Saturday, June 11, 2005


That surprise visit was the end of Faisal's vote of admiration towards Lama. And hence thoughts of what that could have meant faded.

Meanwhile, Hamad decided to go to London early with his friends. He called Lama upon arrival to tell her he is staying at the Berkely, and that he would be picking her up from the airport. She could hear his friends in the background, and yes there were female voices too.

She was uncomfortable with the call, inspite of his sweet gesture of offering a pick up from Heathrow, and it was not the female voices in the background. Perhaps she was being possesive and the thought of his friends being in London meant there is less time for her. She told her self not to be childish and quickly abandoned this thought.

On the night before she flew, she called him and there was no mention of the pick up. Figures. He was tipsy. Still this did not dampen her enthusiasm, and whats been done is done. She's still going to London 2 days before her duty resumes.

In London, she called to tell him she had arrived and he asked her where would she feel comfortable dining (it was prime Kuwaiti time in London, ant they didn't want to risk bumping into anyone from back home). She couldn't think of any places that would be 'safe', so they decided to play it by ear.

He came to the Sanderson to pick her up, and she did not recognize him. He was shorter than she recalled, and much less attractive than her memory served her. He also had a weird walk, as if he had muscles that would disallow him from properly moving, except he had none. He was wearing a T-shirt that looked like the Burger King uniform. And he was in awe.

It took all her might to see beyond the outside. To remember the nice things about this man: he is intelligent, he's honest, he's open minded, he's he's nice.

The night turned out nicely, they went to dinner at Jack's and spent the rest of the night at Candy's (a lesbian bar). He could not stop admiring her, and she could say nothing in return. But his looks did not matter much by now. She was seeing Hamad, the man she has connected with, bitched to, and confided in.

Bring Faisal and ditch Hamad.. I hate short guys ;P
ok I have NO comments Sheba

None what SO ever ;p
BK T-shirt? short?? Jack? Gay Bar?

shebbbbbbaaaaaa...short??!!wiered walk...allah yeg6e3ech...lost intrest in hamad...discribe Faisal please
what exactly happened between faisal and lama .. what went wrong?
1) Sheba allah yhadach ma ligaw il jack & candy's? east london shoreditch next time. its trendy & safe for emwa3ad.

2) its interesting that she went to raya to shop for her outfit for the date and he showed up looking like crap!

3)broken promises suck! he should have picked her up from airport OR never offered!
i like where this is going....ana 3ajabny faisal min ilawal...the way u describe hamad really made me laugh loool ...nice work sheba:)
Please please please make Faisal a sexy tall hunk, who has the right coloring of being not too white or too dark, just in between (tannish) and having a nice hair cut .. with a dirty face and athletic shoulders and body as well.. not too muscular but not too scrawny .. yum ;r Now he is a guy I would immediately say yes too :P

such a turn off!! :/

short, weird walk, burger king's t-shirt? why sheba? WHY?

eh eh eh babchi
oh thank god!!!! i hated Hamad to begin with, yalla, FAISAL here comes Lama!! haha please make faisal and lama get together, who cares about Hamad, time to X him out of the picture... BK T-Shirt?!?!?! hell no!
i love u....sejj 3ajabteneee...huff ditching the lucky bastard:P
i just wanna tell you BRAVO on this intresting story.. im enjoying reading it specially part by part.. it makes me feel more curious to know the end of the story..

P.S; Miss ya! ;)
you stil didnt tell us where Hamad was prior to coming to london? LOL Seriously, I need to know that kind of a detail ;P
i think he was either in malaga or cannes
well 1st of all nice story i really liked it its nice how you tell it

so is it real story ?? if not why you made him like that ? and gay bar is that the best place for 1st date i think 2nd date will be fine jk :P

well cant wait for the next part

have nice day

It's almost 5 am and I remembered the "Laaby" gossip :p I also remembered what I wanted to tell you..

They say "Plashar" instead of "Blusher"


ياشين تناحة انصاف الليالي
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