Saturday, June 18, 2005

Maly Khelg

Hello bloggers & bloggerinas,

I'm taking a break from blogging for a few days.

Have too much to do & mani gadra arakez.

C u soon.

Love ya all.

& Yes, there will be a part 4 (finale)

thank god i almost gave up 7anna foog rasich min fayr allah
راح أكون قاعده على أحر من الجمر أنطر الفينالي
ما شلتهم
Please send your donations for the plushness come back fund to my account.

Thank you
أففف.. ننطر بعد شنسوي
Ee wallah thank GOD!! 7itta ana badda3t wana a7in..
Georhythm, whats ur horoscope? =/
ok have fun with ur break and come back to us fast :) na6reanch

oo ben3arf shenoo 9ar :)

have fun
nunu i'm a pisces..

w. .. khawafa :P
Malich khelg or you have more important things in ur day to do .....? KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK
purg, inzain share shwaya.

CN, ur my curse!

Geo, nano, w, nunu, cosim: abshero bil khair ;p
inzain.. but don't stop leaving witty comments on our blogs though.. :P

keep on visiting please..

I did not do any thing heheheh ana mali shigilllllll
The fund is called "the plushness come back" meaning when you come back you get the money. But since you came back in 1 day, that means we did not manage to collect enough money.

so next time, be patient :P
Georhythm, me tooooooo =D
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