Monday, June 06, 2005


There she is, in his memory. He wanted to hear her voice, but was afraid to call. She might ask him ‘how was your evening habeebi’ and he will not be able to answer her honestly. He will not be able to say ‘it was great my love, I wished you were with me, but I ended up sleeping with one of the girls we were out with, and I’m very sorry’. He cared about Lama. He did not want to hurt her. He will call her after he’s eaten, his head is pounding right now, and he had to deal with his hangover.

تكفين متى عيالنا بيبطلون هالعادة الشينة؟

المهم يا امر،،، ادعيلي لاني بعد شوي بطس للدكتور و بيخلعلي ضروس العقل... نمت ماغير ٣ ساعات من الخوف

الله يستر
wasiiiiiiiiii matshoofeen shar 7abeebti!

I've done 2 wisdome teeth at once. 1 with operation and went to the shops walking ba3ad!

I don't understand why some people go thru GA to get their teeth pulled out. Is it just another way to swindle people for more money?!

Thats a scarry thought cuz u can die from General Anasthesia!!
Hamad is disgusting
What kind of caring is that !
It's like when a person lies and believes his lie.

عزيزتي...ترا شخصية حمد وايد واقعيه و نسبه كبيره اللي نفس حمد فلا تستائين وايد

Kilech wisdom
I couldnt agree more with what nanonano . see its a long long subject . but lets me cover one side which is if i was a guy who i have not got any waze3 deenii .
my limits are less and by the human nature a guy can diffrenciate between his heart his brains and his penis . thats a fact and no one can deny that . which means i can sleep with a girl i dont love and all what she is is sex
When I read the title on safat I thought you were going to talk on Lamas :P
I like the way you have gotten into his mind and described his dilemma- regardless of how indecent his behaviour has been.
Hamad is a figment of Lama's imagination, a fantasy character that Lama has created to add to her daily worries, double her anxiety and in a way or another a reason to wake up every morning and exercise her daily attempts of fitting into blogger society.
Lama's dilemma will soon end once she replaces the obsession with the made-up Hamad with more frequent visits to chocolate bar.

What Lama Needs is an imaginary character who is fun, loving, funny and eccentric such as my imaginary “Borat” who never ever says NO!
Mama, so now you admit he is imaginary!
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