Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lama & Hamad

He ordered breakfast and decided to call Lama before she would start worrying why he did not call.

Lama’s phone rang, and involuntarily her face lit up with a big smile.

Lama: ‘Eloo’ (her voice warm and her smile evident)

Hamad: ‘Hala habeebti’ (happy to hear the longing in her voice, which suddenly brought him to realize how much he had missed her).

Lama: Shlonek habeebi

Hamad: Ana zain bess walhan 3alaich.

Lama (her voice colder now as she became suddenly conscious of the fact that he had not called her last night and that he had been 2 hours late): How was your evening? (as she uttered her words, she could hear his reaction and she wished she had stuck to basics, but she couldn’t help it, she wanted him to answer).

Hamad (noticing her slight change of tone which would normally compel him into silence, but he did not want to risk upsetting her further): We had a great time swimming, and then we went to my favourite bar, and then to an outdoor party at one of the islands. I cannot wait until I see you.

Lama (more comfortable now that he had not been reluctant to answer in detail): I missed you too, and my heart has been fluttering at the thought of seeing you.

Hamad (glowing with Lama’s surprise show of affection): Just for that, I will try to cut my vacation short.

I don't think they'll last long due to the lack of honesty.

But then again, it's always the bad boys who get the good girls.


lets wait & see ;)

I'm so hungry. Craving harda o tamer.
فواز...صدقني بينكشف هالحمد حتى لو اضطريت اروح للما واقولها بنفسي

يا ناس الى متى بنقعد على هالحالة؟؟؟

مير ،، كش علي
She can’t be so naive! She knows he is lying; she just doesn’t want to believe it. She knows she loves him, yet she keeps insisting she doesn’t. She is in need of the feeling she gets upon his warm words. I really want to know what happens next..

Where is he spending his vacation anyway? I need that kind of details ;P
This whole story is making me feel ... I don't know ... down? ... sad?

Wasii ... madree shagoolich ... all I can say is "ana ta3abt"

Sheba ... You don't need details. You know the story.

I'm going to retire until a new blog comes out. This Lama & hamad thingy is hitting a nerve.
لا لفيصل!!!!!... قصدي حمد

اللي هو اخو فيصل بالرضاعة

فواز.. لا تضيق صدرك.. صدقني ولا شيء يسوا هاليومين
Deception (Hamad) + Denial (Lama) = Dolce Vita (Typical Arab Family)
She's *blindly* in love 8)

Forgiving and accepting a husband is fine, to keep life going. But accepting a BF, that is choosing hell too soon .
hmmm I changed my mind
Why am I assuming that she saami7ta

I guess I have to wait and see :)
Wasi LOL
Can I join the club? i am unti-faisal too and hamad and.. madri..
elmohim ma7ebhom >:[

Sheba, yullah i cant wait to know what's going to happen
:-) i'll wait and c...but i think Lama is smart enough...she'll know how to handel the whole thing...taking in consederation she knows he's leing
ايه يه حياتي جوبن ذا كلب.. عندك انواع اشتراك
برونز :اذا غش عليك
سلفر: غش عليك مع وحدة تعرفينها

اما الغش الكلاس،، هذا يبيله اشتراك اليلاتنم.. وهذا يا عيوني يكون مو بس غش عليك.. هذا قطع ابو الغش وهو بالاصل معرص وناصب عليك .. و لاااا وبالاخير يا عيوني من يطلع بالواجهه* ؟؟ انتي ثم انتي *ثمن* انتي - على قول اهل الرياض

الواجهه= who appears as the "Bad guy" or "Slutty Bitch who tries to steal married hubbies.."
معرص = معرس

الظاهر ان عقلي الباطن سوى تيك اوفر..

بس للمعلومية، الكلمتين تنطبق عليه
Sheba ya Sheba...the story sounds so familiar!
can't wait for what happens next.
Wasi, ana mabi membership.la silver wela bronze wela gold wela platinum, abi mansib idaree.

6ab3an mino mu'assis il 7ezb?
intee thom intee thom intee "thomman" inti LOL
ادري يا عمري و بكل "فخر" بعد

كش علي
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