight on the kuwaiti woman psychie
OK OK OK let me think!
It is all because of Faisal that she called Hamad! I told you earlier, she doesn’t care who she wants, she just want someone. I know that feeling. Women tend to be like this all the time, wanna have them all ;P

Hamad, I HATE HIM! Typical Q8i guy..

Faisal, I hate him 2, another typical Q8i guy. What’s up with “I’m hard to get”?

But I luv Lama ;P a typical q8i girl

Sheba, Good job, really ;*
tara hathyl lama ba6a chabdy shako daga 3aleeh cant she see how roude he is ..

bil 6agag .. she should get over him ..oh another kuwaiti girl .. lama she is..

now i got that hamad is the biggest motakhalef on earth and he dont like her as what it seems she turns him on thats it and he is using her sweetness and kindness by using habeeti...law ehya 9ij 7abeebtah he would stop the world to make her happy and run to her and keep his friend alone

another thing ballah how come a friend change his flight in a matter of less than a day !! mayseer they will make him book another ticket ..

hatha 7amad chathaaab.
she should take him out of her head and wash her brain with clorox anf forget about him and faisal.. ako '3eerhom million that will ask for a min. with her.

:) this is what i think,.
she shouldn't have called Burger-king-hamad
wallah ghal6ana

"Lama: Why didn’t you call me?
Hamad: I thought you never wanted to hear from me"

wow! giving up easily.. if he was worth it, he'd be fighting back trying not to lose her.. but what can I say...

heffff e7tarrait min sejji

wain faisal waina? hatha wagta
على قول اهل الحجاز
"واه يا قلبي يا كتكت قد منتى شايف و تسكت"

وعلى قول اهل نجد
"سعيد اخو مبارك"

وسلامتكم ;p
o 3alaih s3eed 3alaih mbarak

can a car hit hamad so lama can make up her mind?
Sar Malaga tra

Change the Sub
Zain What happened the day before with Faisal.. you never told us what he said when he called :/
Why was she so upset abt hanging arnd with HIS frnd? They were gonna be a group...*confused
أنت أطلع من السالفه...قصه حق البنات
aww mannnnnnn faisal it's time for you to come and sweep her off her feet, make her forget who hamad is... she needs to move on when it comes to hamad... i hate him.
First of all, its amazing how from your replies, it is visible as to which of you girls have been disillusioned with the idea of a perfect man/date and which of you have had been through the relationshit toil. I'm really loving all the responses, loving learning about the female mind.

And girls don't forget this piece of wisdome (i think it was Confuscious who said it): Know thy self and know thy enemy and in a thousand years, you will win a thousand battles!

Nano, akeed 3inda erteba6 ma3a wa7da thania, ma geltlekum the wise words of my cousin sooma? When a guy changes on you 'il mas2alah feeha ki$' Excuse my french but thats the truth.

Oh & to the girls/guys inquiring why Lama wouldn't go out with him and his friend, its because its 3aib. This is not a chicken nuggety situation.
i loved the wise words of your cousin
هذا الصج
True wallah true…
I have tons of Guy friends and they keep telling me “we never cancel on a girl for a “friends”. There is always another girl”. So yeh your cosine is so right.

Sheba waiting for more ;P
1st; "finds an explanation of Hamad’s sudden loss of interest??"

i thought el 3ax!! el MAFROOTH el 3ax!! =/

2nd; "Wasn’t he so head over heals over her in their first date that he practically could not stop expressing how crazy he was over her?"

my answer would be, he's a "MAN" baby, u gotta expect the unexpectable!!

anyway, in my opinion Lama should STOP acting as if she was an angle!!
From a man's point of view, when a girl tells me, especially in the beginning of a new relationship, not to call her again, I will not call her again. So if she come and asks me why didn't you call? I would say the same answer Hamad said. For her to say "That was yesterday" is just rubbish in my opinion.

Is he with another woman? sure the image we built for him says so. He does have a big question mark over his head for his questionable actions.

Was she right to call him? Yes if only she's ready to make things better. Otherwise, she will only get herself feeling worse and not getting what she wants. Which is exactly what happened.

Just my 2¢
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