Sunday, June 05, 2005

One, Two, Three?

First, is it me, or is it everyone? The better the stock market, the more i slack off at work!

Second, how much of your vices should you reveal when getting to know 'someone'?

Third, how do you entangle hair that has been professionally teased & sprayed into a humongous hair do?

2. all. love me or leave me, that's why i'm broke.

3. wash it. and use wella green conditioner.
1. Everyone is doing it..
2. Reveal all vices from the beginning and kill the anticipation.
3. Soak in Camel milk for 10mins, Apply Dihn Adani generously. Rinse on 5th day.
2. I don't want to be broke!
3. I used to use the green wella until i discovered a really yummie thing for hair (4got name, but it comes in a pot & its from l'oreal & it comes in different colors, i used the yellow).

Mama F, nawar il blog!
1. e wala, true!
2. I thought anticipation is good!?
3. LOL la3at chabdi (good, not i have an excuse to leave work ;p)
1. not an expert on stocks, too complex for me.

2. Need to tell basis.

3. use milk.
1- If you are doing exceptionally well in the stock market, then so be it.
2- There are 3 types of vices: the 'unnoticables', the 'tolerables', and the 'unmentionables'. Start with the tolerable ones and see what you get.
3- What about kerstase conditioner?

Purgy: so you are more of an expert in hair than in stocks :P
Shosho, of course ;)
1- stocks r rather insane hal youmain... ygoloonlek ilstocks ils3odeyya methl .......... kel ma jat te6la3.. nazzaloooha!!

2- depends on the someone...some can handle it "dafsha" marrah wa7da.. others ybeelhom tagsee6.. and others yboon the virgin mary.. 3ash lazim trtheen jamee3 el athwaag wsh btsaween ya3ni ;p

3- leave-in conditioner 7ag john freida fatheeeeeee3 3 3 3 3... or fashkool + ktheerah mix.. bs itha bdaiti feeh la tba6leen willa beyhir sha3rek HARRRRR*

*ya3ni ull start shedding hair
1. Of course. Its the allure of easy money...

2. Good question. I feel its better to be honest and let things reveal themselves - but no overkill. You don't have to beat someone over the head with your idiosyncrasies, you know? We all have our personality quirks without exception, some more than others. It's about how much they dominate your personality, its about balance. When you like a person- especially *really* like them- they are part of the deal, and its fine. The complexities can be truly wonderful.

3. I hate those hairstyles. Kills the hair doesnt it? My suggestion is to wash it out beforehand - don't even try to comb it first when its dry - and use lots of deep conditioner. While it is in your hair, use a wide toothed comb to work out the tangles, very gently. Good luck.
SHEBA !!! I USE THE SAME YELLOW L`OREAL SHAMPOOOOOOO !!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL its for dry hair right ?? LooooL !! well thats what i use ,, its great ,, do use the conditioner, mask ,, the whole product line ,, its iYaNNeeN !!

about stocks ,, honey ,, dont we all ?

about revealing ? well ma adrii how you handel il " someone " ya 7aafith lakin i do not recommend that you do the " tell all " policy ,, its a no no.
1) Too poor to think about that.

2) I am way too smart to even try to understand relations. But I have one advice; either you spill it all out at the beginning, or keep a record of every word you "confess". Have a look at this record every few days, so that you don't make the mistake of talking about "something" you didn't confess earlier.

3) Hair? Oh, yeah. I remember what hair is, or what hair was.
I didn't know we're still doing 'humongous' hairdos!
Thank you all for your advise. MsB,
Stocks are NOT easy money, trust me. Its a lot of stress.

Tara ana wayed a7ebek & now that we use the same hair products, you cannot believe how you became big in my eyes ;p

Fill in the blank please, we do not know Saudi figures of speech :>

Yes, you have to have a good memory to lie. But i do usually lie. I fib. :p

It was a pony tail with the length of my hair folded into my head. I was never into the big hairdos. But this was big in my book, i think its the second time in my life that i allow hair spray on my hair.
(correction & its not a Freudian slip of the tongue):

*i do NOT usually lie
1. We all do it
2. Do it in episodes, like a good TV show
3. Hack it off with a machete!
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