Thursday, June 23, 2005

Kuwait International Airport

Lama spent the next week in solitude, for she was too tired by the time she commuted back to London, and because she had not called any of her London acquaintances earlier, was not going to do so just because her plan changed.

On the night before her flight, Faisal called. She spent a few hours on the phone with him. She understood that he was interested, but she did not read into it.

Upon arrival to Kuwait, she headed towards the ‘limo’ area to get her ride home, and she caught a glimpse of a familiar figure.

Faisal stood there, smiling yet nervous, not sure what Lama’s reaction would be.

She started walking faster, and her smile grew on her face until she stood opposite him. Her heart sped. She didn’t know what to say. All he said was ‘hamdila 3al salamah’, and they walked to his car together, in silence, yet communicating loudly.

In the car, he asked her ‘breakfast?’ She looked at him for a long time, smiled and nodded. Suddenly she was a shy 16 year old.

She drank coffee and nibbled on her omelette, too anxious to eat, while he had a sandwich, which was way too little for his appetite. Her phone rang, it was her mother, wondering if she had arrived. After that phone call, it was as if her vocal cords were ready to work. They started talking and their breakfast went thru to lunch.

She knew what was happening, but wouldn’t think about it. That was their first date. Only the night before Faisal was telling her that a relationship with no future is not a relationship, and now, he who has been avoiding relationships for the last 10 years of his life, is starting one. She smiled. Why hasn’t she guessed this was coming? And why has she never acknowledged her feelings towards him before?

Yes, she is certain now that Cupid is an alcoholic.

now I am confused!
Shouldn't Faisal be the one at the airport? HMmmmmmm
i thought u made a mistake instead of writting Faisals name u wrote Hamad...but then i understood..Hamad wanted to break up in a very polite way...

7esbee Allah 3ala bleees!

Yes its faisal!

Sorry gurls

MAJOR TYPO, its not only cupid i guess whos on some substance :p
Ehh now it makes more sense ;P

and thanks to minow? To MEEEEE Ofcourse ;P
hehe ee shoppy, thanks to you! :)

nano, that would've been a fun if it was Hamad, but it wasn't. I imagine Lama is Najla2 fat7i & Hamad is Hussein Fahmi. And then Madee7a kamel is Hamad's shlika (slutty) ex who trys to do some black magic to get him to hate Lama.

- a
hehehehhehehehe aham shay Najla Fathi and Hussen Fahmi, then who is Faisal?
GREAT..note please sheba dont replay to the comments o tkharbeen el picture elli eb our imagination...made7a kaml o 7sen fahmee...let each one build his picture 3la thooqa:P
Oh my god! I want Faisal.. Can I be Lama :/ Unless he turns out to be a jerk.. I want him :(
LOL funnyyyyyyy

Faisal is Hisham Seleem (7ubby il awal)

kila ma6goog,
hehehehe insha'Allah. Are you sure you're not reliving or living this story ;p

malech amal he's Lama's :p
You could be lama if you want ;)
la hayyen ma ba3ad jaha weja3 elraas ....

it make sence now...but Faisal is too romantic for my taste
What did Lama’s mum say? Does she know about Faisal?

Hisham Silim? Hmm I pictured Faisal more of Rushdi Abadha ;P
I hope Faisal is goodlooking and Lama is You ;)

I loved the part where you said that cupid is an alcoholic, because it's so true.. the strangest of people end up together or have been together.. :)
*sigh* nothing like that ever happens to me lol i somehow end up with the weird ones.
nano hehe

Shoppy, Rushdi is a hottie, bess he looks like my dad. How about Omar al-Sharif?

Missed you girl! :*

Change what you're doing & something new will happen (Dr. Phil)
Shopaholic Q8eya:
sorry darling but Rushdi Abatha is private property
Lama btw, is all of us.
hal faisal hatha ana mo merta7at'lah but ... aaaaaaaaah this feels good grt sueprise faisal ,, ilove love love suprises and sopcially from a sweet heart #
allah (stoned)
ambeh I want Faisal if he is 10% of Omar Alshereif ;P

Nano, I am sorry, khalas no more Roshdi, it is Omar Alshereif ;P
Breakfast is my favorite part. I'm becomming a food junkie. No exercise and too much food consumption, not a good combination.

Is this continued from a previous post? Blogger's comment seem to suggest that. Been off blogging for a while and might have missed the intro. Is there more? I want more. No happily ever-after please :S they're so unreal.
so is that the end of this story or there is more cos i think they will end up togther and hamad just moved on with his life or you have somthing else in ur maind

yalaa take care
Sheba, does it have to be Hisham Seleem? Can't he be just Hisham?? :-)
ok, so that was a story, hmm.. when i wander on the blogs i keep on reading about lama and faisal, but i keep on getting more confused, cuz i thought that they were real ppl,, too bad i didnt know how it started, it sounds nice walla, anyways, ham shai good that ive found out it was a story, and ppl were enjoying it :)
Sheba your story reminds me of someone that I know very well ;)
me likey but is there more to the story?
awwww.. I like that :)
I kind of imagined Faisal as hmm an Arab Brad Pitt :P a little younger one :P from his "Fight Club" Days :/
is this the final part?
I KNEW IT! i knew faisal was awesome from the beginning!! :) i hope he stays that way... :) hamad sucks, let's all just forget about him and focus on how much i need faisal... i mean... lama needs faisal to be good in the end
What's so impressive about Faisal??

For two long years I thought I was "silently communicating" with someone.. It turns out it was only in my head :)

And ma 3aleich min Hanan, I demand a happy ending
Shurouq, I dunno.. It's just a feeling inside when I read about him.. Hamad is such a womanizer and a typical ass.. I mean cheating on her and then keeping it to himself.. And when she asks him not to call her ever again and he doesn't .. I always say that when I get mad.. but then again I am mad.. and I still expect a call.. Faisal is sort of a romantic guy..

One last thing though.. Hamad was a shrimp :/ Hence I hated him when I learned that.. hehehe
Jackie, Put in mind that Faisal is trying to win Lama’s heart. A typical guy will start acting like an a$$ just as she falls for him.
Shopaholic Q8eya eshfeach karhaaa al men how many jerks have you date i know some guys are jerks but not all of us still there is few good men :)

yalaa oo i hope that hamad maykoan jerk b3d nfs faisal
I love all the female solidarity!

Hisham, Faisal's role is now being played by Omar al-Sharif.

Ahh amoot fi Omar al-Sharif.

So who do you suggest Lama is? Or who does she look like?
Lama is Sarah Jessica Parker
Hamad is BIG
Faisal is that cute loving guy she was engaged to
أنا متخيله لما تشبه ناديه لطفي
أمر على الدار من غير حاجة, لعلي أراهم, أو أرى من يراهم
أسم الله عليك...أشفيك قلبت عدنيات..كلش مو شبهك
Bora! I like your suggestion, HOWEVER, Mr. BIG is GORGEOUS & SEXY & WELL-DRESSED & REFINED & TALL. Moreover, Carrey ditches the fiancee il meskeen. AND last but not least, Sarah Jessica Parker is BLONDE.

Nano, Nadia lutfi in 'alnatharah al-sawda' o bess. Later she got ugly. Ghairha please.

Shraykum fi Mervat Ameen or Su3ad 7usni?

The Don,
Ga3d itghazelni? Cuz if you are, these are good lines ;)
وااااااااااااي شيبو أنا في بالي ناديه لطفي في فيلم النظاره السوداء
Is it that 'great minds think alike' or 'birds of a feather flock together' ;)
Sheba killa min nanoa, she talked about durb ezalag, and I remembered when 7sainoo went to see etiqlaal a7mad, labis zabbaal.. and he said those lines.. :P
مسرع ما خوّنت فيني..أنا اشعلي؟؟ليش تبلشني..بالنهايه رياييل ما منكم فايده
lol funny! love that scene
Nanowoo.. shmaalah khawwant? LOL
Give me more Faisal and Lama pleasee! I need this dosage or i'll go crazy ;/
hehe Jackie, get them on dvd, kilish maku patience :*
Maby DVD, yalla write write :P Hehehe and yes I'm impatient :P Although I'll give you until I wake up around 6ish in the afternoon to see a new part up :P

Just Kidding take your time really :P but not all the time :P
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