Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hamad Returns

As she expected, Hamad called at 1 am on Thursday night.

Hamad: I missed you.
Lama: Me too (involuntarily replying).
Hamad: How are you?
Lama: Good

They both knew it was over before it even started, but he wanted to hear her voice, to hear that she was okay. Lama was happy that he called, not because she missed him as Hamad, but she missed him as a friend. She knew that even this friendship would have to be distant. They are too different in many ways.

Lama thought of Faisal, it has been a month since their first date and she knew where it was heading. She felt guilty for answering Hamad’s call and she did not want to lead him on, so she decided to tell him.

Lama: I’m involved.
Hamad: Really? Since when?
Lama: Almost a month now.
Hamad: Is it serious?
Lama:Yes it is.
Hamad: Can I know about him?
Lama: Sure.. (and she told him)
Hamad (smiling): Lama I am happy for you, you deserve only the best.

Lama knew she would never hear from Hamad again, which did not sadden her, and she was glad that she had met him. It is through these experiences that she has become who she is today.

أحب أقولك أن لما فضيحه...شكو تقول حق حمد عن فيصل...مو شغله أن يعرف أن في واحد في حياتها...أهوه مفروض يفهم أن شخصياتهم و أطباعهم غير و لأن
sorry..excuse my langue
ف ماله أمل في لما
Describe Faisal :P Hehehe so that we know that our feelings are in the right place or mine that is.. hehe And Yaaay! A new part :P

I can sleep peacefully now hehe :P

As for Hamad, good riddance to him.. Once a playa always a playa.. Freaky Tiny Shrimp ;r

This series is the most fun i've had in a long time in the blog world.

Love you gurls.

nano, she's a chicken nugget, kilshay itgoola lol

jackie, LOL feech 7ara 3ala 7amad Freaky Tiny Shrimp (FTS) hehe
غلطانه..الكويتيين ما ينقالهم شي..
I agree with nanonano.. She shouldn't have told him because this is something personal and basically none of his business.. :)
I believe there are some things that retain their specialness from being private.. :)
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shefty eshloan 7amad was notbad after all i think he was nice he didnt do any thing he just wished her good life

see under evry jerk there is still nice guy its comes out somtimes:)
i agree with nanno ... o hathy Lama '3abeya why she answered him at the first place .. and yet why she said i miss you back !!! ya3ny shako she misses him ok as a friend what ever but she shouldnt show him after what he did to her he is a bad guy oooh god
hathy Lama malat 6ag.. why can't she see things he is torturing her !!! wallah etbe6 el chabd

and yet why did she told him she is involved ..bil 6agag eb 7amad he is a crule rude person she shouldnt told him anything and nothing and never answer him ....weeeeeeeee3
Yes Sheba describe Faisal !! =D
Sheba hehehehehehehehe you have the gift to write romances :P Hehehehe yalla we should look forward to a novel of yours :P Hehehehe ;P And I'm glad you're having alot of fun out of this hehe and yes he is an FTS :P Hehehehe :P Had he been bald or had a receeding hairline then u could add FTBS hehehe :P
I don't see anything wrong with what lama did.
she told Hamad about Faisal, so what? he's a friend after all..
I smell something fishy.. Hamad would make you believe he's all happy for her and all.. but I am sure something is up.. maybe one day.. when he's drunk, he'll be doing something stupid, like try to contact Faisal or something.. ;)
hehe the don,

You never know ;) But why are you assuming that they know each other? Hamad is a Rgaag & Faisal just moved back into town & is a Nugget..
sweetie, Kuwait is small, he'll find him and confront him while intoxicated, or he won't be real Kuwaiti, emootoon 3ala lehwash after few drinks.. LOL
I have no clue why im sobbing at work. This one kinda triggered something im just not sure what it is?

Hmm...(Soul searching at work)
just let him ask.. min wildah hatha, min wildah ?? inzain shino sayartah ? (with a heavy kuwaiti accent)

and problem solved.. :P

waterlilie ((((((((HUGGGG))))))))) I'm so sorry habeebti, I did not mean for anyone to be unhappy with these stories XOXO

The Don,
Yes, i heard that about them (fellow kuwaities), bess i thought that feature was reserved to 'haylagz' only?
akbarha o' asmanha ba3ad.. elkuwaiti thinks he's 3antar after couple of shots

This has nothing to do with your topic, but remember that every man is a "Faisal" one way or another..

صدقيني :)
So when's the next part coming out? :P

Me being impatient again :P
I still believe Lama invented Hamad so that she may learn a lesson the safe way. She's too much of a play it safe girl to actually go out there and meet a guy like Hamad.
She knew that she's attracted to that type of guys so she invisioned all these tormenting scenarios in order to prepare herself for the more suitable types such as Faisal!
The moral of the story is Rgag is dead and only the few will become nostalgic to it while the rest is developing a taste for nuggets!
Soon, everyone will be a nugget and Rgag will make a come back, like Raybans!
mama f!

That is possible. Bess all guys suck!
lol i read raybans 'rubyans' hehehehe
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