Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Are You Missing Out?

1. Chethee Laish

2. Gam adres

3. Mallah

My teen niece & nephews use these words, and i'm not sure if this has become standard teenage slang or is it gender/school/shillah specific.

Are you familiar with these terms?

me no english

me no nugget deyay

seriously though..we all had our own slang when we were teens....I remember how I used to say ..ya m3awwad...each time my cousin says anything...

Its thier way of showing how old we got...but we can still fight back....we can act retro and bring back things from 70s and 80s and just shock them with how poor thier generation really is. Come on!!...PSP?..iPOD?...Johnny Rockets?...livestrong bands?..and Avril laviegn whatever?...is that all you can do ?!!

PacMan can gobble all of that in one go...and then farts a number one smash hit song

yes i remember yam3awaad but i think that was early 80's.

Other slang our generation used & abused:

1. Share3 al7ub

2. Gezz

any others?
Bo Jaij:
يا معوّد تغثني...وايد كلمه مليقه...لأ أنا الكلمه اللي وايد علقت معاي
أي شئ
والحين أحس نفسي حدّي سخيفه بس شنو أسوي هذي المراهقه
الحين كلمة ملّه تقتلني...و لا أذا سمعتها من اليهال...أعنبوكم كل هالسبل الوناسه اللي معطينها أياكم أهاليكم و تقولون ملّه! يحروني
ay shay mu malet jeelich, bess you can use it because its cute
*asly* <-- which generation created that one? I think early 90s.
شيبو مالت عليش من قالش مو مالت جيلي...أهيه أطلعت بجيلي و بعدين نسوها..و الحين ردّوا عليها
LOOOL sheebaaaaa

ok we had several words

1- Vun = HOTTIE
2- Fa7l= Amazing
3- HK = ye3 (example.. uffff ilshay ilflaani marrah H-K)
4- Arnab = lie LOOOL dont ask me why.. its just how it is (example.. ya khaled la t2arneb 3alay)
hathool illi athkrhom.. ill post more once i remember


1-Khadami = means uncool (i think its such a horrible word to use bhal ma3na)
2-Fatoorah = it has no meaning..u just say it kitha.. bdoon sabab.. madri wsh yboon 3yal hal youmeen
3-Ashkal = ignore (or 6af 3ala golatkom) example.. walla flaan 3a6ani ashkal mo7taram elyoum
4- fashakh = stole (adree kelma 7aqeerah lol) example.. walla fshakht elsa3a mn okhoy etc etc

LOOOOL ill type more when i remember
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el 7amdellah...I only use formal Arabic when I speak and that can never be uncool

hayya nal3ab al Atari..ayna al sharee6 ya mal3oon

Slang can be a code too...

one of the most popular slang words these days is the word ((noob))...noob as in your are usless in videgames...you are a noob....or you cant give your mobile number to a girl..yal noob

in my generation we used the term LAMER...for the same meaning

my teen cousins use it 3 times in every sentence....chithee yakloon yal noob....shfee sha3rik yal noob...6ala3t noob chibeer yal noob

And few days ago while watching the new kick ass Batman movie in the the cinema...this fat 9 year old boy next to me...shouts while spitting pop corn all over my shoulder...YAAL NOOOOOB!!!!

When Batman missed a great chance in kissing the girl :]

I wanted to pinch that kid`s cheek and stuff his mouth with more pop corn and few kitkat bars...adorable
Bo Jaij:
ما فهمت يعني شنو
أول مرّه أسمعها

هذى فايدة المدونات

تعلمتى كلمة جديدة ....إشتبين بعد؟...صحن عصيدة بالبيض و البصل؟
اي ياهل بيقول ملة جدامي راح يجيله طراق
ommi killa et3ayib 3alaina lamma ingool malla wetsali7lina it's malal laima ey'esat o sarat kilma 3adiya .. bas gam adres qemmat il quwa
zaydoun 3indokom yahal wayid egooloon malla
Sheba, Every time I hear a new word I write it down and believe me when I tell you it's a very long list..

1. chethee laish = tarjama 7arfeya for "that's why"

2. gam yadris.. very familiar with that.. awal e7na killa ga3deen (ga3da adris, ga3da akil, ga3da aktib..)
bas hal jeel killa gaymeen (gam akil, gam achoof, gam adris gam ow gam ow gam)

3. Mallah as in malal? wayid a7san min "Mallana" ya3ni metmallila
ziman el 3yilla (3asr il sor3a)
LOL love all the comments!

Nano, my apologies, i didn't get ay shay ila bil mid nineties.

Zaydoun, haha i can see that happening (btw kint akhaf minnek awal)!

W, hehe loved arnab!

Bu Jaij! Lamer shegel nuggets!! Loved yal Nooob & the fat kid of course!

Geo, you juvi! missed you men reja3tai mashoofech.

Sarah, share share pls other slang, theres so much more, they need a decoder when they speak i3yal hal wakt, but i cant think of any more.
W. : wasn't 'ashkal' taken from balout?

Bo Jaij & nanonano : I believe 'noob' came out from newbie. It's dala3 for it. It means you're a beginner in this. Execuse my geekness.

Sarah : You need to spread that list in an e-mail or write a new "mawsoo3a kuwaitiya" ;-)
Wow I mis-spelled excuse. Awesome :-\
6ab3an talbeyatan le raghbat Sheba wil jomhoor, I'll write you some of what I have in MY research of Teen Kuwaiti slang that I have been working on for the past 2 years (chathaba!)

*Warning: some of the words might sound dirty, and some are just disgusting, and the rest are funny ENJOY!

-mabya3a: baye3ha

-sigaala: ghatheeth

-mirees: mogassa

-9aida: 3ala neyata

and if the girl was hot the following is said:

-kaika (yekh!) I hate that word
-dimeera (lol I luv that one)
-wa77da!!! ma3a tashdeed il 7ain LOL "il7a2" or whatever that is
-3atra: ya3ni wayid.. waid..something like WOW.. madri!
- dag: means hot body (I hated the most)

and please let me know if I missed something
ما شاءالله عليك حليو

أنا كلمة كيكه...تضحكني...لأنها تبيّن شلون الريّال وايد..وايد يايزتله البنت...و لا أذا طلعت من قلبه وقال كيكه..أغشي من الضحك...بس عادة ما تنقال لي تنقال حق اللي معاي
LOOOL fawazzz
thakkartene b okhoy ;( he tried to teach me baloot and bint ilsebeet bs maaaash.. LOL so i donno what r the origins of this word.. I dont say it.. i think its so groweyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Oh yes meme.. if something is uncool (only used to in riyadh) we say "garaw" or "garawah"

"dafoor" means nerd.. hathe gessa b 7aalha.. i think I explained it in Crappy's blog once... the prehistoric one

I also remember the term "3ajeeb Ghareeb" but hathe was popular among the older generation (who happen to be in their 40s now) 6a7o feeha 6ee7a.. kellish ma ghair "3ajeeb ghareeb" madri wsh salfat-hom... bs kenna i7na 3alabalna shay fathee3 so we said it too ;p

OHHH and "3looooom" is *in* with the boys.. wallah flaan 3loooom... etc
How come I never heard of all those word? I feel like I don’t belong here ;(
Shopaholic Q8eya:

أفتكيتي مو من حلاتهم
Evolution of SLANG

I think I'm missing something here, but at least I hear every now & then some slang terms that became public, yes in ads, and they're so disgusting,

such as:
El-6a3am esma7ly by Hardee's - I know you just love it Bo Jaij ;)
Massij wa qad tarba7 by Pepsi

9aida= maga9a= y9adgon kilshay
fa9la= maynoon madri fa9la:P in a good way, hyper chithi, ex. hal i'3niya fa9la Mr.vegas? or miamis back tone.
Sigeel= maleeq
sa6la= 3aha
kafashka= ayshay
kwai7a= negros (im not being racist)
kaseef= miskeen broo7a shay chithi
ka2aba= depressing
i7baa6= depressing
5angizz= nitmasha ni6la3 not gezz ina in'3azil or inraqim ;p

1 word athkir in the 90's ili habaina feeha was a9li:P ya3ni 3ajeeb and 7ada maynoon= 7ada 3ajeeb ex. hal jooti hahta 7ada maynoon, hal buggy 7ada maynoon
sorry 90's thing 2 words
and 3ajeeb ;p ****
Chethee Laish and mallah are brand new b9ara7a!!

Gam adres is for 3ayam..
oh my God.. 3ajeeb was my dad's generation's word

3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb.. lazim mam6oo6ah




Sar Sakhr

Il3an Yooma

Ray7 Feeha



Tinqaz تنقز (dont ask)

Soooga-mo-asly / soogamasly
Soog Masly

Sar Soooofa

Mako Salaf

6ablim/ im6ablim

------and for the grand finale

"isgalolik? PWC?"
LOL @ um-elma3arik
My bro says "Mallah" :/
how do u pronounce "Mallah"?
Mallah as in Sallah - basket
My teen sisters have the following in their Q80 slang repertoire (among others):

i3akkid = mind boggling

ingizz = let's hit the town and par-tay

3agaydee = some kind of hayleg I think...

9awareekh = lies, all lies!

Also, to express sardonic, bored and blase laughter they use: "kaaaaak"

Many more, these are the ones I remember right now.

Also, it seems "yil3an 5ayrik" is making a comeback among the pre-teen set.

أكثر واحد يقول كيكة ولا زال يقولها من قلبه، كانوا يسمونه الهمبة أول
Saad, definitions pls!
lol sarah!

dag does not mean HOT BODY LOL
Shaba!! that's what I've been told.. laish? :s la ykoon shay thani??
i3qaidi and 9aida are so popular with the shabab these days..also qo6i meaning stupid..ji3s meaning ba5eel..wala 9ij? just a stiupid saying..3agadnation: stupid word..3arabish: 3arabe-english..zouqa/itzawiq:cute..qawi:nice..9aida:maqa9a..siqeel:maleeq..WA7SH (very popular 3ind ishabab): meaning 3ajeeb? cool?..ako wayid I can't remember them all..every month ako new word habeen feeha liq8yeen..its endless
Also WA7SH..every guy in q8 started using that word!
Check out my blog :P For a story
I have no bells ringing whatsoever! none of these words apply to me! ana la antamee :~( I guess I wasn't so cool back in my teenage-hood
hehehe cool
A Big Welcome to all newbies to this blog, hope to see you again.

A big hello & thank you to all regulars.
انا اشوف ولد خالي الصغير يقول

مغتّر = يعني واحد لابس غتره وعقال

لاتقعد تفلّم علي = يعني لاتقعد تسويلي قصه
والله كل يوم و التالي طالعين لنا طلعه .
bo-jaij...LOOL! Noob = newbie! LOL!

Another one I heard, which i thought was WIERD was "loool" actually prounced the way it's written!! Anyone heard that before!? That would suck if ppl said "lol" instead of laughing!
The funniest/wierdest thing of all? the person i heard it from doenst even use the computer! SCARY!
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