Saturday, June 04, 2005

Gold Satyan

Satyan, our dispatch supervisor, who's salary has just been increased by 50 Kuwaiti Dinar's to 200 KD won a half of a Kilo of gold. He bought a gold chain during the gold festival and he won 500 grams of Gold. I am so happy for him. His wife just gave birth, and he has a one thousand two-hundred dinar loan. He is the sweetest, most hard-working, kindest, most helpful person i have known professionally. He deserves it!

Khosh Satyan. Yestahel.

3alaih bel3afyah!

3ogbaal ma a9eeel bilyonaiRaH
hehe e wala 3elaih bil 3afia!

wasii, tedreen shino fashla when i call him?!
How can that be a name?

ma at5ayyal inni mumkin agdr anadi wa7d bhal ism and keep a straight face LOOOOOOOOL
For a minute there Sheba, I thought you were gonna talk about a new piece of Victoria's Secret women's support apparel...

3alayh bil 3afeeya. May Allah increase his wealth. I always love to hear about other peoples good news instead of bad :)

tdreen once when i was in riyadh,, khali ilkbeer (akbar wa7ed) was walking towards me.. and i didnt pay attention to whatever he was saying.. until he suddently said "e wallah wsh zeen hal kalsoon ydaffi.."

6ela3 mskeen he wanted to say KALSAAAT (as in thick winter stalkings - or 3ala golat ahl elryath HOLA HOB!)

i was in tears mn ilth7k.. 7baybeee mskeeeeeeeeeeeeeen his face was REDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LOOOOL

(sheba I accidently posted this on another blog..(fashlah)..I bet my uncles spirit is laughing his ass off somewhere... now this is what you call REVERSE KARMA)
Way to go, Satyan :)
purg, MADRI! Beats me!

wasi, awal ma tewath 3endina i wouldnt call him! Then when i did, someone would always hear me & amoot min il fashla.

Then i cracked a joke infront of the secretaries about it & now its 3adi (kinda). Itha a7ad ghareeb around, i mumble his name ;p

MsB MsB MsB,
la la never Victoria Secrets. Only European ;)

I'm glad ur still in the cheering mood (3ugub suwad wayh il muntakhab).
i thought there's gonna be a hot topic :p
bad title
bad name

me bad
Sheba- I agree wholeheartedly with you.
:) LOL
You should give him a nickname or just call him Sat. or use his last name :} Congrats for the gold though :D

Rajan just won a 37" Plasma TV from Panasonic, after he bought a KD 20 cordless phone to send to India. We bought it from him to replace the ancient TV we have in our basement!
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