Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What the…

Chatting with a friend, who’s relatively fresh of the boat, he said ‘Kuwaiti girls are liars’.

I said: Your fingers are not equal
He said: True, but the majority of them will act as if they are Virgin Marrys and then you find out they are far from that.
I said: Hmm
He said: And even if a Kuwaiti girl was honest with me about her past, I don’t think I would accept that she’s slept with another man before me.
I said: Where as you would accept it if she wasn’t Kuwaiti?
He said: Yes
I said: No wonder they lie to you!


(No offence)
المشكله أن هذا تفكير معظم الكويتيين...بس هذا على الأقل كان صريح و قالها..اللي يحروني زياده اللي يسوي روحه حد أم الكول و أهوه هذا تفكيره
Typical Q8i guy, but how can you blame them? A lot of girls do really lie. This is a fact. At the same time, most girls think men are trust unworthy. Again, you can’t blame since a lot of guys are jerks.

I agree with nano, it just annoys me when acts cool about me having a past & then bring it up the next time we have a fight. Oh how about if you actually tell a guy about ur past, he will get mad; and if you don’t he will get mad too thinking you are a liar! What shall we do ya3ne?
e, its the chicken & the egg theory
Everyone lies.. girls boys men women ..
khalas we have that established... وبعدين يا انت اللي مقطع السمكة وذيلها جاي ولك عيييييين وتتفلسف على البنية واذا كانت مصادقة واحد ولا اثنين ولا الف.. وش عليهم؟ اجل يبون البنات متكمكمين ان شاء الله؟
لاااااا والمصيبة انه لو اعرس على وحدة هالنوع قام يلعب من وراها بحجة ايش؟؟؟؟ انها دلخة وما تعرف شىء

قمة التناقض

وتلاقينه مركبلك الف مليون تركيبة وهو جاي يلعب دور "ذوالحس المرهف" يا شين هالناس والله.. وصادقة نانو، ارداهم اللي مسوين نفسهم "اوووووبن" او "اوبن مايند" - ويا قلبي لا تحزن
Sheba.. it's called "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't"
it's always the case...I hate the double standard society we live's ok for a man to have a past but not for a woman!
كل أنسان أو أنسانه له أو لها ماضي...و كذاب أو كذابه اللي مسوين روحهم حمامة مكّه...بس في حدود حق الماضي..و أهم شئ أن الماضي ما يستمر للحاضر و المستقبل
A question to the guys out there, why is so damn important for you to know all the tiny little details of my previous relationship? WHY?! UFF it really bothers me.
A man doesn’t have a hymen!

Sorry for that but the word Virgin is mentioned in the post.
Shopaholic Q8eya:
محّد من الشباب راح يجاوب...لن أهمه ما يدرون...شئ بالجينات
Dear Sheba,

As always your posts spur amusing debate. Firstly, and forgive me for this, what do you mean by fresh of the boat. This term implies a new immigrant... that is how it's usually used... please clarify to the more ignorant among your readers.

Secondly, This is clearly a disturbed individual... the conversation... even more disturbing. As a member of the male sex... I am embarresed by his comment. I am sure he speaks for the mentally deranged among us... who lately have been increasing in numbers. The heat does that to you.,... it fries your brain and leaves you hopelessly delusional.

Finally I leave you with these words.. which I am sure you have read:

My heart has grown rich with the passing of years,
I have less need now than when I was young
To share myself with every comer
Or shape my thoughts into words with my tongue.

It is one to me that they come or go
If I have myself and the drive of my will,
And strength to climb on a summer night
And watch the stars swarm over the hill.

Let them think I love them more than I do,
Let them think I care, though I go alone;
If it lifts their pride, what is it to me
Who am self-complete as a flower or a stone.

i think most of us knows that 50% or more of the grls have or have been in relationships before...and its not a very big issue for the guys as far as she dont come and talk about it..and keep reminding him of her past....thats one......two i believe that the real problem is in the idea we hold for the relationships...guys always look at it . as if they are insulting the grl or her family by having a relationship with her.....ya3ne in arabic....we dont see grls fight another grl becoz shes in a relationship with her brother.....but we always hear about a guy fighting another bcoz he is talking to his sister!..some ppl think its cool that my son or friend talking to bent flan o 3allan......on the other side..we see its a shame if my sister talks to flan weld flan......

i think its our culture...not the guys or grls.
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صدعت من الموضوع :(
guys tadroon ina il ajanb no matter what they dont say the truth abt their past but il kuwaitia betgool oo if he is not merta7 he goes and as guys with him in dewaneya which is not smart because beykhareb 3ala roo7a b'cos most guys wont say the truth in smallest thing in their life so why would they do about a girl. do u get what i mean
guys tadroon ina il ajanb no matter what they dont say the truth abt their past but il kuwaitia betgool oo if he is not merta7 he goes and as guys with him in dewaneya which is not smart because beykhareb 3ala roo7a b'cos most guys wont say the truth in smallest thing in their life so why would they do about a girl. do u get what i mean
playa hater: some girls are born without it.
OMG, what a discussion.

Misguided, would you marry me?
sheba khaleech min halsewaalif o kamleelna the lama,hamad,faisal love triangle plzz;)
Your friend would lie too if he were subject to the same oppression and unfair treatment that Kuwaiti girls are subject to. In fact, I am sure that he would lie as well and adhere to a double standard as many males do.

If you are brave enough to be honest, you will not be accepted by the mainstream. So many people adapt by saying one thing and acting another.
men suck, its like they love to be hypocrites. it's ok for them to do whatever the hell they want, but the girl?? oh noooooooooooooo she has to be pure and innocent and basically untouched. i hate that about 3arabi guys... it's the same with arabic girls from the US, people judge you from the very beginning and won't believe anything you say, no matter how many times you say it or how true it is. it's really not fair. bas its life i guess
Salaam 3alaikom ,, weh weh weeeeh ! ,, 6aa7 thoobee ,, iffff ,,

Hiii ShaYbooBaaaa ,, ishloonich ya 7athee MISSSSSSSSS YOU !!

ok lemme get straight to the damn point ,, your relative is "excuse me" sick ,, bas ,, maa yenlaam ,, la it3alQooN 3alaih as if he came out of space ,, be4 you judge him look at his cultural background ,, thats what he is taught and thats how he thinks. WE , HOWEVER , ARE BLESSED WITH MOOOOORE ACCEPTANCE TO THE WORLD WITH ALOT OF ITS UPS AND DOWNS.

Boys are liars too. but not all of them ,, same goes to guuurls ,,

and iv seen some ppl here bashing boys ,, no need to mention nicks but hon here is my message to you " maybe shaYbooba's Relative has some dark thoughts ,, but you "girls" aint no angels either"

Peace to you all ,, oo barkoo lee 3ala Michael ya ba3ad 3omree ,, waaay ya far7atee ma agdar awsif likom how happy i am that he's innocent ,, i love you mike !! "my childhood hero"
Why does a guy ever want to know about her 'past'.. I mean, do you really want to open that door? seriously??????

why is it okay for a guy to screw around, and have a lot of experiances (including gay ones and hookers) but then never talk about it??? huh?

and if the girl had sex with the MAN SHE LOVED after enough period of time, but then things never work out, then she's a slut???.. if THAT makes her a slut, what does "your past" make you?

One should be fare enough!

If you are an asshole, you've got nothing but shit :)

excuse me ladies, and "gentlemen"
Personally, I think we have beaten that subject to death, but never came with a clear cut reasons for these acts.. Remember your "Free" blog entry ? and also my entry "The Art Of Something Called LOVE" ? I don’t think I came out with anything other than venting frustration..

That’s my 2 cents..

Oh and W. LOLOL.. mit min ethe7ik.. why you always take it sooo personal ? try to relax.. you'll live longer dear.. :)
BB, you are invited to never land next month.:)

will its so EZ just dont ask the girl about her life before she met you and same thing goes for the gilrz and just move on with your life elma9'ee 9ar oo you cant change any thing now so why you talk about it now

and if you still cant move on just think about it this way SHE/HE with who right now so get over it ;)

have nice day
The Don

WHAT are u talking about? Ana um el relaxed ;p I just get excited easily... If I weren't I seriously would have snapped by now! LOOOOOL

thanks for the advice though hehe
Sarah, i love that! "If you are an asshole, you've got nothing but shit :)"... i'm going to use it sometime :)
I agree with Wasi's first post ... Perfectly put.
when a guy marrys a gurl, he should marry what she is, not what she was!!

or why did he pick her form all the others in the first place
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