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Lama looked at her watch. It was 1 hour past his usual calling time, and he hadn’t called. Hamad was very precise in his timing. He had told her yesterday that 3 of his friend’s girlfriend’s friends were joining them and she had thanked him for his honesty. Lama did not feel that she had the right to allow or disallow Hamad from anything. At this point, she does not even know if she wants to be his ‘girl friend’. The thought of a woman sharing his bed, did not turn her stomach yet. She cares about him a lot. She would not call him because she’s trying to go back to basics. To a time where a girl was not able to call a guy because she would fear her parents from finding out, to a time when a guy would call when it was the right time for him to talk. She was hoping that he would call her as soon as he was up for it.

i dont really agree with lama..i think guys like it when the girl show her feelings and try to act as if she OWN him...and start to make orders dont go there...tell me before u go out...whois with u...even if he didnt give her face 3la goolatna..but he will like it deep in his heartt...LAMA show him ur feelings
What happened to giving a guy his space? Or is that only for chicken nuggety guys?
I find this post a bit confusing.And I attribute this confusion to the long sentences you are using - can't you break them up for simple-minded people like me? (Unless the post was not meant for simple-minded people in the first place)
Insha'Allah shosho

Changed it, hope this version will suffice?
الله يهداك....بس ما أدري ليش بس وايد عوّرني قلبي....بس أنا أحيي لما على موقفها...حمد شاب و من حقّه أنه يستمتع..بس أن أهيه تقدر تتماسك شذي...هذي القوه

La i3awrech galbich. Just keep reading, i guarantee a happy ending :)
Will there be a Part II when Hamad finally decides to call? Or Hamad doesn't and Lama is very worried and impatient and decides to call herself?

لما يبيلها وحدة مثلي عشان اللي انتي خابرة

ليش لما عاد؟ احس لو سميتيها "العنود" البق ;p

I have plunged into fictional writing in the past but i never continue my stories. I think this one i will continue because its a good excersize for me to try to invisage whats in a man's mind, and i think the comments from our male & female readers will also aid me in my quest.

Ma fahamt. Wayed kalamech feeh alghaz hal ayam. Pls elaborate.

Aman 3an il isim, thats the 1st name i thought of.
I'm very interested ti know what goes on in both their minds, and what wil happen next. Good luck.
ti = to**
Whats got the basics and he is up for calling with the 1st lines of the story thats weired !!!!

if he is a frequent caller and he has a usuall calling time its means there is some thing going on between lama and hamad maybe not a GF Bf relation but its towards that aim untill its obvious

1st of all since she is not his GF then i dont think she has the right to say any thing if he slept with a girl or not and hamad also dosent have to feel bad .

if they were a together then she would definatly have the right to get angry and also have the right to call him and check on him . if he was still with his friends then thats its leave him enjoy his space . to me i love it when even when im my own space i get some teasing sms for example " yala ibser3aaa , I missed you , G nite im going to bed ... then i would say to her wait for me and she waits , ... etc
كان خليتي الولد اسمه فيصل
o ba3dain here's the link to my blog and SAVE it please

The Drama of Living
How come she cares about him and yet the thought of a woman sharing his bed, did not turn her stomach?

As for Hamad, what if Lama called him and was like "Hon, I just spent the night with the guys and guess what? I slept with one of them"?
Thanks Sheba for the clarification :D

Here is my reaction to Lama's predicament:
"A77ad eyeeb 3awar el galb 7ag roo7a???"

I long for the days where such situations never happened. I wish I were a kid playing with my barbies. I wish I can go back in time to when edaida -rest her soul-was alive. I wish I were 11 chasing her chickens and reading Archies while I rest on the deck...la7tha .... there are 2 women after Archie.....

And I totally agree with shopaholic q8eya.
Seems to me that Lama has a gut feeling about Hamad's shenanigans but is just putting her feelings on hold, being understanding about his 'honesty'.

Also, she is actually very smug about herself: that she is the good traditional girl who will not chase after a guy (hound him with phone calls)because it is not proper YET she understands that he goes out and socializes with other girls and might even have sex with them. She knows that & accepts it.

This is the kind of relationship that promotes double standards in this society. Acceptable for him but not for her.

Hmm..maybe Lama will be the one to 'save' Hamad.
oh puhleeeeez...hal anwaa3 cannot and dont want to be saved aslan..

ybeelhom PIF PAF!! (Super Duper Faisal Exterminator!)
Wasma, you just crack me up with your comments ib9ara7a...;)

Mrs B

اخجلتيني والله وكلك ذوق :)

الله يبعد عنكم كل *فيصل* سواءا يمشي او يدبي او يزحف او يسبح او يطير او يسوي تشات او راعي بلوج

قولوووووووووووووا اميييييييييييييين
He cares and she's not clingy. Promising if you ask me.

And It's not about double standards to me. I'd say the same if it was Lama who had spent the night with another stud.

Tislam eedich :)
Keep them coming

I so LOVED reading everyone's comments. Says A LOT about your personalities.

We have the illusioned souls: Bora, Shosho, & shopohilic Q8ya

We have the realistic souls:
Nano & Shurouq

We have the hurt but hopeful:
Wasi & MsB

We have the so generous males who are reassuring us that it is okay to show some neediness to a guy (if he likes you that is):

Kila-ma6goog & Crappy_Nappy

Thank you all :))
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