Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lama..Hamad.. & Faisal

As the day unfolded, Lama became more and more comfortable and more excited at the fact that she would see Hamad in London.

She left work, and went straight to Raya to find drop dead gorgeous clothes and shoes (guys aren’t really into bags). What would she wear on their first date? It would not be the first time he sees her, but the first time in this context. Where would the first time be?

Hamad called, and she could hear he was in a car and she could hear people talking in the background. He missed her, he is tired from beach all day and party all night program he’s been enjoying in the past 2 weeks. All of a sudden he wanted substance. He wanted Lama.

They have often talked about dating and her decision was always that she would not want to because she doesn’t believe in relationships and she’s seen too many fail. He never argued against her decision.

Hamad never pushed her. He was happy to be able to talk to her, to admire her. He loved her outlook in life. She made everything seem so rosy. He even started reading her horoscope to know more about her!

Lama found her heart beating faster, and her palpations would not stop. She laughed at herself and he laughed with her. But secretly she resented this feeling. She wanted to be in control. She does not want to get hurt. And she does not want all this excitement to be one sided.

Her phone rings again and its Faisal, the son of her parent’s friends. Of course for many years, her parents have hinted at how blissful they would be if she would marry Faisal. Lama and Faisal would always laugh it off. Faisal had just moved back to Kuwait, and they’ve been bumping into each other quiet often in social gatherings. The last time she saw him, he was a little bit flirty, which was unlike him, but she did not give it too much thought.

Faisal: Ha wainech?
Lama: Fil Raya.
Faisal: Ok I’ll be there in a few minutes.
Lama: You need something from here?
Faisal: No. See you in a bit.

Lama thought that was odd, because Faisal has never done that before, they have never ‘hung out’ not even as friends, but did not give it too much thought.

As she was leaving the Celine boutique, she saw him. He came up to her and in his eyes was a look full of admiration. And again Lama tried not to think of what was going on.

Faisal: Lets go have coffee.
Lama: Are you okay?
Faisal: Yes, I just want to sit with you for a bit.
Lama: Okay.

They sat at Waterlemon. She ordered hot chocolate. He did not order anything. His eyes said a lot. She couldn’t ignore it anymore. Lama started to wonder what has she done to call for that look of kindness and admiration. It was almost as if he was saying ‘I love you’
Without thinking, she blurted out ‘why are you looking at me like that?’

She wanted to kick her self, to jump to the ground floor. But he ignored her and a few seconds later he snapped out of it.

They went to see a few shops together, and he left to go to his 6 o’clock meeting.

She stood there, a little speechless, but smiling, and thinking ‘when it rains it pours I guess, or maybe this is a good buffer for me to not be too excited about Hamad and London’.

أنا ما أحب اللي يلعبون على الحبلين
il3asafeer kilihum 3al shajarah. Maku a7ad ga3d yel3ab 3athani (yet) ;)
7abbait Faisal :))

Sheba! Lama has the right to choose which one of these guys deserves he more..

it's not like she's married to Hamad, so she's free to decide who should be given a chance ;)

now it's becoming more interesting..
Sheba you have 2 of my favorite male names in your story...this is exciting ;)
"ana mal3ab 3ala il 7ablain wagt il 6aish wisneena, il7een youm ini kibart tabeeni al3ab 3ala il 7ablain?"

Just felt like saying that bait shi3ir:P la7tha ya3ni intay g3d it2alfeen hal qi9a wela 9ijiya wela qi9a ajnabiya o im7awlat'ha 3arabiya?:P
I love it! I love how everyone is living this story!

Umbai i haven't done more than 2 hrs of work today.

nano ;)

Sarah, Sa7 kalamech. Bess laish 7abaitey Faisal?

Jelly B, Faisal is 1 of my fav guy names, the other is Fahad and Aziz (but i couldn't use these name cuz the person's exist in my life & since 90% of bloggers know me, i am afraid links would be draw to them). Glad you're excited :)))


Its based on a true story ;)

وش جاب فيصل؟!؟!!؟؟ مير وش خلاه يطب من افكاري لين القصة

يخرب بيييييييييييييييته

وقت الغدا.. بكمل التعليق لين فضيت
Great timing, Faisal..
Ouff.. Men!
Is Lama even slightly iterested in that Faisal guy?

(Hmmm.. A son of her parents' friends? How familiar!)

Lol W.,
Can't wait to read your comment.
Oh and Sheba,
You rock ;)




اولا ما عندي اي تعليق عن فيصل لان تو الناس و ما بانت العلة .. وش علة؟ قصدي العلل المكمكة فيه!!

خلنا نشوف وش اخرتها
Inzain If she doesn't want Faisal and he's hot and tall and sexy and all that just like that guy in the Zegna Cologne Ad I'd be glad to have him instead of her :P He sounds considerate so far :P Or Spontaneous which is a big plus :P
Sheba 7abbaita he seems cute and I kept picturing him as the type of a guy I like :")

please let him be the good guy, and make him admire Lama more :)) (the picture of him with a look full of admiration makes me melt)
*ay galbi*

abi :(
Am I the only guy following the saga of Lama .. Hamad & Co?
It's starting to feel little weird here ..

anyway, now Faisal pops up into the scene, and its deja vu all over again:
Option Two
Smart Girls Have Option Two
Been here, Read that

Right, Sheba??
Queen Sheba still waiting for the rest of the story ;)

NOT Faisal!!

Sheba Laish? I go ouy for 2 day,, TWO DAYS & then a Faisal shows up?

W, tara ana bel 3eqda weyach ;P
هلا والله وحياس الله يا وخيتي


We - the National Assembly to combat Faisalitus -should UNITE in this hour of need. We should be there for one another and support each other thru these hard Faisal-infested times. We should spread awareness and form support groups...

I'll make a banner and post it on my blog.. واللي فيكم وده بواحد يرسلي ايميل

i love faisal too!! i love how he takes control (i love a man who can take control!) and tells her he's coming and she tries to regain it by asking what he wants. o0o0o0o0o0o!!! i can't wait to read the rest of it!! please post fast!! hamad gets what he deserves i don't like him. pick faisal!!
GO Wasi GO Wasi
أنا ماني عارفه ليش كل هالهجوم على حمد...حمد ما سوا شئ غلط..و بعدين سمحوا لي مو من حلاة فيصل...اللي راز وجهه غصب
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