Thursday, June 16, 2005


I had a long argument with a cousin about polygamy. At the end, I said ‘you know what? If I could marry four guys, I would. I would marry one who I enjoyed having intellectual conversations with, another who would make me laugh, and another who was athletic (I couldn’t think of the fourth)’.

So he said, ‘so why don’t you marry an intellectual, athletic guy, who can make you laugh?’

I said ‘and what if I don’t find one?’

So I woke up asking myself, would I really do it? And here was my conclusion:

If I was not married to ‘the one’ (and I do believe he exists), then yes, I would do it.

So, would you?

The fourth would be a good cook. But then he would be 'the one'. I would love him the most & divorce all the other 3, or not marry them in the 1st place.
oh god marrying 4 noooo waay ,,marrying one and having inocent friendship with other three qualities is what i woudl do .. ooh yuck 4 at a time eeeew grose
Mmmm well...

I donno...too much of a hassle.. I'd have a husband and 3 lovers maybe? ;p

ok seriously now.. No I don't think I'll be able to manage 4 husbands because, lets be realistic, ana al7een gedart I manage 1 3ashan atfalsaf o agool abee 3 gheira? LOOOL laish agheth nafsee ya sheeba.. laaaaaish loool la o itha akhatht 4, ill increase the possibility of 1 of them being a "Faisal'

If it takes 4 to make me happy then so be it.
So why should I buy four different 'cars' when I can actually get ONE with FULL-OPTIONS??

a good cook
kind, very kind
perfect smile
clean toes

I think that's enough..
Sarah, did u find him?

I heard this was a special edition.
I dont think so. I always loved the little imperfections of the people I loved.
Sheba, it's concept still.. not in production yet.. :P
Wait a minute, I think there is a miscalculation.

Since "lil thakar methla 7ath al onthayain", then the currency conversion of 4 women = 2 men.

nibaq, whats your star sign?

the don, mu custom made?

shosho, hahahahahaha ;) So technically we get 8?

If so, then i will start getting creative. Wa7id i6ali, & wa7id Kuwaiti, & wa7id.. bess thats all. 4 italians & 4 Kuwaities. LA LA 7 Kuwaities, 1 Italian.
Sheba: I hate to disappoint you, it's the other way round.
You divide 4 by 2 and not 2x2.
So we get 2 men only.....
Yallah sha'3lay mo5ich, think of 2 guys with all the goodies...

Perhaps Lama should consider such an option ;)
Then they would all know about each other and that would be trouble not needed! If things get really really boring with the guy I'm with I'd just cheat and then get my fix and then go back to my guy.. *sigh* I'm great, I have the answers to everything :)

Oh and I don't believe in "The One" I believe we make and mould our significant others into being our "ones".. :)
Shouldn't the fourth one be good in “bed”?
Sheba, I be leo.

But reading you post again, made me think of something. People change.

Once the atheletic guy gets fat, will you dump him for another? Or the intellectual gets a stroke and can't speak.

Is it time to move one to someone else? Or actually stay with them and cherish the time you guys spent together and find something else you both can enjoy together?
Why don't u jus marry someone that would love and be there for u when ever ya need him

then that someone will be anythin jus 4 u
Forrest said: “Mama said stupid is what stupid does.”
Hmm.. I can see myself married to two, but four would be very time consuming. (of course I'd have to consider marriage first)

Sheba, can you really manage four?
call me a strange, but i think its all about clicking!

forget about her being athletic, big boobs,cute, nice hair, or being a virgin.

WAIT... Hmmm what am i saying?? I'll have one of those please!
As long as your mind is a mess you will never get married. Once you relax, you will.
four? hell no. one is already one too many.
How many men would accept the idea of being one of four husbands? They would probably demand to have four wives as well.

If they all got along, it would be a wonderful idea! So convenient.

But if they didn't, I don't know if I could put up with all the bickering, jealousy and sulking ;)
Don't think I'd want to marry 4. Maybe one at a time but not all together. I need some time for myself. Unless my husband is bad in bed, then I'd consider marrying another lol.
i would when u start posting the next chapter of lama & hamads story!!
well its hard to have one wife so how about havin 4
but i think if you can sleep with all of them in the same time i think that will be ok i'll do it but i dont think i'll find 4 girls will do that :)

if there is 4 tell me :)
day 4 day 4!! :(
Hi Sheba,
this is the first time i comment on one of your posts.

I have never been inlove "i think" but im guessing if you contemplate having 4 human beings as love interests then you take away from the fundamentals of love and marriage. But again what do i know?

For me, nobody is perfect, 1 is enough!-as long as there is love, understanding, compatibility, and the usual misunderstandings then its alive and human.

Love. Me :P

Welcome to plushness :)
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