Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Day Two

She woke up really late, and very lazy. She ordered her coffee and scones to her room and she called Hamad, as he had asked her to wake him up, so they could go to Richmond together. Hamad sounded lazy too, so she suggested that they stay in London, and do some easy promenading. He supported the idea, and they met at the lobby, and then went to an ultra modern looking café not far from her hotel, and had a nice long and lazy chat. They parted on a kiss, and they were to meet again in the evening for dinner.

At 9 pm, just as Lama was putting on her dress, Hamad called to apologize that he will not be able to make it because his friends were leaving the next day and they were upset that he would not spend the last evening with them. She paused for a minute, and told him she would call him back. She lit up the coal for her bukhoor, and finished getting dressed, and then called him back.

Lama: Elloo
Hamad: Hala habeebti
Lama (cringing at his words): I would like to also apologize, I would not be able to see you for the rest of the week.
Hamad: Habeebti, I am coming now to talk to you.
Lama: No need, nothing you can say can fix things, nor is there anything you can say to change my mind, nor do I want to see you, nor speak to you.
Hamad: Habeebti please, at least I called to apologize.
Lama: okay very good. Bye.

She left her hotel room, had dinner, picked up a few records, and went to watch a movie. Upon returning to her hotel, her phone beeped. It was a message from Faisal. She text messaged him back. And a few messages later the context became outwardly flirtatious. She was a little confused with Faisal, and she messaged him an inquisitive message to try to understand what is behind this flirtation. He did not reply.

Twenty minutes later, her phone rang. It was Faisal.

weddi agool zain etsawwi ib hamad .. bas a voice in my head is screaming what a cold-hearted bitch!

conclusion: she doesn't know what she wants .. flip a coin
أببببببببببببببييه.....حدها قويه لما أنا أنحني أحتراما لها على موقفها مع حمد....بس لما شيطانه...بدت تعجبني
I don't like Faisal.. but that doesn't mean that I like Hamad.. both are egotistical assholes that need to be castrated...

ya safaa bik ya Lama.. ;(
Hmmm.. Is there a third option?
Like a Tareq, a Talal.. or even a Nora?
مو مهم أن نحب فيصل أو نحب حمد أو ما نحبهم أثنيناتهم...المهم أن لما عرفت اتصرف معاهم اثنينهم

:*** thank you, your enthusiasm is keeping me going at this story tara :)

I repeat, This is NOT your Faisal!

Not yet. And Noura, i would imagine, has a vagina, so that would automatically dismiss her from being a possible option.
i would say poor hamad! ya3ny why cant she understand he want to spend the last night with his friends?! what is wronge with thaT? can't she wait a little and spend much more time when his friends leave?!
LOOL I like the idea to bring up a “Noura” heheh
Well, Lama is obviously confused and in need to be loved. She doesn’t really care who she ends up with. The most important thing is to feel loved, I think!
*@@* nooni:
لأن حمد بيروح يبربس...زين سوة فيه
1) he is in london for her & she went early for him.
2) he canceled last minute.
3) he didn't ask her to come along, even if she would say no, indicating that NANO IS RIGHT, he will BARBES!


Sa7 elsanech :)
shino ya3ny yebarbis?!

and yet why is she still with him since she know he is not trust worthy?
o hatha faisal liesh qlel al adab?
o ohwa raye7 ma3a il shabab eshlon ya3zemha??

and maybe he cancelled last min. because he was trying with his friends to not spend time with them?

hmm if he is bad why she is still with him .. dump him ako million '3eerah why the stress :) sorry for all those qustions .. i just want to get a clear image in my head :)
nano please answer nooni
Nooni yebarbis means fucks around :P To put in french that is.. and the gathering is not likely to be only guys there would be a mixture.. He didn't specify that they were guys and being a chicken nugget myself I believe that the gathering is already mixed since they are both nuggets.. Anyways yeah :P

Sheba, good off with the shrimp and onto the hunky chunk of meat.. I hope he is hunky :/ Or else all else would've been for nothing.. Please do continue and stop leaving us in suspense.. Had this been a novel I was reading I would've finished the entire encounter in less than a day of course :P I am highly impatient :P
*@@* nooni:
حبيبتي...فيصل مو قليل أدب...بس قاعد يحاول..وأنا ما ألومه على محاولاته..بس المهم لا يمصخها...و بعدين امبين حمد..أنسان لعوبي...لأن لما حس أن ربعه عندهم خطة تونس أكثر تعذر بأنهم بيسافرون...و لاتقولين لي شباب في لندن متجمعين من غير العنصر النسائي

Thank you for the explanation & for the excitement.

Hehe, tara you're very wise masha'Allah! Chinna you're gonna be the blog's guru. Would you accept that position?
I know hes not DUHHHHH.. its the name..the name has a curse!
lol tawni ala7eg 3ala these two parts, wait khal agra the next one..

zain itsawi feeh.. he spent the whole time with his friends, if they were true friends they'd understands he has plans.. stupid stupid stupid..
Sheba, you're like a drug now, getting me all addicted on your writing :/ What is it with me and triangle romances :P

He loves her, she loves the other guy.. Other guy doesn't love her.. And she ends up with a loser for a while then goes back to the love of her life after he realizes what a jackass he is :/
chinni gomt a'3ayer my opinion bil qessa!! =/
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